Trained to lick

My wife found these toys for our new dog that have a hole in them that you add some treats to for him to lick out of it. One of the treats she bought is this type of creamy peanut butter flavored stuff, when I watched him working his tongue trying to clean out the toy all I could think about was him doing that to her pussy.
We have always done bondage so getting her tied up was not going to be an issue but letting the dog lick her out was another thing, I was going to have to get a few wines into her first, then bring up bondage, blindfold her and see how it progressed from there.
I made it all happen a few weeks later and there she was buzzed on wine, tied with her knees up and legs spread.
I had been teasing her for quite some time by gently kissing her clit and surround lips, circling her anus and tickling her nipples. She was loving it all and I could feel her trying to rub herself on me to get more stimulation, I started telling her how delicious she was while licking her deeply then after several minutes I brought up putting the peanut butter stuff in her.
She did not immediately say no as I was looking at her facial expression then after a few seconds of thought she asked me if he would really do that, I could tell she was picturing him doing it to a toy. I went and got the spray can which even has a nice tip for inserting it into the hole and using a finger I pushed it into her some more then I coated her outer lips nicely.
I went and let him inside then watched as he discovered the treat, he laid right down in front of her and began cleaning up the outer lips, she was letting out little moans and moving a bit when his tongue dragged across her clit. I watched him working his tongue around then when all the easy stuff was gone he began digging in to get more, she had her mouth open as he dove down. I could see it pushing into her as he cleaned her out, his nose would be pushed against her clit as he licked her deeply. She made a few moaning comments about how great this felt and she could not believe it. I sat there watching him continuously dive into her for about ten minutes then realized he was probably just licking her for how she tasted because he had to have cleaned all of it out by now.
He kept it up and I watched as her mouth slowly opened up, her legs were tense and she began rocking a little bit then shaking with an orgasm as he continued working his tongue all around her pussy, she let out several loud moans which did not really seem to phase him. She finally told me after a few more minutes that I had to stop him because she could not take it anymore, she enjoys having a few orgasms but always needs a break between them. I put him back outside then came back to relieve my raging hard on, I started rubbing my head across her lips and plunged into her easily. She was so turned on from all that oral so she was soaked, she started moaning out again as I stroked in and out of her pleasuring both of us.
I untied her and she told me that it was an amazing experience and very different from anything, his tongue was so powerful and long that it just felt like she was being both licked and penetrated over and over by it.
We were both sitting on the couch one evening several weeks later and not much was on tv, she looked at me and asked if I wanted to do it again with the bondage and everything, I thought to myself that she must have really enjoyed it a lot to bring it up herself. I gave her an enthusiastic yes and half an hour later I was watching him going down on her again plunging his tongue into her. She was flinching away as it went across her clit then dove inside her digging out the creamy stuff and I watched for the next half hour as he patiently licked her clean and into an orgasm.

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  • That’s very hot and more so that she wanted to do it. Has she fucked the dog yet?

  • We had a border collie that had a long soft tongue I would put peanut butter deep in my asshole while i would fuck my drunkin wifes ass while she was passed out mmmm i would have the best cum......other times I would fuck her mouth when she was passed out and the dog would have its morning i tied her up and i slipped a bunch of acid in her mouth I spread her legs apart and blindfolded her i also put earplugs in her ears I waited until she was very stoned and i put peanut butter deep in her ass then he licked her good then i jerked him until he was hard and I lubed her up good I never knew that the dog had such a big cock and he fucked her hard and she loved it

  • Get him to fuck her

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