My husband loves to tie me up

I was playing cards one evening in our monthly get together and somehow the topic at our table turned to sex and how often our husbands want it. The mood around our table seemed to be that their husbands were much to horny and wanted it all the time and they were not going to have that going on. I casually mentioned that our sex drive has not diminished much at all in twenty some years but then one woman told us that hers was having an affair and she could care less because it kept him satisfied. I was thinking to myself hell no, not in my marriage.
My husband has always had a bondage fetish, I had never experienced this before our relationship started blossoming into a sexual one as well as in love. I think we were together about a year and he brought it up and wanted to know if I would try it. I told him sure why not and wanted to see where it would go, he has always taken his time with it and makes sure I am not uncomfortable and to top it off it turns him on so much that I receive so much pleasure. He has tickled me until I have peed, he has stimulated me to multiple orgasms and he loves to play with my breasts and nipples. I am a 38 DD cup so there is plenty for him to play with there, he has tied, clamped, tickled and teased my breasts in dozens of ways. He loves them for sure and I love them played with also and when I was lactating I thought he was never going to stop playing with them.
I sat there looking at my cards and enjoying the conversation then when table swap came I excused myself for a quick restroom break, I pulled out my phone and texted my husband. Do you want to tie me up when I get home? I then asked him if he wanted to role play house burglar and attack me when I got home, he texted back that he would love to do it. I sent him the devil emoji back then a smiley face. I could feel myself getting excited just thinking about coming home and him jumping out from somewhere and attacking me. I was also thinking that I was pretty sure that I kept him pretty well satisfied sexually and nothing to worry about.
I walked thru the door into our dark house filled with so much anticipation I was shaking a little bit, I mean it is my husband but he loves to do this and it has never been something like ordering me to the bedroom and stripping me. He always came out of somewhere and grabbed me, put me on the floor and tied me up then takes me off to his set up where ever he decided to do it. He had well over an hour to plan so there was no telling what he had in store for me. I had to use the bathroom so I was praying I would make it to the one right off the living room otherwise I was going to have to beg him to let me go to do it. I made it there and closed the door then did my business, I cleaned up and walked out again not turning on any lights. I turned the corner by the hall and in seconds I was under a pillowcase, legs tied together and up over his shoulder. I could not move at all as I felt myself being carried downstairs, suspension bondage came to mind right away because he had done this once before and loved the basement for it. Sure enough several minutes later, probably half an hour I was naked and strung up by various ropes wrapped around arms, torso and legs and sure enough my breasts were hanging down at his mercy. He was in a licking mood and surprised me by starting right out burying his face into me, his tongue spreading my lips apart and exploring the walls of my vagina. I felt a vibe come up and start stimulating my clit while he kept on licking away on me. He loved to do this and I could tell by the way he was hungrily licking and sucking on me that I was in for a few orgasms.
Three or so wonderful orgasms later it was time to play with my breasts and he broke out all the toys after wrapping them with a few lengths of rope I could feel my nipples straining downwards as he tightened the ropes, I could picture them in my mind because I had seen them before after this type of bondage. He then began tickling them while he applied clothespins to my skin then some sort of clamp right on my nipples. I made some moans when he clipped them up, some out of discomfort, some out of pleasure. It was the one thing that he did that caused some slight pain but I let him do it because it certainly was not excruciating and it turned him on to see them squeezed.
He went back to my clit after being satisfied with my breasts, this was not unusual either because now it was time to really stimulate my clit so my breasts moved around for him to watch. I felt the vibe get taped down around it then a few minutes later while he was running his fingers around my body admiring his handy work the vibe was clicked on to maximum and I began to wiggle, not out of choice for the most part because it was quite a lot of stimulation. I knew he would only do this for a few minutes because he knows how much it makes me move and also how much I can take of it before things really get just to stimulated. I had no doubt that he was recording this session as well so I gave some extra jiggles and moaning to make it really great for him, I knew I was doing a great job because he asked me if he needed to stop the vibe once but I shook my head no, I was going to try to take as much as he wanted to give me. I lasted a few minutes longer then felt the vibe stop and I let out a long moan of relief, he of course turned it back on for a second just to hear me shriek for a second.
He then caressed me all over telling me how hot I was and how much he loved me, I felt myself being lowered down and came to a rest on the mattress. I thought my bondage session was finished but soon I found myself in another set up with legs and arms bent. He pulled me up onto my knees and I felt his cock push against my lips, I opened up and sucked on him wildly while listening to him moan and tell me again how good I was to him. He grabbed my head and began pumping himself in and out of my mouth, I prepared to swallow him down as he reached his orgasm.
He laid me down again and untied all of me, we kissed and then went upstairs to bed. I laid there with his arms wrapped around me feeling his cock pushing against my thighs and thinking that I was one really lucky woman and when I woke up in the morning I was going to suck him until he could not take it anymore.

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  • You're a good wife and stay true to him or you'll have way to many lovers.

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