I found the perfect wife thirty years ago

I was incredibly lucky to meet my wife when I went to college, I have a huge bondage sex fetish and have had it since I was in middle school. It all started when I found this box at this place on the other side of the woods where people would dump stuff. The box was stuffed with porn mags and photos someone took of the same woman, like two hundred of them having sex. Some of the magazines and photos were of bondage sex and for some reason it really turned me on to see it. I actually talked my sister into letting me try tying her up in some positions, she had clothes on but it was the thrill of knowing that I could have touched her anywhere and she could not stop it. One day when I was about seventeen and she was fifteen she came to my room and asked me if I wanted to do it because she found it oddly fun. I ended up tying her in a frog position and had noticed when we started that she was not wearing a bra and when I saw down one of the leg openings in her shorts she was not wearing underwear either. Her legs were spread pretty wide and after she was completely tied with a chest wrap squeezing her breasts to stand up I could see her nipples poking up the tight material of her shirt. She always wanted to be blindfolded and after a minute or so of admiring her I leaned down and had my nose just inches from her crotch not thinking that she could feel me breathing. She told me after I had taken several long sniffs of her that I could touch her anywhere I wanted, it was a turning point in my bondage sex life as I slowly began running a finger up and down her watching her move around from the stimulation. I played with her then saw the shorts getting wet and I just slid a finger under them pulling them sideways and sank my tongue deep into her. We did this numerous times during summer breaks, she always wanted to be tied up and be the sub. I never figured her for wanting to do this nor did I think I would ever meet a woman that loved it also.
I met Micky my second year of college, she was a first year and we got along great right away. During my forth year I rented an apartment off campus and she pretty much was there all the time sleeping over but never told her parents about it. I had an old briefcase my dad had given me telling me I might need this someday, I kept a few of the magazines in it and when she was gone I would break them out and look at them, one day she asked me what was in there looking up at it on the top shelf. I was totally honest with her and told her just some old porn magazines I have had for a long time thinking she would not be interested in looking at them but next thing I know she asks if she can see them. I swear my heart stopped beating for a few seconds thinking that she was going to run away as fast as she could when she saw the tied up women. I opened up the briefcase after setting it on the bed and her eyes did open pretty wide but she pulled one out and began looking thru it and did not look like she was turned off by it. She asked me a few times if this stuff turned me on then a few minutes into the conversation asked me if I wanted to do this with her.
She had and still does have an amazing body, her breasts back then stood out from her body and were very firm. The first time I saw her naked all I could think was how perfect she was and realized I had found a goddess. When she asked me if I wanted to do bondage with her I practically lost all concentration and was imagining her with ropes around her body. I told her I would love to do that with her but never brought it up thinking you would not be into anything like that and waited for her response. She kept turning pages then grabbed another one and told me that this looks pretty fun so lets give it a try. My head nearly exploded with ideas, all of the times I tied up my sister were flashing back to me and I told her that we could start off simple and see if you enjoyed it or not. The first position I did with her was a frog tie and when I started sucking on her toes and lightly rubbing circles around her clit at the same time she was moaning and breathing so hard she told me "OH my God, do not stop doing that!!" I listened to her moan and gasp for quite some time as I slowly built her up to a huge orgasm, she was shaking like crazy and letting out huge moans as I watched her pulsating. I slide myself up to her and began slowly sliding my cock in and out of her while my fingers played with her nipples and she kept gasping and moaning telling me to fuck her harder, I had never heard her use the F word until that day and it told me that she was really turned on by all of it.
She began suggesting different positions and we did not always have sex with her tied up and I would not bring it up on purpose just to see if she would and after a few times of her doing it she told me that she really had fun doing this so anytime I want to just bring it up.
We tried it all and really had some fun when we were younger, I still remember her about eight months pregnant with our first, tied up and me giving her orgasm after orgasm playing with her full breasts and enlarged nipples. She still loves it to this day and even though her body has changed a lot over the years I still love stimulating her to multiple orgasms and playing with her breasts tied up and pointing to the ceiling.

11 months ago

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    • Great story. Hope you write more and post

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