While you were sleeping

In college a female friend came from another city to stay in my dorm room. She insisted we were just friends, but wanted to sleep next to me in bed while not doing anything sexual. I was so horny that night that while she was sleeping I stuck my hand up her shirt and felt up her tits. She didn't wake up but did moan one time while saying the name of her ex boyfriend. She has no idea I felt her up.

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  • Fun..I took a former business associate for a common medical procedure one afternoon, and she wasn't able to drive home from my house afterwards. She laid down on my guest bedroom bed, and, crossing the line from friend to sort of..Take care of me, possibly affected by the pain meds, asked me to lay beside her until she fell asleep.

    That didn't take long, and, as I'm still a guy and did find her attractive, felt her body a bit outside her clothes, then, since she didn't move much, went inside her shirt and had fun with her amazing tits. Her jeans were a little snug for me to either go into or unsnap without her waking up, so I kept my ass and crotch feeling of her above-clothing. Did get in a few good ones, though. And had at her tits for about an hour. She never knew a thing.

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