DP’d while boyfriend watches

A few years ago my boyfriend and I were watching porn, the woman was getting dp’d, and he told me he would love to watch me doing that! I told him the idea of him watching me fuck another guy was a turn but wasn’t sure about the dp, even though I like fucking my pussy with a dildo while Tom fucks my arse.
Since then I’ve thought about it a lot. The idea of being a complete slut in front of him, anyone for that matter, really turns me on. I thought it would never happen because I wanted it to be spontaneous and with guys we didn’t know. Well recently our fantasies came true!
We had rented a bareboat charter in the Whitsundays and yes we were mostly bare on the boat. On the second day the weather forecast was for a big storm in the afternoon and through the night so we decided to check in to a resort on a nearby island for the night.
We’d taken coke and ecstasy with us so decided to have an early dinner and go back to our room for a wild night of sex. Ecstasy makes me extremely horny and Tom can stay hard for hours so I/we were in for a great night, but what happened was beyond my wildest dreams. First we had sex on the beach then went back to our room for a shower.
As I came out of the bathroom I was drying my hair so didn’t notice there was a security guard at the door! When I did I thought “why not have some fun?” So I wrapped the towel around my head and walked to the door to find out what was going on?

Not wanting to sound vain, but I’m a 24 year old fitness trainer with a great body so you can imagine the look on the guys face!
What had happened was that as we checked in late in the day our room wasn’t on the occupied list so the guard was checking out what we were doing there.

As Tom explained our story the guard was really checking me out which was getting me really horny again. The guard radioed back to the office and I said to him “while we’re waiting for a reply why don’t I help you out with that?” He said “with what?” I reached for his belt and said “the big bulge in your pants”. Then I pulled out his cock, got down on my knees and started giving him a blow job. After a minute or so the guy he had radioed came back and said “everything was good, our story checked out”. I said “why don’t you ask your friend to join us?” Which he did.

I then got the guard on the bed and straddled him so I was facing the door.
If the look on the first guards face when he saw me naked turned me on you should have seen the look on the second guards face when he opened the door to see me with his mate’s cock in my pussy and me smiling straight back at him. I almost came instantly!
I told him to get undressed and join us. While the first guard fucked me i sucked the second guards cock. Tom was naked by now, jerking off and saying stuff like “you look gorgeous, but would look even better with a cock in your pussy and the other in your arse!”
I then switched the first guards cock from my pussy to my arse and had the second guard fuck my pussy. I was in heaven! Shortly after the first guard came in my arse then I rolled over onto all fours and had the second guy fuck me doggy in the arse. He didn’t last long at all.

They both left and I asked Tom to fuck my arse in the missionary position while I looked into his eye’s and told him how much I enjoyed being a slut while he watched and how much I was looking forward to a third load of cum in my bum!
Part two to follow!

Mar 12

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    • I think you and Tom should join my gf and I for some fun.

    • Love these confessions Alice, so super sexy! Wish I was sailing the Whitsundays while you both were on your adventures xxx

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