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When I have my annual physical my doctor always asks me if I am sexually active. When I say yes he asks me if there is anyone besides my wife and I tell him no. However last year I told him that while I only have sex with my wife, she has sex with me and several boyfriends. Then he asked if she used protection with the other men, I told him that she did not since I liked having sloppy seconds with her after she had sex with a boyfriend.
My doctor's eyes were wide open after I said that and he didn't say anything for a while before he said that my wife should be using protection since she might catch something.
My wife never had a boyfriend before then besides me and I told this made up story to my doctor just to get a reaction from him. When my wife had her physical last week, the same doctor asked her if she was sexually active and if there was anyone besides her husband. When she said that she was sexually active but only with her husband, the doctor told her that I had told him that she had several boyfriends. When my wife got home she asked me if I really thought that she had boyfriends. I told her that I didn't but would like her to. She was concerned that I also wanted to have girlfriends but I told her that I didn't but really wanted her to enjoy having sex with other men.
So during the week she contacted a guy that she used to work with that always said if she ever wanted to he was very willing. Last night she went out to dinner with him and then went to his house. My wife told me that after a couple of glasses of wine they went up to the bedroom and my wife had sex with only the second guy to be between her legs. When he dropped her off, I watched as he walked her to the front door and then kissed her. As soon as she was in the house I kissed her and carried her to our bedroom and undressed her and laid her on our bed. She told me that she had been bad and asked if I wanted to punish her. I told her that what I wanted was to have sex with her. As I was getting on top of her she pushed the top of my head down and told me to lick his cum out of her. She said that her boyfriend told her that I would want to do it. I licked as much of his cum out of her as I could and then I added my cum to his inside her. She asked what I thought about her now that she had twice the number of sexual partners that I had. We both had been virgins when we started dating and had only had sex with each other. I told her that I was very happy that she had sex with someone else and wanted her to have many more boyfriends. She asked how many. I said how many do you want. She told me that about one new boyfriend a month seemed about right if that was okay with me. I told her that I loved her and said that twelve or more guys having sex with her a year would be great!

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  • Another pile of shit story as doctors don't ask those questions nor share info among patients. Why don't you do something more in your age range like open a lemonade stand ?

  • Es toro caca, pendejo !

  • Too long

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