Post prostatectomy

I’ve had my prostate removed and now cannot get hard even though very aroused and despite taking viagra which seems to have no affect. My partner is also going through the menopause which means we don’t ever actually partake in any sexual activity. I can still orgasm (dry obviously) I have found it easier to cum whilst wearing my partners lace panties as it’s easier to stroke tease and tickle myself through them, I do still get wet and have very powerful orgasms. I was wondering if anyone else has or is going through the same sort of problem even if it’s not as a result of losing your prostate and what do you do that fulfils your sexual needs. Ladies do you have any thoughts on this.

Apr 9

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    • Sorry champ - if your dick is useless, it’s time to bend over and give your tight cunt to real men. Get yourself some panties and start mincing around - you will get lots of takers.

    • You sound knowledgeable on the subject. In fact, very knowledgable, panty boy.

    • Remember that when it your turn sister boi!

    • I have a professional grade massager like a chiropractor uses... The pad is 5" x9". I lay it pad up on the bed and straddle it. I wear panties because I tuck my soft penis between my legs and the panties hold me in place. Then I just enjoy a fantasy and vibrate myself to wonderful orgasms. Watching a video helps sometimes too! I'd never admit this to my friends but it has helped me relieve the sexual frustration when my little friend doesn't want to participate. My wife even does it too sometimes. In fact, watching her ride it with panties on gave me that idea. In boxers, I'd slip around and the come would end up everywhere. The panties keep that contained and less messy. Hope this helps!

    • Nice idea! I might look into this! Thank you!

    • Cock ring?

    • My husband was exposed to a chemical at work that caused ED 12 years ago. btw; we got a settlement.
      After three years without sex, my husband told me he'd be fine with me having sex with his friend. J is a good friend and very attractive. At the time he'd went through a bad divorce and was not having luck in the dating world.
      It's been 9 years since J and I started having sex and thankfully we all get along.

    • That’s great as as long you’re both fine about it. I think that would actually turn me on. I still want to satisfy my partner even if it’s only orally or with my fingers. Good luck to you all.

    • I have had brachytherapy to cure prostate cancer which seems to have worked well. I am of advanced years and my wife gave up sex years ago. I have wanked ever since. Now my cock seems to have given up and never gets fully hard. I use the lovely ladies pictured on Flickr to help me cum. I suppose it is the best I can get though I would love taste a woman again.

    • I’m lucky that I know we will get back to it eventually and I can’t wait to start going down on her again! In the meantime I’m the same, I get myself off watching porn.

    • It’s not 👀 ng good for me

    • Please elaborate!

    • Rent one.

    • Explain??

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