Breaking Karen in

Well it wasn't actually Cheating Karen and I had been married 4 years and we have two children Linda Our 1 1/2 year old and Michael out 11 month old son and Donald a friend of mine after his divorce started hanging around with us and he would go shopping with us and he and Karen would teasingly flirt and kid around and I got a kick out of watching them when we got to the fresh vegetables area he would say OMG Karen here we are again and you know that Vegetable's make me so horny and she would tease right back with the three of us laughing as they had fun but after awhile I started wondering what it would be like to see them actually do it and I started mentioning it to Karen but she would laughingly sluff it off calling me a pervert and strangely enough I was not in the least bit Jealous I actually waned to see them in action.
He was over several times a week and sometimes he would sleep over in our extra bedroom and I am sure that he had seen her almost nude in the mornings when she was half asleep making coffee for us wearing her Robe.
( She always sleeps in the nude ) and her Robe was loose so at least he would get a shot of her breasts when she would bend over to put his coffee in front of him.
Once he had came over to help me put the heads back n my 1950 ford flathead and he and I had popped a couple tops off a few brews as we worked and it was getting late so we washed up when Karen called us for dinner and afterwards we watched the news and I helped her clean up the table .
The kids were put to bed and Karen has a glass of wine as we talked and sex was always brought up and Karen was always trying to hook him up with a friend of hers but he would laugh and tell her he was waiting for her to dump me so they could run off and have wild sex.
Well we lost our Cable so I got out the cards and we played some poker and Karen was getting a little loosened up now and having fun and I watched them flirt then when she went into the kitchen for a fresh glass of wine I asked what do you think of Karen and ly said oh fuck man she is a doll you lucky bastard and I knew that she would be back in soon so I asked want to fuck her and He looked at me sideways for a long moment and asked for real???? And I said ugh for real and he said I would give my left nut to fuck her man and I said wait for awhile let me do something and when Karen came back in a smile on her face I said hey I am tired of this shit want to watch some porn and he said sure so I put one on and Karen said OMG if you guys are going to watch this shit I wall Clean out the Refrigerator and she left I said hey pull out your cock and we can be jacking off when she comes back in .
( now Donald is a mixed raced a black father and a Italian Mother and his skin is not really dark and his features are more like a white person and he has almost no body hair he is well over 6 foot tall and I had seen his cock before but it was always soft as we showered after sports and it was bigger than mine but not to big maybe in the 9 inch range) We started talking s we slowly stroked our cocks and his cock filled out pretty quick his cock uncut and his foreskin slid back and h over his cock head as we talked and we had spit in out hands to lube down our shafts and ck head and when Karen came back in she saw us and he eyes went wide she said OMG laughing what the fuck are you guys doing still laughing and I patted the couch beside me and she said OH NO I know what you want but she stood there watching us her eyes locked on his larger cock and I saw her lick her lips as his foreskin slid back and forth over his cock head I patted the couch again and she stood there for a second then she came over and stood in front of us looking back and forth at our cocks until I reached out and took her hand and pulled her down between us and I could see that her nipples were erect si I took her hand and laced it on my cock and started to Jack of using her hand then Donald took her other hand and she froze up for a second then she relaxed nd let him place her hand on his cock and he started to use her hand to jack off with and she was breathing and asked in a hoarse voice now what?? She was watching his cocky with her fingers wrapped around it and I said kiss it baby just kiss it and she moved like she was aseppt until his cock head was in her face and her tongue flicked out and she tasted his cock head then a bubble of his pre cum formed on his piss slit and she let me push her mouth back down and her tongue flicked out again and it was gone I said suck it baby suck it and she moaned and I forced her mouth open and her bright red lips sucked the head of his cock into her mouth then I pushed harder and more of his cock disappeared and he took the back of her head and began to masturbate with her mouth I stood so I could watch at a better angle and his cock shaft was now slick with her saliva and Donald groaned god that id great forcing more of his cock into her mouth and he started to move faster I could hear my wife sucking and she was breathing noisily through her nose as Donald moved her mouth up and down faster and faster until he went UGNNN FUCK and he forced her lips into his pubic hair and she gagged an started to struggle but he held her there as his cock erupted and he emptied his balls in her throat and poor Karen was swallowing as fast as she could but his cum was still escaping around his cock shaft into his pubic hair my god he must have-not been laid for awhile he shot one hell of a load then his body began to jerk uncontrollably and he grunted like a pig for long moments then he began to relax and he let go of Karen but she was still sucking on his cock until he pushed her awaysayng its to sensitive hon its to sensitive and Karen finally sat back breathing harshly and said fuck Donald you could have at least warned me that you were going to cum.
She stroked his cock and then looked at me and said I want him to stay over and I just nodded my head and in less than an our I was watching them fuck.


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  • Karen should be broken as she is inside and doesn't know it. karen the naysayer and gainsayer. fabrications for milk money. one day she is going to find it all isn't so perfect and easy to keep and have. much should fall away from her for being a terrible mother.

  • I have fantasized about my wife doing that for me.

  • My wife's interest in a large cock was my downfall. I worked with a guy who's well endowed and made sure everyone knew it and I guess it was my fault that I introduced him to my wife. I'd told her about his being well endowed and whenever he was over she'd flirt like a schoolgirl with him. He'd told me that he had a thing for short skirts and ruffle butt panties and I shared that with my wife. Soon she had an assortment of the little delicacies and made sure he could see them. After an evening of drinking I pretended to be asleep and he was all over my cuties tight little pussy wrapped in ruffles. She squealed like a virgin schoolgirl taking her first cock as she wiggled beneath him. She came to bed with sloppy panties full of their cum!

  • The cat is out of the bag now and you can never go back You heard her, she wants him to stay the night, I suspect he will be back for seconds and thirds and so on. You are now a second class citizen in you relationship with your wife, she has decided to have your friend and there is nothing you can do about it. If you protest she will go behind your back and fuck this guy, if you say yes, she will have you sleeping in the basement and you will be lucky to see her for breakfast. I think you will live to regret your decision.

  • You're making it sound really good!

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