Closet exhibitionist

I love dressing in a way that shows my body.
Don't get me wrong...I'm not a sexy 20 year old petite hottie. I'm a mature 56 year old woman that is carrying some weight...a lot of it on my butt. Because of this clothing of regular sizes tends to either ride up or stretch to the point of being shear(think tights when II bend over). My husband loves when I dress like this around the house but would be shocked to find out that while he is at work ( I am retired) I go out dressed to expose myself.
I can't help it...I love catching guys checking me out.
I worry about being caught by some one we know in the neighbourhood but love the thought of being caught.

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  • Hot older sister has been doing this for years, and I've not only encouraged it, I've taken her places to do it. Races, flea markets, state parks...She's gone either nearly naked or fully naked at many places, by my direction and her own desire.

    I knew I could get her to do it back when I worked at a restaurant, and had her walk naked through the dishroom and kitchen. Brought her in through the back door, she stripped down in the stock room, and made her way, fully naked, smiling, and shaking her ass, the back of the restaurant where we worked.. When she picked me up after my shift, she asked what the guys said..Told her "They loved you and want me to have you do it again!", which was true.. Key part of that was my having or telling her to do it again..

    As recently as last month, she was at my house when a few of my friends were visiting. She was wearing short, black shorts and a sexy, little half top that was easy to pull off. She did, and the shorts followed.. My guys went crazy for her!

  • I'm 36 and my husband loves for me to expose myself as well, at first I was reluctant. But now it's so much fun I love the fact that our marriage has become an open relationship. It's been wonderful meeting new men because of course one thing has led to another. I would recommend to anyone to try it. I never considered having sex with more then one person at a time I've waisted years because it's fantastic.

  • I am 26 and my husband of five years wants me to dress like that all of the time. no bra, no panties short dresses and skirts and extra big blouses and sweaters, baggy ass to big of short shorts and just a T shirt of his even bare footed. He always has friends over and I usually end up being a hostess for them bringing them more and more beer and I usually get felt up, fondled, butt patted, puss touched and last Saturday got fucked by three guys as my husband sat there edging the guys on and on.

  • My wife is 49 I love it when she dresses
    In skimpy clothing that is a little bit tight and exposes to much cleavage or her panties.
    It's surprising how many men and women watch her.
    I like it best in the summer when she doesn't always wear bra and panties and flashes her pussy.

  • You ever flash in public?

  • Of course I have I love to flash my pussy

  • I have a few times...with and without my husband.

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