Wife's stash

I had been meaning to clean out our walk-in closet of things we never use. I was off work and she was working. I found a box. I opened it and found at least a dozen different sex toys. A strap on harness with a couple of dildos that go in it, a double ended dildo, a few vibrators, a large suction cup dildo and some anal beads.

I texted her, "I found a box of toys that I assume are yours." She said, "Oh cool! I thought I had thrown that box out."

She never mentioned having sex with women in her past but then again I never asked. Curious if I should ask now.

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  • You might want to broach the subject. Could lead to some really hreat experience for both of you

  • So I asked. I said, "So what's up with the toys in that box?" She said, "Which ones?" I said, "The double ended dildo and the strap on." She said, "I dated a girl for a few years a while back." I said, "Wow. I never knew you were into women." She said, "Not much anymore besides you never asked." I laughed and said, "How would I do that? Hey honey you ever fucked a woman before?" She said, "Yep. Just like that. Oh and the answer is more than one and more times than I could count."

  • How long have you been married? It could be that the toys predate your relationship and were simply put in storage, in which case I wouldn't worry. You might have to take the dildos into a lab and get them carbon dated or something, to determine the era of the residue that may still be on them. I'm no expert though.

  • Hey buddy how about an update, what is happening, has she told you about her girlfriend ?

  • Yep these are clearly for use by women, she is probably having a lesbian affair with one of her friends nothing for you to worry about but bring it up with her so everything is out in the open, my wife has a lesbian affair with her best friend since high school both us husbands knew about it before we married it has never expanded to include any others but it is nice knowing, sometimes I come home and they are in bed, in the shower or sunbathing naked by our pool

  • You may want to hope it's for use on women. Wish my wife liked women like I enjoy sucking cock.

  • Yeah ask!! But she could have used them on men too.

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