My grandpa had alzheimers
My mom and grandma went out one day and left me to watch him.
I was 18 a senior in High School.
Grandpa did know people but would come out every once in awhile.
He was walking around I living and said grandpa why don’t you set down.
He said i dont want to Beth.
Beth is my grandma name so I figured i wouldn’t argue who i was I said
Mike set down. He looked at me and said Beth you look so pretty today.
I blush and say ah thank you honey.
Kinda enjoying playing grandma.
He said come here so i get up and go to him.
Im just in my shorts and t shirt its still early in morning.
Grandpa just had on his boxers.
He huged me and I hugged him back. He was squeezing me hard and i started to pull away and he let go.
He said come here i want to show you something.
I followed him to his room and he shut the door
I stiil didn’t think i was in danger but then he pulled down his shorts exposing himself to me.
I seen grandpa in bath several times since he lost his mind so this was no shock.
But he took my hand and pulled it to it.
I said stop it grandpa.
Beth you never do anything.
So I changed and said Mike i would love to but the kids will here thinking that would do it.
He said the door is locked and next thing i know my hand is on him and hes trying to get me to stroke him he leans in and puts his other arm around me and his shorts fall on down I don’t say anything just try and pull away but fall back on bed. He falls on me i roll to my side trying to get out from under him then try pulling my self up i grab head board and start to drag my self out from under his weight he raises up and i am out but my shorts had slide down part way and he pulls them to my ankles i roll over to get up off edge but his arm comes around me and he is kissing my hip i roll back on my back he not fat but enough weight I struggled with him.
I say grandpa what are you doing?
He looked up and said Beth lets make love.
I froze and he had enough time to be up in my. Face kissing my check and neck..
I try to get out from under again doing so my legs spread as i was using my one leg to try and push sideways.
I know this sounds so stupid but it’s almost exactly how it happened .
I turning my head as he was trying to kiss me
I felt his dick was hard. Now im scared i try to get up again losing strength and raise my legs trying to buck him off me. As soon as i bent my knees I realize i made a mistake and he pulled his knees up spread between me lefs and i feel his tip going in.
I remember saying as i was running out of strength or just in shock please don’t.
And he slipped into me.
I just lay there in shock as grandpa pumped into me. I was a virgin no im not ugly but just never had a bf. I’m not a cheerleader i weigh 140.
I start crying as grandpa pumps into me
He didn’t hurt me. But i was just helpless.
I grunted a few times and came.
Grandpa rolled off me and i went and got dressed.
He was not so i had to get hime to get his boxers back on.
I did not want mom and grandma coming home to explain that.
Thinking i took a washcloth and cleaned him off.
Not wanting anyone to know.
I had no time to think about it i was more panicked about people finding out.
Grandpa didn’t know any better.
I was more embarrassed than anything.
No way would i let mom know.
And grandma feels bad enough about his condition.
I got him clean off and his boxers on.
Looking At it now i am glad I didn’t say anything.
I’m sharing it on here to get it off my chest.
I watched him again after that once so far but was careful and corrected him when he called me Beth.
Yes i shared it under naughty because grandpa was naughty.
Even though i know he thought i was grandma.
Every time i play with myself now i have trouble because grandpa always come in my mind.

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  • Hope you took the Plan B Morning After Pill. 18 you're fertile as fuck.

  • I made my friends grandfather really happy. We would come home from school and whenever it was just him and I in the living room I would let him touch me.

  • Maybe you could pretend to be grandma once in a while.

  • Guess she already was

  • My grandma has Alzheimer's and my family takes care of her. I usually put her to bed in just a nightgown. I go into her bedroom later and push it up above her tits. She thinks it's my dead grandpa fucking her. I always wear a condom so there is no trace.

  • It's good you wear a condom in case your grandma croaks someday when you're fucking her. It would be mighty embarrassing for your semen to be found in her pussy.

  • Fuck him again

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