Family Confessions

Best dad ever

I have the best relationship with my dad. Since 8 yrs old, I'm 19 now, my dad has taught me everything . I love his touch, being able to make him hard, cuddling with him at night and just making him happy. I appreciate him more than he would ever know. I hope more fathers take care of their daughters like my dad does me. It's the best thing ever!

Very Dark Secret

Would anybody like to tell about there darkest secret they never have told anybody about something really naughty that you should really take to the grave, we all have what is called a skeleton in the cupboard, something you are ashamed of, something you have never told anybody about or a special memory, no matter how shocking it is

Am I a Milf

My son and his buddies always try to pull my top off on our boat. I've flashed them before. Am I a Milf? I have pics if anyone wants to see, just give me email to send to.

Gave a BJ to my son as part of a lesson

When my son turned 13 I had 'the sex conversation' with him, being a single mother he didnt have a father figure to answer all his questions so I knew it had to be me. I also imagined that at 13 he probably already knew what sex was, I went more into the dirty stuff, things he was going to start finding out at parties, things like oral sex, anal... [more]

Daddy's sperm

When I was young I would find my dad's used condoms in the bathroom trash after my parents had sex. I would take them to my bedroom and I would use dad's sperm to masturbate with and just as I was having an orgasm I would swallow the rest of dad's sperm. I guess that's how I developed a taste for sperm

Busty daughter

Keep masterbating over my daughter she is 23 and boy did she develop huge tits. She's been going to the gym she has lost weight toned her ass but her tits remain huge and very appealing. Love looking at her tits you can't hide them so big. Never cum so hard imaging her fucked like her mom.


Have you ever had sex with a family member? Or have you wanted to?

Daddies girl

Six years ago my mom was in a auto accident and died because of it 4 days later in the hospital and I was 13 at the time and today I can remember all the turmoil dad went thru.
About a year after the funeral it was a stormy night and I got scared and I went and crawled into bed with dad he didn't wake up so I snuggled back against him and in a... [more]

Teasing step daughter

Over the last four or five months my step daughter, who's just turned 19 has been flashing me her breasts and ocassionally when her moms not home, her pussy as she sits opposite me. She's always been a very advanced young lady and I'm sure her boyfriend at the time, took her virginity at the age of 15. Lately though even if her mom is present... [more]

Should I let my dad touch me?

My dad has always tried to touch me. It turns me on so much and I really want him to fuck me. The problem is, I'm 13. I've watched my dad watch father daughter porn and I want to suck he's cock so bad. He moans my name when he jerks off and I get super wet. Do you think I should have sex with him?

My kids and their wierd game...

My kids have been playing a wierd game with one another for some time, now. I have a 16-year-old son and a 14-year old daughter. I'm a single-parent, their dad and I divorced long ago. Anyway, my son is a football player (he's a quarterback, I'm so proud). But my kids have this wierd game they have been playing with one another and I've been a... [more]

Pregnant mom son story

I was just 10, my mom was 30, it was '70, my dad had just been on a 4 months long business vacation.
i was in my tighty whities when i was getting ready for bed, then when my mom had come to hug me good night, she'd had a surprise for me, she thought she wanted to wait a few more weeks, because my dad's vacation had just gotten started early that... [more]

While separated from hubby I had something with my father in law

About 2 years ago my husband I separated for almost 7 months, we even considered getting divorced at the time but thankfully after those months we got together, we talked and we decided to get back together again.
During those 7 months one evening his father came to the house to talk to me. He was concerned about what happened and just wanted... [more]

Is it ok to go braless at home?

I need help and support on this one so i have turned to the internet. Is it ok to not wear a bra at home?
Ever since i got boobs and started wearing a bra i liked to go without for a bit, but my mom wasn't happy.
Lately she has insisted i wear one as it is distracting to my dad and brother, but this is why i object.
Firstly if it 'distracts... [more]

Should I take it off?

I've been fucking my mother for the past month or so. She always has me wear a condom when we fuck, but I soooooo want to feel moms wet pussy on my bare cock. She had her tubes tied years ago and can't get pregnant. I have never fucked anyone but my mom, and she hasn't fucked anyone but my dad for the past twenty years, and he left her two years... [more]

Drunk mom

My parents divorced when I was a teenager and my mother quickly became a pass out cold drunk and I would find her passed out half undressed or completely nude. I would take pictures of her naked and I would feel her up by touching her boobs and fingering her. I would suck on her nipples while fingering her and about a year later I was able to have... [more]

Is Incest On the Rise

Is incest on the increase more than ever, I read a lot of confessions a lot are incestuous, I know four of my friends have had a brother sister sexual relationship, plus my self with my sister and brother, and my aunt, ? Should incest become legal in the UK?

Love my panties and bra's

I notice a few posts here where straight males like getting dressed with female wear, I think it is more prominent than most would think, with my wifes approval I have been wearing sexy female panties virtually all the time, at home I put on matching bras and also wear nighties have been doing it for about 5 years it feels so sexy and natural to... [more]

Daughter Sitting With her Dad

Its a question about what I saw, I am married and have a 17 year old well developed daughter she is very good looking and has all the bulges in the right places, she didn't get her looks from me, she started to be daddy's girl at 15 she is always smiling at her dad, she wears short dresses she liked to show her legs off, in the street boys comment... [more]

Trying to keep it together

My step daughter is bi sexual , she has been for along time. I married her mother 4 year's ago when she was 14. For the last couple years I have been spying on her when she has her girlfriends stay the night. Before I accidentally witnessed her in the 69 position with another girl I honestly never thought of young girls. I am disgusted in my self... [more]

Husband Suggestions

Its a Question
We have been marries about six months we have a brilliant sex relationship, we like talking dirty to each other suggesting crude and filthy things to do,
my husband keeps repeatedly saying me to go and wank the dog I don't know if he joking or serious,
We have a dog a big one its always horny with its nob sticking out, I admit... [more]

Let them watch

Ok so me and wife wher haveing sex when i look over and my 14 and 11 yr daughters wher watching what should i do


My grand daughter is starting gymnastics soon but is not sure what to expect about underwear under her leotard wear or not wear some female do some don't.

Daddy daughter sex phase

It's a natural phase some daughter and daddy go thru and shouldn't be interrupted by anyone. Females are very intimate by nature and like myself adore my father. The natural sexual desire and phase society tries to break is the real sin. Your to clingy with daddy don't hang all over him don't touch him there. This natural desire for a girl to be... [more]

I fantasize about my dad

(25, AA Female 5'5 100 pounds for the curious?)
Okay this is really embarrassing, but when I get super horny I watch father/daughter porn. I have neverr been abused or anything by my dad, and we had a very bad relationship. I don't like him at all. But sometimes I wonder if he was attracted to me. He gave me a spanking once (with a belt) when I... [more]

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