Pelvic exam

My wife is getting a pelvic exam next week from a male Dr. She is a gorgeous 30 yo brunette, 5’6” 120 lbs. I’m so turned on thinking about another guy fingering her! Should I go to the appointment with her so I can watch or should I stay home and jerk off thinking about it and hope he does more than finger her. It would be the hottest thing ever if she came home and told me he fingered her, went down on her and then fucked her filling her pussy up! Either way, as soon as she comes home I’m going to pound her hard when she’s back home!

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  • Another man’s going to see your wife’s pussy. And, since she’s gorgeous and physically fit, the doctor will really enjoy seeing and feeling your wife’s pussy. How could any man not enjoy it?

    If your wife’s pussy is tight, he’ll feel how much it is, and infer that your duck is small and unable to please her. He’ll know that about you both.

    If the doctor is a stud, he’ll feel how wet she’s becoming from it. He’ll know your wife is sexually aroused and is gladly opening her legs for him. She’ll get an exhibitionist thrill from how closely he’s examining her pussy. He’ll know that she wants him to do more things to her. When she feels his finger inside her pussy, she’s not going to be able to think properly, and end up admitting that she can’t focus because she’s too horny. If he asks if she wants him to remove his finger, she’s going to say absolutely not! And that’s when he gets lucky with your wife.

    If she says for him to fuck her, he’s going to know that he’s going to run her for you with his dick. Your wife will remove all of her clothes and he’s going to enjoy seeing your gorgeous and physically fit wife absolutely naked. He’ll have lube on hand, so he’s going to lube up his big cock and fuck your wife. And he’s absolutely going going to enjoy it as much as her. He’ll feel her tight cunt squeeze his huge cock. He’s absolutely going to stretch her open. She’s going to cum nonstop on his cock. She’s going to tell him how much bigger and better he is than you. He knows that your wife will always prefer his dick to yours.

    And, he’s going to cum in your wife. He’s going to absolutely fill her cunt up with his cum. He’s going to pump every drop as deep in her throbbing cunt as he can. He knows he can get away with this, since he can prescribe her birth control pills.

    This could absolutely happen and you have every reason to jerk off to this.

  • Usually, there's a nurse present during examinations. And, they usually don't allow spectators for such exams. It's all quite clinical, no "fingering" unless it's necessary to check lumps or lesions. Really, if it's the strip-and-finger show you're hoping for, you shouldn't let her go to a gyno named Louie Rocco who works out of the back of a pool hall !

  • I posted a true story on Embarrassing called Doctors , Anything his possible , What do you think of my story it's true ?

  • If you could get her to dress hot with sexy underwear this could help

  • My virgin fiancée is also gorgeous, so if dressing hot will lead to me watching a stud take her virginity, I’ll get her to dress very hot.

  • It doesn’t matter what she wears, she is drop dead gorgeous. I just can’t decide if I should stay home and hope more happens, or go and watch her undress in front of another guy and then watch him “examine” her.

  • If you can watch , Even if she his gorgeous it makes it look like she his making a effort for him , My wife did not plan on it , I put it down to how she was dressed that day my wife is also gorgeous , let me know what happens

  • I went with her. She wore a low cut top and a knee length skirt. The pelvic exam was fairly uneventful, though I did enjoy watching him stick his fingers in her. What we weren’t expecting was for him to do a vaginal ultrasound to look at a few things inside her. Watching him slide it in her, and then turn twist and move it back and forth was sooooo hot. It was getting her off too, having another man do it to her. They use a ton of lube on it. As soon as we got back to our car we fucked like crazy! She was so ridiculously wet from the excitement and lube.

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