My husband is an incredible lover

I have not had a lot of sexual partners, three to be exact. I met my husband in college at a party and truthfully did not see the relationship going much farther than the second date. He was and is a bit of a nerd but wow did he turn out to be a very giving lover and an unbelievably great provider. We have been married for twenty seven years and he has always given me way more than he receives, I have to beg him to stop sometimes. He will do it morning, noon and night now that we have the house to ourselves again. I always love how he just starts kissing me then kisses my entire body and not just a quick kiss here and there then dive right into the prize. He devours my body.
He tells me that he gets a lot of pleasure when he is doing all of this and sometimes he will even stroke himself while he is pleasuring me orally. He also loves the 69 position but I have told him that I am no good at it because once he starts in on me I have no concentration to suck on him. So I just try to keep my head straight and mouth open, he loves the feeling of it. His cock just kind of getting some stimulation and bouncing around my face. It turns him on so I do it now and then.
His oral is out of this world, he knows me well and will do just the perfect things to put me over the edge three or four times. I truly am blessed to have such a man that desires me all the time.

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  • I love to orally pleasure my wife even though she never reciprocates.

  • He's like my-- I can lick my wife's amazing pussy for hours. She tastes like cotton candy and when she cums in my mouth it's like a funky cotton candy Martini. I swear her cum is like Popeye Spinach -- i get such an energy boost.

  • Nice to see a post like this, instead of a bunch of dipshits cheating and talking about fucking their children.

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