Lesbian Swing Party

I really didn't know why she married me. My dick was kind of small and I knew I wasn't pleasing her. She tried to spice up our sex play by having me wear a cock extender when I wanted to poke her and she omitted it would be fun if I dressed in women under garments while wearing a wig and she pretend she's licking a a big clit instead of a small dick. She told me to think of my cock extender as a strap on when dress in a bra, fishnet stockings and heels. I began to think she had lesbian fantasy. I was wrong because she confessed to me she was a true lesbian and married me to hide her real identity. Then she talked me into going into a all lesbian swing party. I would be giving spice to the party.
I didn't realize I was her cuckold. Her true lover is our dear friend Betty. Betty was going to host the party. When we arrived at Betty's house the women there was of various ages and sizes. Several of the women was already half undress and some had in their hand black and flesh colored dildos. My wife dressed me in black under garments, having fake tits on and got me a blonde wig and a big fat black cock extender. The women laughed and whistled at me. This thick ebony woman came up to me, fed me her breasts and said, "Suck me sweetie! " Then this other woman came behind me and placed one hand on my fake tit and grab my black cock extender, rubbing, poking the ebony's pussy with it.
I saw Betty busy with my wife plus other women there playing and feeling with one another. A couple of women removed my extender and wanted to suck my huge clit. " I'm going to spray! " I yelled out. One scissored me while another face sat me. My cum flew on the woman that scissored me and the one that placed her hairy snatch in my face leaned down licking the cum off the one my cum flew on.
Betty and others would be at our house while I watched my wife getting satisfied. I get the opportunity to lick their cunts now and then. My wife talked me into getting pegged by the ladies.

1 year ago

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    • Oh sounds hot it made me hard ! Cumming all over and pussies dripping all over ! What could be better ?
      Thanks now I’ll be stroking off !!!

    • God you lucky bugger apart from your small dick. Having pussy on your face to eat pussy, have your cum licked off you and the lesbians.

      Please tell me you got Pegged by then ladies

    • I bet you gummed up your keyboard relating that fantasy ! Happy cleaning !

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