My husband is a good provider financially but boring in bed...… when his brother came over to repair a leak …. my sex life turned 180 degrees I guess it's not called incest when it's your brother in law I hope he stays daring with all his surprises i'm loving every chance we get together

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  • My husband was off to the Pacific on naval duty for about a year. His younger brother, in his early 30s visits me on weekends and helps me if I require anything. I most often remain horny, dildos are not enough – my body of late 30s and needed to be relieved by a real man. Gradually we got close and intimate and made the best use of weekends with each other.
    I love his approach to sex. He is a good pussy eater too. To start with he keeps his mouth against my almost transparent lace panties, then slowly I feel his tongue pushing against my pussy lips, rubbing my pussy through the soft material. I moan, spread my thighs as wide as possible and push my warm wet cunt into his face, wanting him to rip my panties off and tongue fuck me. He keeps me this way, with my panties on and his lips pressed against my pussy, just stimulating me to the point of orgasm while reaching for my boobs to fondle and massage by his hands.
    Finally, with my hips raised in the air, he pulls my panties down, spread my legs even wider and sucks my pussy lips deep into his mouth. After teasing me for several minutes, I feel his fingers spreading me open, and his tongue presses into my cunt hole. It has always been such an amazing feeling, his tongue swirling all around inside of me, pushing against me, fucking me …. He tongue fucks me till I am breathless.
    God! it feels so amazing. I could feel my orgasm coming, his tongue sucking and licking at my clit, his fingers pumping in and out of my swollen pussy. I reach body shaking orgasms – waves after waves, so hard on his face, quivering and contracting around his fingers. When my orgasm finally subsides, he leaves my wide-open thighs and lays me gently on my back and continue to suck and lick gently on my modest boobs, till I beg him to fuck me. Amazing weekends!!

  • So how did you end up having sex with him?

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