Mom cheating

I caught my mom with my grandpa and figured found out they have veen having an affair for years.
Grandpa was akways icer when dad was at work for years.
I use to love hanging with him.
I guess i was too young to realize what was going on.
My dads father was a big guy 6 foot 4 and heavy built . I can remember him always over but until i got older I didn’t realize how much ge was over when dad was at work.
I can remember back i would get up on Monday morning and he would ve in kitchen would bf e sitting with mom drinking coffee.
Mom was a petite lady short so she always wore dads t shirts around house.
One day i can remember he was hugging mom and i ran over and joibed them. I bever thought noo of tge many times they went in bathroom together or bedroom,
One time I remember looking back i did catch them earlier i went down to basement to find mom. I didn’t know he was here . I heard mom moaning and when i walked in grandpa had his pants off mom said he spilled coffee and she had to wash them i left but i think I remember mom was covering herself with his pants she was naked.
Dad never expected a thing.
I got suspicious when i got older something just didn’t seem right.
So ine morning i snuck down after dad left for work grandpa was going into bedroom . O go over and listen and xan here the bed squeaks
I can’t see but I could hear what it was.
I open door alittle and mom was on him riding I watched her butt back to me thrusting on him
Best i xan tell they always have been having this affair.
I watched till mom climaxed and hurried back to my room.

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  • Nice 😉

  • At least it isn't her father.

    Enough with the bloody incest posts.

  • Well incest happens alot

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