In love with a girl half my age

I want a girl less than half my age. She just turned eighteen and I'm 40. I used to help her with her math when she was around 13 or 14. I just saw her again for the first time in years at her graduation party. We both live in Ohio but she lives a little distance away and I don't get to see her much. When she was younger I think she used to have one of those puppy love crushes on me. Now I want her. She's one of my best friend's step daughter. I know if the opportunity presented itself I would certainly take it. I think about her all the time. It's much more than sexual in nature.

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  • Whores turn me on. Once while I was driving I spotted this older woman who was a prostitute walking down the street. She had to be around 65 years old. She had a big ass and wore a mini skirt and had on high heels. My dick got hard instantly. I had to pull over and see if I could buy some pussy. She told me I was too young and she didn't fuck with guys in their twenties (I was about 24 at the time) I kept asking and asking until she finally agreed. We went to a motel room she had and we both got undressed. As I started fucking her I realized she had some very soft pussy. I pushed my hard dick in even further and it felt even better. I started fucking her really hard and that old babe could really fuck. We made mad passionate love for a really long time. I came several times. She wore me out. She had some really good pussy. I asked her for her number because I knew I wanted to fuck her again. But she told me she had an old man and he was her pimp. I think about her all the time I would really love to fuck her on a regular basis. I would even make her my girlfriend.

  • Bring it up to her ;)

  • I was 50 and she was a 25 year old stripper. We had great sex. She even used a strap on with me. She was bi and sometimes bring another girl over for us to play with

  • I'm n the same situation. I'm 29 and I am in love with a lady who is 38. I work with her and she's on my mind all day

  • I just turned 19, and I pretty much exclusively fuck older men. If they aren't in their thirties and up I have little interest. The current one I'm seeing is 49, and he fucks me relentlessly. I'll be wore out before him most of the time and he'll just say " I'm not done with you yet baby girl. " and go back to using me. It is amazing.

  • I'm a girl, currently 22, and I prefer men much older than me.

  • I'm 64 and would love having a girl like yourself. How would you feel about me wearing all sorts af silky lingerie? I love wearing women's underwear.

  • Yea, I'd be stretching her tiny holes good.

  • I have had the hots for many an older man, I'll be 28 in January. My most recent was a married 50 year old music therapist. He was so fucking good in bed to. Made me cum so much. I had a crush in him puppy dog style for 3 years and I continuly thought of going to his office to have him bend me over and fuck me good. I'm not even sure how it happened but I guess I picked up on him sharing his fantasies. He was very good in bed and had quite a large penis in fact it hurt quite a bit when he'd first enter me till my pussy got more wet as he pushed in deeper. I deffinilty have daddy issues but I do love when an older man wants me and I have fantasies about teachers I've had and older men that have been randomly in my life and wanting them BAD! This just made me so hot reading it. I hope you get to feel her tightness around you wish it was me!

  • I’m 61 and I’m good shape. I love younger hot women.

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