Big surprise for my husband

I was trying to come up with a surprise for my husband Jeff so I decided to ask one of my friends if she had ever done anything crazy for her husband. She laughed a little then told me that she had done quite a bit of crazy stuff. She asked me if we had ever done bondage together and we had not so she told me that would really blow him away to come home from work and find me tied up for him. I had not even thought of anything that crazy and asked her what she does because I would not even know where to start.
She showed me what she used and it was just basic stuff most people have around the house except maybe rope but she said you can get it anywhere. She showed me a quick folding chair set up and I was amazed at what she did in like fifteen minutes. Her legs were tied back spreading her out a little, arms where tied behind her and all she used was some rope and a few belts.
She told me she would help me out and I practiced a few set ups with her and she even told me that if something came up and his car did not pull into the driveway she would come over and untie me.
I was really nervous but decided to do the chair set up for him right in the living room and I would be the first thing he saw when he came thru the door. It took me about twenty minutes but I got my legs tied back and then slid my hands thru the loops behind me and pulled them tight. I wiggled my arms around some and then looked down at myself and around the room, goose bumps went thru me because I had actually done it. I could not get myself undone and there was no turning back now, in like fifteen minutes he was going to walk thru the door and I would not be able to do anything about it.
I heard his car pull into the driveway and my stomach started getting a knot in it from the excitement of it all, I heard the door knob turn and I just stared at the door as it opened up. He walked in and in the middle of telling me he was home he stopped and stared at me still holding onto the door knob. He closed the door and looked at me then looked around the house quickly, he walked up to me and asked what happened, I told him that I did this for him as a surprise. He started running his fingers over my legs and I could tell he was really excited to see me like this because I know his looks and this was a really good one.
He knelt right down and began licking me deeply, his tongue diving into me and spreading my lips out. He found my clit and sucked on it pretty hard making me twitch a lot. He loves to lick and suck on it feeling my body react to his tongue. He licked me until I had a huge orgasm, he looked at me unable to stop anything he wanted to do to me and I think it really turned him on. He dropped his pants and stripped off his shirt, his cock sprang to life quickly and he started rubbing it on me then sank it deep into me. He held onto my thighs and pumped me hard, the position was similar to just being in bed on my back while he is on top of me but I was just a little more tilted forward so his cock was rubbing my clit nicely as he slid in and out.
It was a great first time with bondage and I was definitely going to plan another one soon.


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  • That's so great that you had a nice experience, mine didn't go as planned as he brought home some of his friends, I was so embarrassed

  • Sounds to me like it worked out perfectly. How many friends were there?

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