This happened years ago before we were married

When my husband and I started experimenting with sex he admitted to me that I was not his first just so I knew it before we went farther than kissing. I told him while I had not had intercourse yet I had given and received oral with a couple of different boyfriends. So while we were not exactly wild crazy sex beasts we had dabbled around a bit. I have always loved sex but when I was younger I was to shy to just have a guy do anything with me but I started masturbating with objects and fingers when I was around 14, so even though I was a virgin when I started letting guys do things to me I had broke my vagina in really good on vegetables and other long phallus like things.
One evening he and I are in his room at the apartment he shared with three other guys while going to college, he managed the apartment so he had the master bedroom. I was over there so much I should have just moved in with him but my parents would have had a cow. Anyways he starts giving me that look of wanting to have sex but instead asked me if I had ever heard of bondage. Well shortening this up a bit several months later and dozens of bondage sessions later he asked me if I would be willing to have some fun with one of the roommates. I sort of gave him a funny look and said a threesome? Really? He told me no and explained that Harold was telling him a while back that I was really lucky to have a girlfriend like Kelly and that he had not had a girlfriend since high school. So he explains to me that he wondered if I would be willing to be tied up and blindfolded then he would have Harold come in and just give me oral. You have to remember this was during some wild and crazy times of sexual playing that we did a lot of in college. I gave him a blow job under the table of a booth in a club and he did the same under my mini skirt so we played a lot. I thought about what he was thinking about and asked him where he would be when all of this was happening because what is going to prevent Harold from doing more to me.
I mean Harold was a really nice guy, tad shy and overweight but a really nice guy all around and I was doubting that he would even want to do this with me anyways.
So there is finally a weekend evening when the other two roommates are gone and it is just the three of us, my husband asks me if I am willing to do it after agreeing with it several weeks ago and I tell him sure, lets do it with a lot of enthusiasm because it did sound really fun. The plan was he would tie me up then Harold would come in and just give me oral and I would not know any switch happened. I headed up to his room leaving him downstairs to set things up with Harold and about ten minutes later he comes in and gets me tied up, plays with me a bit and just for good measure he puts headphones on me with some low music playing along with a blindfold.
The transition to Harold was actually pretty smooth because all he was doing was caressing me with his fingers and this went on for quite a few minutes then some breast licking and kissing started and I knew right away it was not him but instead Harold. He worked his way down to my legs and kissed everything down to my toes. I was actually really impressed with his love making skills, his mouth settled in on my vagina and I was on my way to an orgasm brought on quite nicely as I moaned away.
Somewhere in there my husband took back over because the caressing started again but then my blindfold was lifted up and it was him. He whispered in my ear asking me how I liked it and I told him it was really fun and I had a great time.
So this leads me to current day, twenty seven years later.
I was sitting in bed with my husband and I looked at him and said remember the night Harold played with me? He smiled at me and told me yes I do, it was quite a kinky time for us back then. I asked him if he knew of anyone else we could do that again with now. He sat there staring for a moment and shook his head no, he had no acquaintances that he could think of doing something like that with at all. I told him well, you lived with Harold for like a year and a half after we did that so really, no one who you only see occasionally that you can think of doing this with?
So he thought about it and finally came up with someone but was worried about trusting him to only do oral and not do anything that we did not want him doing. I told him sure and could see his point, we were not young kids anymore in college. He then thought more about it and said but what if the only thing he could access was your vagina and you were up to high to have sex with then it would be just oral for sure. We had really gotten into bondage after we were married and had our own place, matter of fact sometimes he would come home from work to find me tied up to something or just tied up that I did to myself. Suspension bondage was something we played around with but had not done in a while so his mind was thinking of how he could make this happen. He told me he needed some practice so we went downstairs and we did some suspension bondage again getting me up in the air and comfortable because I would be like this for probably an hour at least. He was going to tell the guy that this was a fantasy of his to watch another guy play with me without me knowing it and was he interested.
More to follow.


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  • Yes, please.

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