I love her

How do you know if shes telling the truth shes on the pill? because I want to make the hottest love to a girl (porn style) and give her the best creampie of her life. I certainly do not want kids.

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  • I say go for it...or you'll regret it later...you only live once so go have fun.

  • Aw bullshit! You love getting pussy. Me #too .

  • The kid isn’t your problem. Just fill her until she overflows and walk out

  • Said the ass hole who has 4 kids and never paid child support.

  • Ever go to the circus? Your question is a parallel to the career of a tightrope walker. Don't step out on that rope if you aren't willing to accept the consequences.

  • Look for her pill packet at least.

  • What good is that? Unless you watch her take a pill every day that means nothing. Use a condom And Creampie's are for queers that eat their own cum, nasty. When done fucking her roll over in bed and go to sleep or get dressed and walk out.

  • Use a condom don't trust her. You will end up another baby daddy paying your life away.

  • “Porn style” lol. No woman has asked for that in her life. Why? Because most porn is made for men. If you think that’s what women want you’re a crazy incel cuck.

  • My wife does about two times a year, she has usually been drinking but she will just look at me and ask me to fuck her brains out like a pornstar.

  • That's the thing you will never know. Even if a female says she's on the pill it might be a lie.

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