We had only been engaged two months, it was a very hot summers day we had invited my boyfriends parents over for a barbecue, we had socialised before many times we got on very well specially with my future mother-in-law, my boyfriends parents were in there mid forties, he told me his parents don't have sex any longer, we had all eaten the men were in the garden drinking, I decided to wash up mum-in-law come to help which I was glad of I was very intoxicated,
mum put her hands around my waist and said are we ok with this, I thought its just a hug, I was only wearing a tee shirt and shorts she slid her hands inside my tee shirt, she said again are ok, yes I said, she moved her hands up to my tits and started playing with my nipples I had never has a lesbo experience before I was responding next she pulled my shorts down and fingered my vagina anus my anus from the back she whispered bedroom,
I will finish part 2 later

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  • I will finish my story, starting when my mum in law when I let her grope me, the only reason I let it happen was I had just finished a period so I hadn't had sex for a week I was thinking about what me and my boyfriend were going to do each other plus the amount of alcohol ide drunk, when she said are you ok with this I thought she just wanted a friendly body hug, when my boyfriend told me there was no sex between his mum and dad I thought it was his mother who had lost her sex drive, how wrong I was she really knew what she was doing she was very sexually experienced, when we went up to the bedroom she stripped me and lay me down on the bed and went down on me, I said turn around to a 69 position, I had previously thought women having orals and thought how filthy and disgusting two women licking each outers smelly cunts, we spent ages with our tongs in each others vaginas, the affair
    is still going on we say we have a girls afternoon out, I am glad I have been introduced to arsehole licking, I feel guilty about my lesbo affair but I cant stop and never will do,

  • Get your boyfriend involved. He'll want to fuck the cunt he came from as many men fantasise about doing their mom's. A horny situation will get even hornier.

  • Why not invite your boyfriend to join you

  • That’s fucking hot.

  • Fucking is the correct word

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