Wife gets tipsy on purpose to tease

My wife of 20yrs still goes out with her mates .
She is now 44 and looks so good still has the same figure but her boobs and hips are bigger due to a couple of kids but she is still stunning .
Me I’ve left myself go from 75kg to 110kg sadly abs she makes fun of me because of it .
Anyway she tells me she is out on a bender on Friday , this is in 2019 .
So I decide to check on what she is up to .
I have a small voice recorder that is so small it’s the size of half a pen, I put this in her bag before she goes it slides easily through a small tear in the lining .
I follow her to where she said she was meeting and true enough she was there with three of her friends .
I can see from the bar that the girls are making sure that folk know they are there by laughing silly loud , it soon draws attention of five guys who start to chat them up
. Gail my wife is lapping it up , I just kept think what a tart she can be sometimes . I watch her have two gins but then realise she is mainly having tonic water so not to get too drunk
She is definitely tipsy but not pissed
I get fed up and bugger off , I’m dick of seeing her flirting .
I go to bed at 12 thinking she won’t be long but it isn’t till 2am she gets home in a taxi . I look out the window abs she her laughing with the cabby and the tart flashes her tits at him she turns around bends over and lifts her skirt up too , I thought what the fuck is she doing ?
I see his arm stretch from the cab and it looks like he is fingering her !ffs!
I get back in bed when I see her giggling and going to the door , the cab drives off with beep and she opens the front door , I see the lights come on and hear her walking upstairs .
She comes in to bed whispers are you awake , I say what time is this and roll over.
I can smell men’s aftershave etc on her and soon enough she is sleeping .
I thought fuck it so I run my hand over her back and run it down to her arse .WTF no knickers I fiddle around below as she is snoring like a pig and her cunt is fucking soaking.
I smell my finger and it’s fucking spunk ffs.
I thought you dirty bitch you have been out fucking some duckhead who doesn’t give a shot for you .
Turns out she fucked three of them that night , in the morning I got the recorder out of her bag and it was all there clear as a bell , she admitted she was married to the guys there , they teased he they guessed she was there for some fun and she was teasing maybe maybe etc . Then it turns out they went to one of the guys house where she fucked hon then the two others double teamed her.
I got to admit I was turned on my the recording and fucked her so hard the next night . I think I’m turning in to a fucking Cuck lol
I’ll get over it lol

3 months ago

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    • Too funny. My hot older sister would have end of the year bbq's, with tons of booze, for her graduating dance team girls and their bf's or guy friends, and get herself buzzed or drunk, and the new grad boys would be all over her. They'd grab every part of her body, which was usually in shorts and a tight tank top, also worn on purpose, or if she'd planned on going into the pool, take off her top and be in shorts and tiny bikini top, hug her, kiss her, and tell her how hot and sexy she was. The girls didn't mind, since they all agreed and tried to not only be like her, but, BE her. She was known for having these booze bbq's and boys having their way with her.

      I was having sex with her anyway, and even I knew, bbq time, one or more of these studly 18 year olds are going to fuck her silly at some point. I'd stay at her house for the weekend or into Monday, go to bed when tired, and she'd crawl in later, cozying up to me, sinking her long, red nails down my boxers, and getting me going to fuck her. We'd have sex a few times, then when she woke up, smiling, would tell me I was number whatever that night. Three, maybe four, since "Did you see Dina's friend, Nick? The don't call him Nick the Dick for no reason" or some other reference to which grad boy fucked her that day or night before I had her. She had fun with it, most were going to college or out of the area, so it was usually a one-shot deal. One last fuck of the hot-ass dance teacher before they left.

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