Wife Did The Unexpected To Save The Marriage

I married my older wife because of her saggy tits. I hoped she would open up more sexually. She was not interested in oral sex, giving or receiving. After a few years of marriage I sort of lost interest in her and hung around the local tavern often eyeing the women.
Then one night this gal came into the tavern. She looked similar to my wife in physical appearance with the same dark colored head of hair. I grew interested in her. We hit it off and went out to my car to make out. As we kissed I felt her breasts. They felt massive and firm, possible double D's. I fingered her hairy snatch and pulled on her butterfly lips she had done there. She pulled out my cock and played with it. Without hinting or saying anything to her she started to give me a great head job. The type I always wanted to get from my wife.
A week later I was out in the yard working. This car went by and I saw it was driven by the woman I made out with. It turned around and pulled into the driveway. "Oh Shit!" I said to myself. The shit will hit the fan in my house. She got out of her car and headed to the front door, where my wife was standing at. My wife gave her a hug. This puzzled me. I waited a while to see if the roof would fly off the house, but it didn't. I finally got the courage to go into the house.
They both was sitting at the table having coffee. "This is Helen, my cousin, she just moved back into the area. I said hi to her and waited for the shit to come out, but it didn't. After Helen left that's when the dirt started. "Helen said she'll steal you away from me." my wife said. Then I blurted out, "I didn't know she was your cousin. I was attracted to her because she looked like you." "I figured she edged you on. She is known by family members as 'Crazy Helen'. She's a fucking slut!" my wife informed me. Then, Betty, my wife asked what interested me in her. I told Betty that Helen looked like her and knows how to suck a cock really good. That evening after I got done sucking and playing with Betty's saggy tits, Betty said to me, "I'm ok with having Helen joining us now and then." I couldn't believe my ears. "Oral sex only!"
The following weekend as the three of us played, I was down on Helen's hairy bush eating her snatch. Helen moved her head towards Betty's huge saggy breasts and started sucking on them. I started to finger Betty's kitty as I licked Helen. Betty orgasmed the same time I gave Helen an orgasm. During the threesomes that we have I convinced Betty to suck Helen's firm double D's breast as I fuck my wife doggy style. My wife knew she did the right thing for our marriage.

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