Question to the naughty women who have had threesomes with their spouses or bf’s with another you prefer to have the penis or the mouth of your man? What makes you more jealous/insecure, the additional girl getting oral or getting cock? Or do you not even get jealous/insecure?

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  • Once I forced my wife to cuckold group sex with my friend and his wife. It was a mistake. Once a lady tastes the enjoyment outside her marriage, she is hooked. Now my wife is totally addicted to sex with big cock dudes. She comes home with dripping sore vagina and I have lost the sex drive for her.

  • I LOVE watching my man plow her and get blown. I love putting on sexy shows of her and I together for him too. I feel upset easily if they kiss with meaning. I'm sorry but for me, kissing is more personal then sex.

  • Before we got married me and my hubby were meant to have 2 threesomes.We arranged the mfm first but he backed out,I went ahead anyway and enjoyed myself.

  • Your hubby backed out?

  • Yes didn't wanna do it.

  • Did he watch you get it on with the other guy? Let’s here the details.

  • No he didn't. But he fucked another girl without me. I just fucked a guy I knew was great in bed.

  • Was he screwing her the same time as you were screwing or was it a different occasion? I’m guessing you had messed around with this guy previously? Was he jealous and mad?

  • No he did after.No this guy we knew had agreed to the threesome.He was a little jealous but then decided he would fuck another woman.

  • My boyfriend and I had our first threesome this past weekend.

  • Who’s idea and what kind?

  • We are in our mud 30's and have been together for over two years. We were both very open about our past and we both have had numerous lovers jealousy was not an issue. My bestie had just asked me a couple months ago if I ever had considered a threesome, she 's been on a dry spell. I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he said he would be up for it if we were serious. It was great fun I've never been with another woman and we all enjoyed it.

  • My girlfriend and I, her husband and my boyfriend swapped. I did get jealous as I watched my boyfriend and my girlfriend. But I got over it. Chalk it up to another experience. My boyfriend was kinkier than I and kept expanding the boundaries in our relationship.

  • Were you jealous of the girlfriend or the boyfriend? I’m guessing you have not done that again?

  • I guess it was a little of each. I was mostly jealous that I had shared with best friends. It was a little awkward for a few months after but we all got over it. My girlfriend's husband and my boyfriend always wanted to do it again. I'm not sure if my boyfriend and my best friend ever hooked up? They both denied it. Her husband always had a crush on me but I wasn't really attracted to him so I didn't have as much fun as my boyfriend and my girlfriend seemed to have. She never seemed like she was jealous. After we broke up my next boyfriend was asking about my past relationships. I never told him about it.

  • you regret doing it or have you had additional encounters?

  • It just amazes me how many guys want to see their wives get with other men. My husband has this fantasy and I don't get it. He constantly wants me to dress provocatively, low cut dress or blouse with no bra, skirt or dress with no panties. I have done it a few times just to make him happy, but I will not have sex with another man. Kinky sex with my husband is one thing, but kinky sex with someone else? No thank you.

  • My husband wanted me to comment on this post, I don't read this site but he does. My comment got a little long and it won't post due to length. So now my husband wants me to post it on it's own. So look for the post titled "my husband's fantasy"

  • I had sex with my girlfriend while my buddy had sex with girlfriend on the same couch at the same time. Does that count?

  • Did a moresome with friends on a weekend getaway (4 guys, 3 girls). I was single, but saw jealousy up close. We had a group thing, but when things winded down and people were getting dressed to go out to eat one one of the guys wanted to have seconds with me. I said sure, as I wanted it too. This guy's girlfriend walked out of the bathroom and I could tell by her expression and body language that she disapproved. He was fucking me doggy, and she didn't have a problem earlier when she was experiencing other guys, but now it was an issue. So odd how things can change in minutes. We stopped screwing because she looked like she was about to cry.

  • I had a girlfriend who wanted to have a threesome with me and her bestfriend. She thought it would be fun and exciting. That is until we actually started doing it. I could tell the day we planned to do this she was off. I kept asking her if she wanted to cancel it, hell even her bestfriend kept telling her we didn't have to do this, but she kept insisting she was fine and wanted to do it.
    We all three got naked and got on the bed. Everything was cool at first. My girlfriend was enjoying it, we all three were kissing and fondling eachother. I was laying on my back and my girlfriend slid her pussy down on my dick. She was facing her bestfriend who was hovering above my face with her pussy. She wasn't low enough for me to eat her so I was fingering her while she and my girlfriend kissed. Again everything was fine. Then we switched positions and my girlfriend sat with her back against the headboard, legs opened. Her bestfriend got between her legs and started eating her pussy while I got behind her friend and started fucking her doggy style. Not sure what happened but we fucked like that for awhile and I could see my girlfriend pulling back like she didn't like what was happening, but she never said anything. I kept fucking her friend and then I fucking came inside her. My girlfriend realized what was happening and was instantly pissed off. She jumped up and started screaming at both of us. She kept telling me, I can't believe you fucking came inside her. Then she would yell at her friend and say, I can't believe you let him cum in you. She was so pissed she got dressed and left in a huff leaving me and her friend still standing there naked. I called her and when she finally did answer she told us she was done with me and she was done with her friend. So her friend stayed and we fucked again later that night. True to my girlfriends word she was done with both of us, but the whole damn thing was her idea. Crazy bitch.

  • Well that’s a mood killer, lol. Was that the last you had been naughty with your friends boyfriend or did you sneak around?

  • I'm still fb friends with him to this day 6 years later, but no, we never hooked up again. He and his gf broke up, he's married now to someone else, and we just enjoy the memory. He was a great fuck.

  • Do you message him or bring it up to him ever? Or are you just silent friends? Would you ever try to hook up again or you over it?

  • I've messaged him on facebook, but not often. Mostly we talk about current things, but we've talked about that day. Everyone got fucked by everyone, but I liked him the best. He was sweet and handsome. I'm in a monogamous relationship now and I wouldn't fuck around with him anyway as he's married now.

  • I old were you when that all went down?

  • Been asking my wife for a threesome for years. She keeps telling me no. Funny part is we already had a FMF threesome when we were dating (her and her friends idea, not mine). So I figured a MFM threesome would even things up, but she still says no. I figured she would just fuck around on me, but I've never so much as even suspected or had a feeling that she's ever screwed around. Used to sneak and check up on her. I would come home from work early unannounced. I would even spy on her when she said she was going someplace. Never have I even caught her once doing something suspicious or unexplained.

  • I dated a girl who wanted to have a threesome with me and her bestfriend. After we did it several times, my girlfriend got petty of stupid shit. Like she would get pissed of her friend even SAT next to me, just stupid shit like that, but then she would want to have a threesome again after that, then back to the petty shit. So it went on like this, back and forth until her bestfriend told her she had enough and would never have a threesome again. I was kinda bummed because I liked her bestfriend and really liked fucking her. So a month or so goes by and my girlfriends bestfriend texts me and asks if I can meet her at Starbucks alone. I get there and she tells me she misses sex with me and wants to know if we can just have an affair. Fuck, I'm game. So we started this affair and we had been fucking for about 6 months when my girlfriend found out. So she's pissed at us both, she moves out of my house, and I'm just like whatever. So the bestfriend starts coming over all the time now because my girlfriend is gone, which is ok with me because as I said, I liked her anyway. Before long the bestfriend admits she's in love with me and wants to date. Hey, I'm game. So we dated for 2 years and then get married. Almost 10 years down the road of marriage she and I are reminiscing and she admits she's the one who told a friend and had her tell my girlfriend about our affair. She was tired of being the other woman and wanted my girlfriend out of the picture. She said we made a better couple and our sex was way better alone anyway. Can't argue with that.

  • Hmmmm my first threesome wasn't with my husband so no room for jealousy lol.

  • Lol, does he know about it? You gotta share details now.....🙂

  • Hahaha. Of course he doesn't know about it,he doesn't need to,it was during a break years ago.
    Details? It was just after a night out in London with a friend.We actually picked up 2 guys but after one of them was out for the count we naturally moved towards a threesome.That guy was on top form,dunno if he was trying really hard or was just awesome.

  • Gotcha, so you initiated kinda had a feeling you did! 😂 Was that the only threesome you’ve ever had or have you been naughty other times? How old were you when this happened?

  • I guess I did as I joined my friend and the guy.No wasn't the only one and still get to be naughty from time to time.I was 27 at the time.

  • Was your friend married too at the time? What kind of other naughty things do you get do out of curiosity? 😉 you’re the queen of cliff hangers, lol

  • No she wasn't.Oh I just like to keep my options open sexually if you catch my drift and partners too.Sorry I don't have time for long drawn out replies.

  • Gotcha, do you know if your husband has ever cheated on you? How old are you now?

  • I highly doubt he has,hes never really been confident to pick up girls and doesn't really impress sexually. I'm 35 now.

  • So you are obviously confident and secure.....what drew you to your hubby?

  • Yes I am. He wasnt like the other guys. So more timid and not very confident. Those guys are safer and less likely to stray.

  • Gotcha. How often do you cheat and is it usually with people you know or don’t know?

  • Sometimes regularly with guys I know but I've had the occasional one night stand.It can be easy as my job takes me away from home every now and then.Lately though the hubby has had to brush up his ability as I've been working from home.

  • Lol just you and him and no other options! Where you from?

  • Well and toys lol but yeah stuck with him but I love giving spontaneous bjs so that gets him in the mood whether he wants it or not.Im from England. Where are you from?

  • Gotcha, I’m just trying to figure out why you have to try so hard with your hubby? You must wear him out lol.....I guess the toys have no choice Lol. I had a feeling you were from there. I’m from the USA. You’re fun to go back and forth with, no pun intended lol....or was it intended? Guess you’ll have to decide for yourself, ;)

  • Well he has anxiety which really kills his mood for sex,on top of that he likes porn too much and I feel its affected his ability to get interested in real sex and when he does he doesn't last long.I can wear him out if I'm not patient but I've since learned to go easy.No the toys are fun for both of us.Why the feeling?I'm happy to go back and forth with you. ;)

  • Gotcha, makes sense, the anxiety part but not the porn part.....I wonder why he’s so into that when it sounds like he’s got you as a potentially non-stop performer? Almost like a live porn performance, lol (every mans dream) but it sounds like you have each other figured out well! I just had the feeling because you English women are pretty free spirited to say the least. ;) it’s definitely fun going back and forth with you.

  • During our break he got into porn and got pretty much addicted to it.I tell him to get help but he says he will sometime.The only way it helps sometimes is if I watch with him and it awakens his interest.I've figured him out and help him as much as I can but he'll never know the real me.
    You know alot of free spirited English girls do you?

  • Gotcha....well you sound understanding and fun as shoulder has the 👼 talking while the other has the 😈 chirping lol I’ve just met and chatted with several English women in the past and every one of them seemed to be care free, free spirited, horny.....whatever you wanna call it. Oh, and I love the English accent too, always a bonus! ;)

  • Yes I try to be understanding. I've been more than most during this shit. Believe me not all of us English girls are like that. You should see the ones who have their man stolen from them.

  • Looks like the cat got your tongue today lol

  • Oh the cat doesn't get my tongue,my cat takes the tongue. ;) ;) ;p

  • Lol, you’re funny and witty! Let’s take this somewhere else. Shoot me an email: twhere at gee mail dot com.....if you dare! ;)

  • Hardly a dare. And you're offering me your email address. Not that I'll have time for that. Bye.

  • Dang you’re I was only offering to be a pen pal. I apologize if I upset you.....hopefully you will come back and keep posting. ;)

  • Oops, forgot part of it it’s twhere1214 at gee mail dot com

  • I got divorced at 41 and ended up dating then moving on with a guy that was 9 years younger. One night he asked if I would have a 3 way with my best friend who was in her early twenties. I agreed to if he would fulfill my fantasy. My only stipulation was he would not cum in her. We ended up doing the 3 way with my friend first. It was the first time I was with a woman and her first time too. It was a little awkward at first but after I relaxed i really enjoyed her bringing me to my first orgasm from another woman. She was really good. My boyfriend got so turned watching me as he was doing her doggy when she was going down on me he ended up cumming in her which did make me somewhat jealous and turned on. We all had a great time that summer before she went to college.

  • So what was your fantasy and did he keep the deal?

  • He did keep the deal and let me fulfill my fantasy. My boyfriend's buddy was really good looking, like a GQ guy. He was married but had started making passes at me for a few months. My boyfriend didn't believe that. I arranged for my boyfriend's buddy to come over and help fix a few things at the house. He thought we were alone and he proceeded to making a pass at me and I made him work for it but finally let him seduce me. What he didn't know is that my boyfriend was hidden in the closet.

  • Gotcha....Sounds like the cougar got what she old was he?

  • He was only 30 so he was 11 years younger than me. I knew even though I looked younger than my age my window of opportunities with younger guys was going to close so I'm glad he let me do it. My boyfriend was dating a younger woman, only 20, before me and I was jealous of her cause she was smoking hot. When I did my boyfriends friend during a brief break I asked him about my boyfriends ex and he confirmed he had been with her along with 4 of my boyfriends other girlfriends.

  • I don’t think your window closes for a long time.....tons of guys out there with cougar fantasies. 😉 how old are you now?

  • So true I'm now 53 and still get hit on by 30 and 40 year old guys. About 7 months ago a guy in his 20's kept popping in and trying to get me to sleep with him. I do take care of myself 😉. Every year or so I'll try out one.

  • Gotcha....what keeps you from doing it more often? Are you married now? I remember having that fantasy when I was younger.😉

  • I don't have more affairs because some of the guys that hit on me do not stimulate me mentally plus I'm married again now. My boyfriend got killed in a head on motorcycle accident. I ended up not seeing anyone for a couple years then met my now husband he is a good provider and ok in bed but not as adventurous as my boyfriend was. I've seen his friend a few times over the years but his wife started suspecting we had something going on so we stopped it for years until a few weeks ago when I bumped into him at the store. We made arrangements and met up for a day.

  • I you’re attracted to the intelligence and sophistication of a guy? Sorry to hear about your bf, that is so sad. How old is your hubby now and also his friend.....I gotta at least know that 😉

  • My husband is 47 his friend is 48. Most guys think I'm in my mid forties. I'm alright with an older guy if I found one that is in shape and can get it up. Just doesn't happen. Honestly I don't have many affairs anymore. I wouldnt mind a thirty something stud.

  • For a one time occasion or ongoing?

  • Watching the wife with another man was very difficult for me to watch. She was with her ex so he knew how to press her buttons and get her going. She came several times and very loudly.
    My wife on the other hand loved watching me screw another woman, she said it turned her on . She is not jealous or insecure like me.

  • My husband and I have had both, another girl and another guy. The times with the other girl I was jealous all the time! I didn’t like seeing him get oral or him going into her and liking it. It makes me jealous just now typing it. When the other girl said “put it in my ass” I said no! I knew he would love that and I just couldn’t. With another guy there was always a dick for me to have to do something! I just sucked whoever put it by my face and really couldn’t concentrate on pleasure for myself. It was all grabbing me and shoving it into me which was exciting but too much to enjoy. When the girl went down on me and I sucked my husband, that was my favorite. But, when I went down on the girl and she sucked my husband I felt so stupid.

  • Gotcha, makes it hard for sure. So who usually finishes off your hubby in the 2 girl scenarios? Do you get jealous if the girl makes out with him as well?

  • I don’t get jealous if he kisses another girl so much as I do if he is sexually enjoying her. It’s weird. I let him cum with the other girl a couple times but he usually starts with me and finishes with me, which I prefer!

  • I’m guessing you’re jealousy turns him on....especially if you are more aggressive than before once you get it back. Does your hubby get jealous when there’s a second guy?

  • Multiple partners either way with someone new is always hard, someone is going to be jealous of someone. I try to keep an open mind but the older I get the less I want a younger woman involved but lets face it men do not want another out of shape saggy boobed woman to have sex with they want a younger firmer one. The last threesome we had was with another woman, twenty years younger than me, I did enjoy it immensely because I like to go down on a woman now and then but I also noticed my husband smiling a lot when her clothes came off. No stretch marks, really nice firm boobs with a round bottom, still firm also. I will admit I was a little jealous but I tried not to let it interfere with the pleasure.

  • So which made you more jealous, her having your husbands mouth or penis?

  • Gotcha, How old was the last girl and did you know her? How did you guys invite/choose her?

  • Have only had mfm 3somes because I don’t see the point otherwise. I don’t like eating pussy and it’s not a big thing I like having done to me, so why invite another set of three holes when there’s only one man?

  • If you are jealous/insecure you shouldn't do it. My husband and I have done sharing with others a few times, but only three times over the course of an 8 year marriage. We're not swingers. You just let it go and realize that it is a different type of sex, for different reasons, than you have in a committed relationship with your loving spouse.

  • I have been in a few threesomes and moresomes over the years. I love giving oral to the woman during these because I am a closet lesbian, I love my own scent and how I taste, I have licked my fingers numerous times during and after masturbating. I have never felt insecure during these because I have so much fun with the woman that I do not care what my husband is doing with her as long as I get to go down on her.

  • Have you been the only woman in threesome/moresomes? If so, how do they compare for you?

  • Definitely makes me more insecure when the other has his penis. And I love it

  • how do you react when she has his penis?

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