My Niece

I lived away from home for about 17 years, and during that time I've helped my wife's niece financially, more than my wife knew of.
My Niece has had a tough life, 2 kids out of wedlock, worked for sometime as a stripper to survive. Got busted for drugs years ago.
Since I've moved back home, I've also been giving her money now and then.
Over the years I have given her several thousand dollars.
I've been fantasizing about her for a long time, but more so lately.
I'm in my mid 60's, she's in her 40's.
I really want to discuss her finding a way to pay me back, with sex.
2 fantasies include getting a hotel room and showering with her as I fuck her from behind while I wash her hair.
The other is having her dress as a cheerleader and fucking her.
I don't think she gets any cock on a regular basis, and we could help each other out.

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  • If your niece is willing, it's a perfect way to pay her debt. I'd say she owes you a lot of sex for the several thousand dollars you've given her. I like both your fantasies. No reason you couldn't get a motel and fuck your niece dressed as a cheerleader, then take a shower and fuck her from behind while washing her hair.

  • Sounds like you better start a regimen of penicillin before tapping a former stripper, drug user because you are probably not the first guy she has given sex to for payback.

  • I’d start off slow and see how her interest is in paying you back in that way...the easier the request the more likely she’ll be up to doing it. For example, say for the first half of what she owes, maybe a massage with a happy ending! Easy enough, then you can get creative with more advised skills. Good luck and please keep us Naughtyposted.

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