Happened when growing up

Who can remember something happened to them when to them when they were younger,
And did it effect you?
When i was younger i mean this happened over 30 years ago. I was at my friends Davids birthday party. There was probably 10 of us there.
We were playing outside and i fell in a mud puddle.
I was a mess everyone else stayed out side and played and Davids mom took me inside to get cleaned up. She had me get undressed and get in shower.
She put my clothes in wash. When i got out of shower she insisted on drying me off. I was embarrassed so she closed the bathroom door and shut lights off so it was dark.
She had me lay down on floor I couldn’t see nothing. At time I didn’t know what she did. But i never forgot. She told me to lay still and she was sucked me. Then i felt her straddling me and i had no clue at time but
She was breathing hard and grinding into me.
I started to say something and she shhh me.
When she was done she got up and turned lights on.
I remember seeing her legs and she had a shirt on. She helped me up and washed my dick again saying I missed some mudd.
I watched her put her panties on and shorts. She had her back to me but i can remember seeing her butt when she slipped them on.
Since it was dark i had no clue that she had molested/fucked me.
Was not till i was older I realized what she must of done.
Never really effected me except when i would see her years later i would remember.

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  • Years later, You should aggressively go after her pussy. She has no moral defense. She wanted our cock back then. Her hormones must’ve been through the roof! Let your hormones fly and pop a nut deep inside of her. She’ll take it willingly. You kept your mouth shut all that time and now it’s her turn to keep hers shut. Your in, dude. I’m jealous. Go get that pussy. You’ve earned it!

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