My wife's past

We have been married for twenty years and when we first got together we were discussing fantasies one night while having foreplay. One of the things that I told her about was bondage, I had only had two serious relationships before meeting her and neither one of those women were into it. I brought it up with her before we were married and she was willing to do it. We discussed what I wanted to try, mostly light bondage but we have kept doing it over the years and it became pretty extensive. We have never done anything she did not want to and I never sprang anything on her, she always has at least two orgasms when we play and I enjoy it immensely. I still get chills up my spine when I tickle her restrained feet and watch her struggle against the ropes.
The last time we did it she had told me a few weeks earlier that the mood was not right in her mind to do it but she would let me know and a few weeks later she told me one evening that if I wanted to do bondage tonight she was ready. I told her of course I was in the mood and asked her if she was feeling bad before or was my timing just off with your cycle. We began our session and while I was starting to get her tied up she began telling me about her brothers tying her up. I stopped and listened to her tell me that they would tell her to remove her pants and shirts then tie her up and play with her, running their hands and fingers everywhere on her. They also made her give them blow jobs and a lot of the time she swallowed their cum and gagged because of them pushing to far into her mouth.
I was now feeling quite mixed about what we were doing and I asked her how in the world she was this open to me doing pretty much the same thing that happened to her against her will. She told me that even though it was not her idea before and sometimes they got a little carried away with her she still enjoyed the feelings that it brought on and that she trusted me completely. She kept telling me about what they did to her while I continued getting her tied up that evening and my plan was to spread her wide and put a vibe on her clit while I tickled her feet and arms. I decided to put the vibe on high right away because when her clit is immediately stimulated on high she really moves around and I love watching her nipples bounce around when her breasts are tied pushing them upward. She had her first orgasm in only about five minutes and was squealing quite a bit after it so I turned off the vibe and played with her nipples for a bit and tickled her feet. I turned it back on low and played with her body while she slowly built up to another big orgasm. I was watching her body move around from all the stimulation and wondered how much sexual frustration she must have endured with them because she never mentioned them using vibrators or anything else on her.
We talked again a few nights later and I told her that I just could not believe how sexually outgoing she was after what she had done to her by them and during our conversation I asked her if she ever had an orgasm from them. She told me that one of them was very oral and would lick and stimulate her for a long time but back then she had no idea how big of an orgasm she could have and he was just enjoying the taste of her. He never continuously licked her clit to give a strong orgasm but she did have one now and then but they were much more subdued than she has had from me. She also told me that one of her sister in laws told her about their sex life and how he talked her into being tied up but she does not like it much at all, she just does it to make him happy. She did not tell her about his past but pushed her with questions about what they do and it was pretty much the same thing he used to do to her. He even tied her up sometimes when she protested about it telling her it turned him on even more that she was being forced to do it.
I just sat there listening to her tell about her past and am still amazed that she enjoys it so much as an adult, I would have thought that it would have been to traumatic to have it done again.


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  • I think that it is sad that this happens in families but I just think that people feel like it is a young teen thing and they were just experimenting. My two cousins would grope me all the time and stick their hands down my pants or up my dress. I to was scared to say anything to my parents, I even had a pinch spot on one of my breasts once and my mom thought it was a strange place for a bruise but I lied and told her that I hit it on something. They would actually pull their penis out and ask me to touch it which turned into sucking it after some time. I was an only child so at least when I was home there was no issues but defending against them was impossible by myself and I definitely should have spoke out.

  • I never had the nerve to tell my parents about my brothers, three of them used to play with me all the time. I was the second child of the four of us and I spent a lot of time giving and receiving oral from them all. I do not really see any of them anymore because I married and we moved across the country. My husband brought up bondage to me and I did not want to disappoint him so I told him I would love to try it. He gets so turned on doing it to me that I cannot say no to him.

  • My wife had a similar experience growing up from her brother and she told me that during some summer breaks it was just the two of them home all day. She would end up giving him blow jobs several times a day but she had no clue what she was doing back then.

  • I had the same thing happen with me the first summer my brother was old enough to be the sitter all day during summer break. He told me that it would be fun to play a game and I got blindfolded, he then told me what to do and I had no idea until later in life that I had been sucking on him.

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