Grandpa part 2

This continued from my post last week
About my grandpa has alzheimer’s
It’s like this thinking about it and after writing it down and sharing i find that i like telling people about it anonymously.
the next day we were all home and Grandpa called me Beth again.
Grandma laughed and said to me he thinks you are me because your hair us up in ponytail like i use to and your glasses. You look alot like me when we got married.
So it was early i went and got dressed and put my contacts in. I didn’t need Grandpa coming on to me upsetting everyone. It’s hard enough on them as it is. But this got my mind racing.
Thats why the other day he thought us was grandma. The more I thought the more I played with the idea of experimenting with it.
Now about me. I am 18 and like I said no BF
Have not had any. I am 5’ 2” and 135 pounds
Yes I’m alittle fat. The girls at school make fun if me I am not popular more of a nerd. in gym they make comments of my tits because they are small and shaped like snow cone cups.
Pointed. Most my fantasies because thats all i have are with guys in class. But lately after grandpa last week i been looking at older men.
No not grandpa age but closer to my dads age.

I know it sounds cruel experimenting but from what i know what would it hurt? So i was real careful not to wear my glasses or have hair up around him
On Thursday grandma had a Dr. appointment and mom was going to take her. Naturally I am going to stay home with grandpa.
They usually are gone about four hours for these. After Dr they go out to eat and do some shopping.
When they leave grandpa is setting in rocking chair they just gave him a shower. I go upstairs and watch them pull out and go down road. I put my hair up in a ponytail quickly my hands were shaking. Just put my robe on Nothing else Put my glasses on and go back downstairs. walk in and set down across from grandpa. He don’t pay any attention to me like normal, so i say grandpa what do you want to do today? No response.
So I get up and go to him grandpa i say.
Nothing. So then I say Mike what do you want do today?
He looks up at me and says what ever you want
Still not the grandpa from the other day. So I say Mike cone with me I take his hand and lead him to his room. When we get in there I shut the door, Realizing to myself i was extremely excited. I undid his robe and pulled his boxers down having him set on edge of bed.
I never did this before inly saw vids but i got on my knees and took him in my mouth. He was soft at first and slowly i felt it grow in my mouth
And I heard him say of Beth i suck alittle more then stand up and take my robe off.
I was horny as all and he pulled me in and sucked on my tit.
I could feel his dick against my belly as he held me tight. I had ti pull away and basically tell him what to do. I get on bed and he laid beside me he didn’t understand what I wanted.
He was getting soft so i set up and sucked on him some more.
He was hard again sticking straight up like a flag pole so I straddle him and lower myself down. I could feel the heat off him his dick felt like it was on fire in me. I am having to control my breathing as I start rocking ontop of him.
I climax almost immediately. My body jerking
as I go ever edge, I gain my breath and feel him
Throbbing in me fitting inside me like a tight glove. I start riding up and down his length.
My pussy gripping him and releasing as i sink back down.
I feel another one building in me, my entire body tightening up and making me go stiff
as it hits me like a shock if electricity. I Jerk a spasm in him. It felt like it was not going to end
And his dick was getting bigger. My body locked
My eyes closed and i set all my weight on him holding him as deep in me as possible. I feel him jerk and felt him released in me like a garden hose turned on. He moaned grandma’s name and i felt him soften in me as my muscles relax i fall forward onto his chest.
Im still horny but sucking on him he was done.
I take and get him dressed and he goes back to rocker
I go to bathroom to clean up. I can feel his cum on me in and running out.
I set on toilet to wipe. I never been this horny all my life. I put my hand down and feel his cum and my swollen lips. I rub it around and start masturbating like I always do his cum all over my hand. I thrust my fingers in and i lean back bucking my hips i came again. Feeling it push his cum around my fingers onto toilet seat.
Still horny i look in mirror my pussy i could see was all puffy and red. I go back out and set across from grandpa and play with myself
Again he just sat there and watched me.
I never had such a incredible O in my life.


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  • Grandpa,'s me, Heidi of the mountains

  • Too bad I don't know you, my wife says she'd like to have you join us in a threesome.

  • So annoying how you don't know the difference between set and sit.

  • My grandpa died of a heart attack last year. Now my grandma doesn't look 54 at all, maybe 40. A little heavier then my mom, but she has bigger tits. I'm getting close to fucking her.

  • This is so horny.

  • Hi wish my neice wanted to ride my cock like you ride grandpas she is a bit of a loner but I see a sexy body hidden away I'd love to make her into a woman. Great story xx

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