Daughter and Mother alike

I have and had a fetish for big breasted women. When in 6th grade , Trudy bloomed out before the other girls. We went to school dances and dated. I would always play with her breasts as we kissed. After I graduated and was drinking age, I saw Gale, a friend of my former girlfriend, at a strip joint. At closing time we did it in my car.

Then one night at the age of 26 there was this woman slightly older than me sitting at a table with this older couple. She had big breasts. She asked me to dance. I could feel her breast against my chest. I tried to cop a feel of them. Guess she was horny and we drove to my place. As I removed her top she had the biggest and longest breasts I ever been with. I guess we hit it off, because we gotten married. Wasn't sure she liked my breast play but she did.

Her mother moved up to New York from Florida. She stayed with us. I told my wife I know where she got her breast size from. Her mother was stocky because of her age, but guess they were over F cup. I kept ramming on about her mothers breasts.

"Babe, if you want my mom, I understand. I use to play with my step dad because he was endowed like you." Betty said. I guess Betty hinted to her mom about the fetish I have, and why I married her. She told her mom to play along.

As Betty's mom and I was sipping wine one afternoon, see laughed at me. "Are you getting a boner for your mother-in-law?" she said. "No, a boner of the huge breast you have. I want to screw them and make you beg for the biggest cock that's goes in between your daughter's breasts.

As I was plowing my mother-in-law's breasts , Betty comes in the bedroom and watches me plow her mother's breasts. "Talk dirty to my husband, mom!" Betty said. He get's off on it. My wife sets the mood by talking nasty, causing me to explode. " Baby, you're a mean sex machine." they said to me. "It's the breasts, ladies, it's the breasts", I told them.

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  • I love MIL stories. I think it is one very special kink in my bag of kinks. Also love the thought of sharing my wife, and all the fun that goes with that.

    Hot story.

    Thank You

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