Addicted to be licked

I'm 24 now but I'll start with the wkd I was 16 when it all started I had my kitty licked by my best friends dad and a few of his friends while their wives or daughters were just out on the back patio, I half nakedly stumbled upon their poker game in the rec room I didn't even realize they were there when I went in and laid on the couch with only a towel not covering everything and hardly anything once I started moving around to get comfortable
My friend who's house I was at was still out in the pool with a few other friends and mother's or wives of kids or husbands there I thought the dads all went to a bar or whatever out the house. I was very tipsy and still high off esctacy pills we had taken the night before and swimming was just too much for me so I went to go lay down for a bit and nap that was my intention until I heard loud whispers about my whole pussy out in plain sight when I rolled over I guess I spread my legs open and right at a table full of middle aged men I started to stir up a Little but still in a haze at this point until I felt a hand under my back and another one under my legs attempting to push me on my side but I just kept rolling on my back I remember feeling hot and throwing off whatever parts of towel were still on me I heard some coos and hushed laughter still not able to get fully up or awake but feeling effects of the liquor and ecstacy and I remember purposely opening my legs and touching myself and getting excited enough to spread my legs far open as I could and sticking my finger in my pussy and then I felt a lot more wetness than expected I still didn't come all the way to until I felt a tongue slip inside my pussy hole deep in me and licking every bit of my inside I jolted up while I started squirting all over what I seen finally was not a delusional dream of being high but my bff's dad had his face in-between my thighs and now my cum was all over his face but he was still going down licking his tongue inside my pussy and I was cumming non-stop he pulls back and asks the other 2/3 men there if they wanted to taste this I knew then I was in a position I shouldn't be and I should have gotten up but I couldn't fight the desire to have my insides licked out by these other men as well it was ongoing pleasure I never felt before but on top of that I remember thinking with each man of his specific wife how her husband was greedily sucking my pussy juices and I felt so powerful and from then on I had married men well a handful of unmarried men and a few women as well actually all the women except for one were mother's of my friends that I had through child and teenage hood those were really exciting situations getting your 3rd grade best friends mom to lick your pussy at age 16/17/18 is a different story than her daddy or uncle the men always look at you in a sexual way from like 13/14yrs it's very easy getting a dad to tongue your pussy til you cum all over his face even if his wife is just upstairs they're always ready to be a teen pussy eating slave sucker that'll go kiss his wife right after swallowing my pussy juice. But a Mother ...
That's an ultimate score looking down at this woman who made you chocolate chip cookies when you were 9 and now she's on her knees in the very same kitchen looking at you with pleading eyes to not tell her daughter while her tongues exploring your walls. I've really want to say to the 2 of them that your daughters been licking my pussy too and so has your husband so don't be ashamed but I just look at them like they better keep eating my pussy til I cum. I've gotten off on this for so long it's just what my normal sex experiences are.
So when one my friends dad's that was there licking my pussy when I was 16 and on ecstacy he recently contacted me and said he had something way better than that high and told me meet him at a motel a couple hours away he had all wkd for a work situation. I went
And for about 6months or so now I've been smoking crystal and charging men he met through work and then men they know I have sex with them and then he eats their cum out of my pussy I recently was informed it's called cuckolding all I know is it pays way more than my job at Fred Meyer and I get my pussy ate almost all wkd long the sex never lasts for long so I just get through it knowing I'm going to have a tongue slurping all the nasty stuff out anyways and making me cum. I'm not sure I want to stop even though I know how disgusting I really am being I actually love smoking getting high and feeling such pleasure all day for days and getting paid on top of it. But
My bff ran into her dad and I at a corner store recently we were getting a pipe and I told her we just happen to run in to one another there but a few days later she came over and told me she knows her dad smokes drugs and she's been thinking I have as well and demanded to know what we were doing together so I half ass showed her by making her eat my pussy and telling her that's what her dumb ass druggie dad's been doing every weekend for months now she was crying trying to talk about how could I do that to her and her Mother and I just pushed her face deeper in my pussy as I came in her mouth i was turned on by her whining about her mom and how embarrassing for her to know her bff has her Daddy wrapped around her finger or as I like to say I've got my pussy lips wrapped around his tongue I was high and feeling crazy and told her to shut up before I made her daddy lick my pussy and asshole right in front of her face and her Mama too if she wants.
She still cried a little saying she knows it's the drugs making me act this way but I told her all about how her dad's been licking my pussy dry since we been 16 I told her about the incident that started it all with her Daddy indulging in my bare open pussy while I was high and drunk while she was just outside her and her dumb ass Mom how all the dad's had their tongues in my pussy and asshole that day 4 different men wanting to taste me all the while wife's being so close and I told her about the Mom's and our highschool soccer coach all eating my pussy on my demand years before I even did drugs that ecstacy pill had been the only thing I had done until the crystal her dad smoked with me. And how our other bff had been licking my pussy also. I asked her if she really wanted to know what the drugs brought out of me not really wanting an answer I grabbed my phone and showed her one of the many videos I had of me being fucked and her dear old daddy licking all in my pussy right after slurping out the man's cum and swallowing and then licking my pussy for hours while we smoked and I kept cumming in her daddy's mouth she tried to act like she didn't want to see but I caught the look of amusement in her eyes and reminded her that's the same mouth that kissed her and her mom uncountable times with my pussy juices permeating on his tongue and lips.
It's only been a week and a half but she hasn't said anything about any of it. And I'm sitting here waiting on her dad right now to get back to this motel with a co-worker that wants to help him with his pussy licking eating slurping cum duties. I hope he has a wife sitting at home tonight waiting for him to come home from a late night at work I hope he kisses her when he gets home with the remnants of my pussy and asshole in his mouth.


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