FWB for gf

I have this new gf, that I like on so many levels, I’m not always emotionally available for a ton of sex at this point in my life, been there done that. She was married for 20 years and only out of that relationship for 5 months. So my thinking is normally woman in that situation need or desire a lot of sex, I just don’t have the drive at this point to give her all what she deserves. She indicated she was fine and told me all about all her toys. My thinking was no toys, only the real thing, so I told her to find a FWB, as long as I know I’m fine with it. Good or bad idea.

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  • Let her be free with her body, but don't forget you're increasing the chances someone will put a biological gift in her before you. Unless y'all take measures against that sort of thing

  • I wish my wife was a slut

  • I don't know what FWB stands for?

  • Friend with benefits.

  • What’s wrong with toys? They’re lots of fun to use on women

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