Bisexual married man

Yes I have a dirty panties fetish ! I love to sniff and wear my wife’s panties!
A few weeks ago one of my wife friends lost her job from the COVID problem we are having! The company she worked for needed to shutdown they had to file for bankruptcy!
So all of the employees were let go with a 2 month pay off !
So my asked me she if it would be ok if she had her friend come stay with us for a few weeks until she gets back her job !
I told my not a problem ! They went to school together!!
But already know that I’m going to have a problem because of her friend is so sexy 5/87 130 pounds everything is in the right place long drown hair hazel green eyes
And a fitness trainer !
Do she moved in over the weekend all’s going great for a week or so !
I work from home most of the time and my wife works overnight shift at a Hospostal !
So everything is going really well until I went to do some laundry that’s when I found a pair of her dirty panties on top of laundry basket with few of her items ! I couldn’t resist myself to pick them up and sniff the crotch of her panties! Honestly they smelled so good I started to fell horny so I went into the bathroom and started to take care of business! But I forgot to lock the bathroom floor I put her panties on my over my face so I can have both of my hands free to get the job done !
The next thing I know she opens up the bathroom door and asked me what the fuck am I doing with her dirty panties on my face ! And out of nowhere she pulled out her phone and snapped a few pictures of me with her panties on my face !
Now she started to tell how you like to sniff woman’s dirty panties so I’m going to make you sniff my dirty panties right now ! So she reached down and grabbed my dick and pulled me into the bedroom and she sat down on the side of the bed and opened her legs and told me to get down on my knees and put my face between her legs and start sniffing her panties if you don’t do what I tell you to do I’ll need to show your wife the pictures I have of you with my panties on your face ! So it’s your choice you decide! So I did what she told me to do before I knew it her panties started to fell wet so I decided to pull her panties aside just enough that her pussy was exposed to me for the eating! I really enjoyed eating her pussy just as much as she was enjoying me eating her pussy after she had a few orgasms she told me to get up and lay down on her bed so she can mount my hard dick ! So I did she got on top of me and started to ride me like a horse! Before I knew it I started to shot my load inside of her pussy ! When she was done riding me she got off of me and told me to get down between her legs and clean up my mess from her pussy and if you don’t I’ll need to show your wife the pictures I have of you with my panties on your face ! Your choice !
From that day on I was her pussy eating bitch !

10 months ago


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    • Bisexual doesn't mean you are doing two different women.

    • That was one encounter with my wife friends!
      My bisexual side of me is a secret from my wife ! My bisexual life is behind closed doors !
      All men have a bisexual thoughts deep down inside of them but know to ack in there thoughts!
      That’s really to bad !
      Before I got married I would do a blow and go on guys when ever I can get a guy willing to let me give him a blowjob !

    • How does this make you bisexual dude?

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