How I have grown

Like most men, my husband has told me that he fantasized watching me having sex with another man. Not just another man, he’s been very specific that my partner would be an extremely well-endowed as the sight of my pussy being stretched and accommodating a long penis turns him on.

I’ve humored him by listening to this. I told him my reservations, that why I thought I could have sex with another man could be erotic, preforming in front of him would be out of questions as it would make me feel uncomfortable to be able to enjoy.

Well due to a medical condition, we haven’t had sex for 2 years. I thought that I’d be able to adapt, but I have a fella I work with that that was flirting with me like crazy. So I asked hubby if he was still interested in having his fantasy fulfilled. He readily agreed, but told him that I’d have to do this at my pace.

It was easy to arrange the sex with my coworker, He is much younger, inexperienced but enthusiastic and a quick learner. He isn’t hung like a horse, big enough, bigger than hubby and most importantly he can get an erection. In fact his erection point up and that turns me on.

I been having sex with him for about 2 months before I brought him home. I had my husband hide in the closet and fucked him in our bed. Now all of this was making me feel empowered and dominate. So after my lover left I had hubby “clean up”. Didn’t know if would, surprised but again turned on that he did.

Now Hubby wanted watch from a closer position, my lover knew I was married, I talked to him about hubby watching, after a while and I had to threaten to end having sex with him, he agreed. Now having 2 men obey me really boosted my ego.

Okay, the first time hubby is in the room, sitting in a chair being quiet, my lover is having problem getting an erection. I’m pissed, I’ve played with his cock, sucked it and the balls too. Hubby sits in the chair with this idiotic look on his face that just increases my frustration. So I yell at him, I was gonna say get out of the room, instead come over her if you think you can do it better, so like a puppy he comes over and starts sucking my lovers cock. Lover gets an erection, I am freaking, is hubby queer but seeing him obey me is so erotic. I push him out of the way ride my lover, have several gushing orgasms, then have hubby perform oral sex on both of us.

Now every two weeks we play. I am really enjoying this.


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  • Did it turn you on to see your husband take your lovers cock in his mouth?

  • I am dying to know a woman's thoughts about the first time she sees a cock in her husband's mouth.

  • I will gladly come and fulfill all your husbands needs. Yep I will fuck and stretch you all out of whack for his pleasure. Oh baby you will want my thick black cocks all the times. I loves to plow a nice juicy white cunt while her no dick little cuck hubby watches us. My sexy round plump black ass pumping monster black cock into your little soft pink pussy. Then when I fill you full of me black jis and he looks at your stretched open cum filled snatch he will squirt his tiny pathetic white jis on his sox.

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