My wifes past

We have been married for 32 years and I had no idea about a part of her life before we got together. We are in our fifties now and still have a very active sex life which includes role playing, bondage and plenty of toys. We got together shortly after she graduated college and married about a year and half later. She had told me about a few boyfriends, one serious one and that she was no virgin, I did not care about that at all and we just fit together very well.
We have had many sexual adventures and when I mentioned bondage to her she was quick to agree that she was interested, we had only been married like two years when I brought it up to her. She really got into it and often made suggestions about how she wanted to be bound, what I would do to her and even bought toys to use on her like cuffs, gags and nipple clamps.
We were having that kind of fun a few months ago and I had her tied in a kneeling position to the foot board of the bed, legs spread wide, being stimulated by a vibrator with a dildo filling her. I had just stood up after playing with her nipples and slowly eased my cock into her mouth. She was blindfolded and her mouth was wide open with a ring gag in place. I slid my cock across her tongue and then using my hand rubbed it around her mouth. She has always loved to suck on my cock and does it quite often to wake me up in the morning. I absolutely love it. I pulled the gag out and then put my cock back up to her mouth, she began sucking on it and moaning from the vibe. She was pretty worked up grinding her hips and sucking on me, I was moving my hips in and out but in her frenzied orgasm we got out of rthymn and my cock went to the back of her throat causing her to gag. We rarely did that and this was the first time that I could remember it happening while she was in bondage. I pulled out naturally and asked if she was okay as she swallowed a few times, I reached down and turned off the vibe then lifted up her blindfold. She told me she was good and began laughing a little then she told me that it just brought back memories of her brother making her gag. She told me she was so glad that I never go very deep in her mouth because I am to long to go all the way.
I was still processing the part about her saying that her brother would make her gag when she realized what she had just told me. She smiled and told me we could talk about it later and I was standing there with a hard cock still remembering what she just told me. She leaned forward with her mouth open trying to reach my cock and told me to come here and let her suck me. I moved forward but was still unsure about it but she went right back to sucking on me like nothing had happened.
Later that day after a nap and a shower we were sitting in the living room and she told me she wanted to explain what she said earlier. She started out by saying that she has never told a soul about any of this and as far as she knew only her brother knows about it.
He came to her room one day when he was in his teens and asked her if she would give him a blow job, she honestly had no idea what he meant by that and being three years younger than him had not learned it yet. He explained what he wanted her to do and she told him no way she was going to do that for him.
Her parents form of punishment was spankings and she did not like them one bit but when she told me that they were given with a belt I could see why. It was a few days after this that her brother set her up to get blamed for a broken lamp, she received a whipping for it and had no idea how the lamp was broken. She was still feeling the sting of it the next day and when she came home after school he was waiting in her room. She walked in and he was sitting on her bed with his cock sticking out of his zipper. She stood there a little shocked and told him that she was not going to do what he asked her for last time, he then asked her if she wanted another spanking from dad. When she asked him for what he told her that he would come up with something just like the lamp. She did not want another spanking so she walked into her room and asked him what he wanted her to do. He stood up and told her to kneel down, he guided her on how to suck his cock telling her what felt good and how fast to do it. Soon he was holding her head and stroking in and out of her mouth and this is how she learned to give a blow job.
I had no clue what to say to her about this and she told me that this continued until he moved out, she not only gave him blow jobs all the time but he moved on to giving her oral and playing with her all the time during summer breaks from school. She never told her parents about it worried that they would never believe her and she realized how stupid it was to think that way but the threat of a spanking kept her doing it. He never had intercourse with her and she rarely had an orgasm from him going down on her because he was always wanting her to either suck or stroke on him while he played with her. When he had an orgasm he would stop what he was doing to her then leave her alone until he was horny again.
I thought to myself, I could not believe how much she loves sex and all the other things we do given her past but she told me that her brother actually apologized to her for all of that after he realized how badly he had treated her. She accepted it and told me that she had moved on from it and learned from it. She told me not to let it effect our sex life because it was a long time ago and she could not believe that she brought it up but told me she felt better finally telling someone about it. I asked her again if she really enjoyed being in bondage or was she just doing it because I loved doing it and she assured me again that she loved it, she loves being teased, tickled and made to pleasure me. She told me she loves it because she knows if the word no ever came out of her I would stop right away just like I did earlier.
I am still amazed that she is as sexual as she is having all of that happen to her and I try to not let it into my thoughts while we are playing. It is hard not to think about though even while she is just giving me a blow job, I sometimes wonder what must have been going through her mind back then when her brother was putting his cock in her mouth and gagging her with it. She is so great at giving blow jobs that I never want her stop doing it and we have had a few bondage sessions since she told me about it. I truly believe that she has moved on because she is so into it and I really feel like the luckiest guy on earth to have her as a partner.

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