How to confess as the perpetrator

My brother and I are both in our 30's. We're close now and both share similar struggles with substance abuse and pornogrophy addiction. 20 years ago, I molested my little brother. As I get older, I'm beginning to see how immensely this perverse act influenced my development into adulthood. It's not hard to see how it's influenced my brother's either. The the hatered I feel towards myself is justified. What is not right is the suffering and aweful ramifications this heinous act has had upon the spirit, mind, and livelihood of my poor brother. How can I ever tell him?

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  • I think you should just kill yourself for ruining someones life.

  • We already covered that bro 😉

  • You were not that old yourself. Forgive.

  • Just off yourself, and leave a suicide note explaining what you did, asking his forgiveness, you sick fuck. True forgiveness comes only from whatever form of God you worship, and hopefully His name is Satan, because he truely loves people like you.

  • The thought is in my mind often but I can't "just" do it without just causing more, and compounding, the hurt. I do hold onto faith however, and believe we will all come to sorts with our own one day, I pray that you know the truth.

  • What are you worried about? Lots of people experiment with their siblings, it's all part of growing up. Give yourself a break.

  • I'm worried about the ramifications I guess... In both our lives

  • What happened in your adulthood may not be connected at all. Me and my sister were very sexual with each other but there have been no problems for either of us. We have both grown up to have very normal.

  • You know what to do....but will you?

  • I will. I realize that the most damage has been done already, but is there a more helpful or practical time other than to just blurt it out to him?

  • Go off the wagon, together. Take some opioids and chase them with beer. It's the only way you'll ever have the guts to tell him, and the only way he'll be calm enough to hear what you have to say. Then, get your asses to rehab.

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