Hot dad bods

I was over at my friend Teresa's the other day just to hang out. Her parents were both there. I've never said anything, but I've had a major crush on her dad. He's mid 40s and sexy af.

It was a really warm day, so her dad was walking around shirtless and in running shorts and omg he looked fine. His tattoos were beautiful, and the bulge in his shorts riled up my imagination. He's not fat at all, but he has the perfect dad bod--a little paunch, maybe 10 pounds overweight, but so fucking hot. I know many girls like guys who are totally fit, I do too, but a nice dad bod is so fucking sexy. I fantasize about him all of the time. It's hard to be around him without feeling the urge to mount lol.

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  • Me and my suck a boys cock she suck hes cock and i suck hes ballsandass

  • My stepdaughters friend thought I was hot with my dad bod. She seduced me one night after my wife and I got into a big fight and she went to stay at her lovers house. My stepdaughter was asleep and her friend came to see if I was okay. She seduced me and we fucked.

  • Nice

  • Start showing skin around him. Just get that mount you want and ride that daddy dick like there’s no tomorrow.

  • My wife is 15 years older than me, which makes my stepdaughter only 10 years younger than me. My stepdaughter has a friend who has the hots for me. She was flirting with me one day when my stepdaughter called her out on it. She told her it was gross and to stop flirting with her stepdad. She responded by saying I was hot and if her mother decided she didn't want me, she would be happy to take me off her hands. Now mind you, I was sitting there this whole time listening to these girls who were 17 at the time, talk about me like I was property. I'm not gunna lie, I rather enjoyed it. I told my wife she better be good to me, because her daughters 17 year old friend wanted me. She laughed and said if she really wanted me, she could have me. She was joking of course. That was 12 years ago, and her friend still has the hots for me today, eventhough she's married now and has 2 kids. I know she still has the hots for me because about a year ago, she and my stepdaughter got drunk and she confessed to my stepdaughter that she would leave her husband for me. My stepdaughter decided to tell me because she thinks it's funny her friend still has the hots for me after all these years.

  • I am a mid 40s man, I actually been told, by what i assume was a 20 something girl. that i have a nice dad bod. Not gonna lie, felt good hearing it... hope you get to mount your friend's dad

  • I think there are alot of girls who like older men! I know of quite a few girls who have dated much older men.

  • Everyone has different preferences. Aren't friends dad's a no go area? lol perhaps wear something revealing and give him something to look at!

  • This makes dad bod men proud 🤣

  • Yeah 👍😂

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