Caught naked in front of my son

This happened when I was 35 y/o.

I happened to finish one of my long baths and got out, pulled the plug and grabbed the bath towel with my hand and reached for the door.

At the time I always walked to my bedroom without covering myself as the kids were always in bed and thus had nothing to worry about.

Anyway on this one night unknown to me, my eldest son (14 y/o) had awoken and walked towards the bathroom unawares I was in there to go to the toilet and as the landing light was on didn't see the light from the bathroom.

Completely oblivious to who was there less than six feet away from the door I just swung the door right open, with my head turned away so I could pull the chord to switch the light off and walked out straight in front of my son!

It was only a second before I realized I was fully exposing myself to him as I turned around but it was enough as he saw everything.

My stomach jumped and rolled as I let out a "Ohhhh!!!" and quickly tried desperately to cover myself up and dropped my towel as I scrambled to do so!

Apologizing to my son, thinking I'd mentally damaged him I put my hand in front of my crotch and arms over my breasts, all the while my son (who had unsurprisingly woken fully up) stared straight at me like the cat that had got the cream.

I then managed to squat down and retrieve the bath towel and then while still squatting wrap it around me. I then apologized again to my son and went to my bedroom to dry off absolutely mortified about what happened, knowing full well my eldest had now seen me how only their dad saw me.

After I dried off and got dressed I went into my eldest room and explained to him that he hadn't done anything wrong and it was my fault for going around like that.

Even today I cringe at what happened.

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  • If I saw my pretty mom naked I would want to fuck her

  • Perhaps you should try?

  • I didn't see my mom nude many times, but I saw her breasts quite often. They looked perfect with hard nipples poking out. When I was in my teens I'd jackoff just thinking of them sometimes.

  • I think most sons have fantasized about mothers lol

  • I've seen my mum naked loads so don't worry about it

  • I bet the image of you naked was burnt into your son's mind forever!

  • He may have even thought of you when he started masturbating. Especially your breasts.

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