Is my husband having a gay affair?

My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years and I think it’s a happy marriage. But something has been happening lately that has me concerned. Once or twice a week for about 2 months now, in the middle of the night when he’s asleep and dreaming, he calls out the name David and says things like “fuck me” or suck it” or “oh fuck yes” similar sexual phrases, very clear, not mumbling. To my knowledge he has no friend or co-worker named David. I asked him about this a few times when it’s happened but he either dismisses it or laughs it off or says I’m dreaming myself.

Now I know dreams down always make sense and you can’t assign too much to them. But this is recurring and quite specific. What do I do? I considered recording it for him to hear but don’t want him feeling threatened or embarrassed if it really is just innocent dreaming. I need some advice without revealing this to anyone that knows my husband.

Jul 31
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    • I'd love a followup to this after you find out. I hope you are ok and can handle the truth if he's cheating. I hope it's just a dream to be honest as I had the exact same situation with my wife. I had like the Stockholm syndrome with my abusers. It felt great but I know what they did was wrong! Good luck!

    • Maybe he is maybe he isn't! Try to explore this with him, maybe have him admit it's something you'd like him to try! I am 100% closeted to wveryone but my wife, I have never had an affair but I do watch gay and trans porn now and then. We explore this to a point. I eat my cum on demand and she makes me wear panties when feeling frisky and fucks my ass with a strapon almost weekly! My wife knows my bi side but we made the decision to not explore it with other men. I respect our marriage and never will! I was molested as a child by a few men including my father, a neighbor and a teacher that raped me. I hated this and I do have some deep mental and emotional scars from it. Maybe he has something like this he's suppressing, I was having dreams about it and this is when my wife asked me what's up! My wife and I were married 25 years before I ever told her any of my issues. Be careful how you approach this, he may be having a gay affair but he may be having memories of a very bad childhood experience. I always said I'd commit suicide before anyone ever found out, but I feel so good after it did and ny wife was 100% supportive. I didn't like the incest and molestation part but did enjoy it when they'd cum in my mouth. Sort of where my fetish came from! I did vow to never let my children go through this and thryre all grown and none even have a clue of my past! My wife has been a super star over everything I told her. He may need you to be there for him! Or maybe he just likes a good dick. Who knows. I don't agree he should cheat on you though. One can have an attraction and not cheat. Hope this is your case!

    • OP here…thank you, I had not considered that possibility.

    • Let’s hear more about being molested and how much you liked it. What did your dad and teacher do?? Was it hot?

    • No!

    • We want to hear more! What did his dad do to him? The teacher? I’m hard just thinking about what they might have done!!! Tell us!!

    • Nope, why are so many sick child molester perverts here? I hope you die a slow death! Maybe you can meet someone like Jeffrey Dahmer!

    • At least dreaming of having a gay affair.

      Maybe he was saying “Davida”.

      Maybe you should start calling him “Goliath”.

      ha joke

    • Perhaps he fooled around with his buddies when he was younger and is dreaming about it

    • That's a good possibility as well I'm sure. I know my wife told me that she has heard me say things when I was asleep and we just play it off. But when I was younger I used to suck and fuck all my buddies. They always wanted to spend the night LOL can't imagine why.

    • Unfortunately for you, it certainly seems like it. You might want to follow him to see if, in fact, he's fucking around on you. You don't need to be catching STD's or worse. The gay hookup community is rampant with lack of regard for health.

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