Bi fun

Im a married male but love to get fucked and suck some cock. I need more male friends that are discreet, i can dress as a sissy too

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  • My fantasy is to meet a gorgeous woman at a bar or restaurant and do some flirting, when she let me rub her legs I’d work my upvto her crotch, instead of finding a nice wet pussy I’d find a nice hard dick, I think I’d cum on the spot

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I'm a newlywed and rediscovering my early sissy years with men though instead of other boys.

  • I love dressing as a sissy. love sucking and fucking real men

  • Where does everyone live im from maryland im the poster for this

  • I’ll be in laurel, on the 18th

  • I'm from US of A!

    Yeah baby! Yeeeeeehaaaaawww!
    Imma from the West of the Mississippi.

  • Being fucked while dressed as a woman is wonderful, particularly if the man is married but Bi, its much safer. I can pass as female in public and I love girly dressing!! The feeling of having your skirt pulled up, your panties aside and a stiff horny dick shoved into your bum, bliss. I know as I am into a passionate affair with a randy retired gent who loves me dressed 1950's style with stockings, suspenders, full flouncy slips, the lot!!!!!!

  • No man ever passed as a woman, stop kidding yourself buddy.

  • I think you're the one kidding yourself, fool. The reason you think it hasn't happened to you is they successfully passed.

  • I would love to fuck u when your dressed up.

  • It's a gorgeous sexy experience!! Getting showered, then make-up carefully applied, then selecting my stockings, suspenders, slipping into my preferred silky undies (I love matching white nylon), going to my wardrobe and gazing lovingly at the silky slips hanging there. Oh!! which one shall I choose, I select one or two, hold them against my body, so silky and flirty!! I choose a vintage white silk Italian made beauty it's lovely with naughty girly lace, then feel the delicate straps settle on my shoulders and carefully let it slide down my body. I'm so erect, I can see the bulge through the fabric, my naughty neighbour Jack will love the look of that.
    I've decided that I'll wear a white satin robe today for Jack and i know he will love my girly appearance, when he arrives a 5pm and I submit myself to him again.
    Signed naughty Jasmine

  • Naughty Jasmine my ass. More like Deluded Jason

  • If I were Jack I'd slowly slide that pretty slip up your legs and fuck your clitty with my mouth before giving you one big fuck. And then more!!

  • I would love to be with a sissy. I would dress u up in heels and stockings lace panties and bra and short tight dress. I would love to fuck u while your dressed up.

  • I'm a loyal and straight very curious White male with a hard cock fetish if you want to hang out and maybe wrestle lets do it i need you inside of me pls, im aching to be penetrated by you & several of your black guy freinds can all have me & myhot wife Jess bbc lover

  • I’m a straight curious male and would love to have your ass.

  • No matter how much a man cleans his ass it will always have a smell of shit

  • How many men's asses have you smelled? I have to disagree.

  • I would love to be in your ass

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