Pee slot stretching

I am, 65 yo, without a woman for the last several years. I watch lots of porn and spend a lot of time in self pleasuring in various ways. Now I try to stretch my pee slit - can insert my index finger using lube and most often climax through it. I am going to stretch it further! I have also pierced the lower skin-cover of my cock and fitted a ring. Also collected some used panties from the common launderette of our apartment building to masturbate with.

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  • When you get UTI's more frequently, that will be why.

  • Just put some soap as lubrication on the tooth brush handle and insert it. It is smooth.

  • I did the same and I can insert an 18mm sounder in my stretched pee slit. I always a silicon cock ring that gives me extended length and girth to my cock.

  • I started with my index finger lubed well, then used a 12 mm sounder and now using 16 mm one. To make the insertion easy I made a little cut underneath the slit - now it is a smooth going!! Love it.

  • I’ve been sounding for a few years and can’t get past 12 mm. How did you made the cut ? I am very interested in doing it.

  • Make a small cut underneath the slit that is exposed too stretched... easy! Before doing it you must use disinfectant and may need antiseptic cream to heal the small wound.

  • Thanks for the tip. I’m going to do it.
    Need to build up enough nerve first.

  • If you have a cut-cock (circumcised) this should be easy, if NOT cutting the lower part of foreskin might be difficult without using local anesthesia!

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