Family love

Before I start, I must reveal that I am 42-year-old woman, who all my life I have been in an incestuous relationship with my father and mother who were brother and sister. Incest is perfectly natural to me. To this day Daddy, Mom and I still continued sexually relations even after I got married (Ken, my husband travels on business 2 days a week so we have time to fuck). Both my parents told me, they did not own me sexually and encouraged me to date and if the guy was the right one to get married.

At 21, I met and married Ken. He is a fantastic lover and I believe a sex addict. He wants sex two times a day at least and he lasts for an hour every time. I also know he would get up in the middle of the night and jerk off several times as I would be exhausted from sex. Despite the strong loving marriage, my parents and I continued our family threesomes even after the wedding. I could not give up the incredible sex with them and the special love we shared. Truthfully, as good my husband is in bed nothing beats Daddy’s cock in me or Mom’s eating me to orgasm. I love when Daddy is fucking me doggie style as I eat Mom’s pussy and ass. Mom has squirting orgasms when I tongue fuck her ass.

That my back story.

But what I have to really confess, is that 3 years ago I found several diaries my daughter kept, and she had hidden. Stacy was only 16 at the time, but the first entry was on her 9th birthday and she wrote that she finally got her father to let her touch his dick and kiss it and how she was surprised how big it got in her mouth (Ken is over 8 inches and thick, My Daddy is 9 inches). She also let him cum on her as she jerked him off. She also wrote that know she understood why mom and grandpa and grandma loved kissing touching each other late at night. She described how that summer when we stayed at the Lake house (and my husband was on a 3-month business trip) she got up at night and watched us making love. My parents and I were having several hours of sex each night as Dad just wanted each other more than usual.

Stacy learned the about sex acts from watching us. It took me months to read all the older diaries. Within a month of starting Stacy swallowed cum and said it was delicious. But made a comment she didn’t understand why if Grandpa cam in my mouth or Grandma, we would kiss, sharing the Grandpa’s cum. That was something my father loved seeing us do, both mom and I loved the kinkiness of it.

By 10, Stacy and her father had started sex and her diaries are a full of sexual experimentation. She is actual a very kinky girl and into strange things. What is the kinkiest is Stacy jerking her father off with her feet and he masturbates her. Stacy always was strange about her feet, they are very pretty and at 8, she was wearing heels already, she wanted Ken to rub her feet with cream every night before bed without me around “To make them soft and pretty). More than once I would peek in and see her head back and eyes closed as he massaged be feet. She never wore underwear at night and her night gown was completely unbuttoned with her body completely exposed her hand was always at her pussy moving slowly. At night Ken was always in boxers and I could see his cock was rock hard every time I saw them.

To me my parents touching me was so normal. And the pleasure from their touch is still amazing. Every night when Stacy was asleep, Ken would pick me up throw me on the bed and fuck me brains out. I knew he was thinking of our daughter but I didn’t care as most night I though about Daddy fucking me.

Ken and I still make love 2 times a day. Stacy encouraged him to do so. She told him in her dairy, “How can you think of denying Mom your wonderful cock. If it wasn’t for Mom, I wouldn’t be here fucking you. She needs you as much as I do.”

So that my confession. I can never NOR would I ever say anything to my husband about what I know about the two of them. I know my daughter is receiving incredible sex and love from her father. It would devastate her to have it taken away from by me. I know I would be devastated for me if love making with my parents ended.

Also, she knows that I’m fucking my parents, and she has kept the secret. I will not risk that aspect of my sex life. We are all having incest to us it is normal.


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  • I spied my mom and my brother fucking one day. It jacked off watching. Then I wanted some pussy from mom also.

  • I'm sure you're time will come! You should speak to your mom about it

  • I fuck my mom like she is my girlfriend, but not my wife. I don't plan on marrying her. I do plan on fucking her for a long time, maybe until she dies.

  • Nothing wrong with family with benefits

  • My wife and I are brother and sister. It is not that uncommon for siblings to make love. Less common is living like husband and wife. We started 51 years ago at 14 and 16. To be honest is was very easy then to establish new identities and get married.

    We love each other so much and still have sex twice a day. Yes both our children a boy and girl figured we were siblings when they were teens. In their early 20's they became sexual with use.
    We all are bisexual and often have daisy chain oral. My son and 69 and swallow each others cum almost every day.

  • If your son is 69 how old are you dad?

  • What?

  • This is why brother and sister shouldn't procreate. They have retarded children.

  • Birth control should be used with family.

  • You are right about that, unless the two siblings are very attractive.

  • What's attractiveness got to do with it? Lol.

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