I know I'm a pervert

I'm a woman, and I was very precocious: I had my "sexual awakening" at age 12, discovered masturbation and got really into it, almost to the point of obsession. I also looked much older than I really was, mostly thanks to a very well developed pair I'm very proud of. I lost my virginity a year later to a guy that was almost 17. I was labeled as all girls that enjoy their sexuality openly were labeled back then: a whore. Instead of feeling ashamed, I learned to embrace my sex drive and take the criticisms just as a product of people's close-mindedness. I slept with many guys (and girls), usually older than me, before I even left for high school. Teachers and parents despised me, but I just learned not to care about it and just enjoy and learn about myself, find out what I liked and turned me on.
That gives my story a little context, but it's not really the point of it... the point is that over the years (I am a 34 year old woman today) there's one frequent lover in my sex history, one that knows me better than anybody else , and that I'm attracted to to the point of addiction.
That guy is my cousin, the oldest one in my family. He's much older, and we weren't really close until I became sexually active and started approaching him... by then, he was the typical colleged jock, the athletic type, 19 years old back then. I was still 13.
I cornered him one day and seduced him... he was as horny as they come, so it was relatively easy... and I know, it's very wrong (it's statutory rape, technically), but it was consented... and so, so good. we agreed to keep it a secret and keep meeting up for sex, like fuck buddies do. Thanks to him, I understood what it was to have an intense, delicious orgasm very early on in life (and recurrently have them when I fucked with him), but it also opened my mind a lot towards sex and relationships, and I learnt that sex is just sex. Only pleasure, no strings attached... and so I discovered that my cousing and I weren't the only ones engaging in incest... let's just say that by the time I turned 16, I had also discovered the unique experience of making love to my own brother a few times, which is really hot.
But my cousing has been my main lover all this years, even when we were both supposed to be dating other people exclusively. Both him and I had girlfriends at some point, but the attraction has always been so intense we ended up cheating and hooking up. Long story short, I've explored my sexuality to the max with him. He took my anal virginity, he was there the first time I had group sex, we often had threesoms with his girlfriends.
I've never been married, I don't intend to have kids, and I've dated around a lot, both men and women... and it's not like I'm in love with him, but sex for me is at its absolute best when I'm with him, no one fucks me like he does, his smell intoxicated me, and let's just say it like it is, I love his cock. Our family found out about us a few years ago and disowned us, and they don't mean much to us anymore either... would it be much of a stretch for me to ask him to live together... as a couple?


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  • I find this highly enjoyable to read because you appear to have had nearly everything proceed in your life to your preference. No major hurdles, you always made the proper decisions, nobody died, nobody has illnesses, many 3 ways, cheating with no consequenses, peachykeen, etc. That's precisely why I enjoy reading it because if by chance it's all genuine, YOU are in for one hell of a ride where everything turns on you so fast your head will spin!! I won't bother with clichés because they are all in place. Don't even take this seriously, don't even hang on, just enjoy. Not for nothing, however the forthcoming results of this let's just say "good fortune", are many times not pretty. I'll leave it there.

    FOGHAT : "Slow ride ; take it easy!!

  • Not a stretch at all. There are many cousins who love each other and have successful relationships. Congrats for not letting society dictate how you enjoy sex. Too bad your family can't get honest with themselves and admit you and your cousin deserve all the joy you can find together.

  • Move to Alabama or Wv, you can marry your siblings in those states or any place in the South. Course your kids will wind up being mute but able to play the banjo with those extra fingers.

  • Good one fool. Your sarcasm used to be taken seriously once however now it spells ignorance, inducing my enhanced laughter!! I especially enjoyed the "or any place in the south"!!

  • You really should consider having children. The best sex you will ever experience is fucking your own child, it is way hotter than fucking your brother, or anyone else.

  • You have to be a girl. Obviously you're not familiar with the required "Any port in a storm" reasoning necessary for a man's release & well being. We have to get you on a vessel & out at sea.

  • Any experience. Nothing better than holding a nude preteen girl in your arms..

  • This sounds wonderful. Ask him if your heart desires.

  • Had you know parents sweetie..

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