Family Confessions

I fucked my sister in her sleep

I was 16 my sister was 13. She crawled in bed one dark stormy night. I was really horny from looking at our dad's penthouse and OUI porn mags. The images of soft naked pussies danced about my brain. I had no self control . She had rolled over and was spooning with me. I reached over to my night stand for my Keychain light. When I turned it on I... [more]

Me and my brother had sex

It was a normal winter day both of my parents where at work me and my older brother where home from school when I decided I was going to take a shower.2 hours later I got out and I saw my brother he came up to me and yanked off my towel he picked me and I din’t care I secretly wanted him to fuck me.He brought me to my room and placed me down on... [more]

Cousin andy best friends mother

My mom's first cousin is also my bff mother all my life. She's a fat old granny named Shirley and I fuck her pussy and have since I was a teenager. I'm 46 and married in Henderson Kentucky

Mother-in-Laws Sexy Feet

Wish I could post a pic of the feet that started it all…


All my life iv been hearing whisper about how much my mom was a whore after she divorced my dad and I was young so I wouldn't understand back then but now when i think of it she was having sex with men and bought shame on our family name as year went by I knew my mom getting shagged upstairs while I used to play downstairs and just a about year... [more]

Mother-in-Law Had it CUMing…

I just absolutely tore my Mother-in-Law’s sweet little pussy apart! She’s been teasing me for years, and has always known I had a thing for her. She’s always been a bit of a snob and knows she looks great for her age. Well, I had her doing things she swore she’d never do. I wasted no time and fucked her mouth and pussy with everything I had. ... [more]

Pictures of very old swingers

I recently found a purse like thing in what used to be my sisters room full of old pictures of my sister and her what is now her husband, mostly just nudes but a few showing oral sex, there were pictures of people that i didn't know, but what shocked me was a couple pictures of my mother, one of which was just a nude but the other was of her... [more]

Fore Filling Her Sex Wants

I never thought my brother and I would cave in to our mother's crazy sexual desires. A few years back we would of humped her instantly when she was hot looking. Now she's a short blonde tit less chunky mature woman with a gut that shows out. My brother and I found out from grandma that our mother was in a slump. She wanted sex but her hubby has... [more]


So, when I was... I'm gonna go with "younger", for reasons, my mom gave me her old cell phone because I didn't have one. Transferred all her crap onto her then-new phone, wiped it clean, gave it to me. I took several pics and videos of myself jacking off, fucking myself with improvised dildos, once when she was working I went in her room, borrowed... [more]


Just recently sent some naughty pics of my wife to my sister in laws partner (drunk one night) a total shock to him as he was on a night shift!! He loved them of course and said she's got a lovely hairy pussy like her sister which then got me going. So the questions began,I've always wanted to fuck my sister in law! I asked Jack if she likes being... [more]

Father's last wish

I've lead a great life,long one to im 75 but diagnosed with terminal cancer,I was a bit of a boy in my day! Married the lovely Linda had two beautiful daughters but working in the restaurant game offered its fair share of women and I took them with both hands.obviously got divorced,girls didn't speak to me for 20 years but that's all in the past... [more]


An honest mistake,I sent my big sister a photo of my cock by accident!! Im 43 she's 56,it was meant for my wife,it was to late to apologise she'd already received it,surprisingly I had no reply,about a week later I went down my mother's house and Julie my sister was there,obviously embarrassed!! While my mother was making a cup of tea Julie said... [more]

Daughters boyfriend

Hi all,my naughty confession here,it's to do with me the wife our daughter and her boyfriend,we're both in our 40's daughter is 19 with a steady boyfriend,me and the Mrs have always been a bit adventurous in the bedroom,my fantasy is to watch her get fucked! Anyway a few weeks back we were all out the patio having a few drinks,all pretty normal,as... [more]

Your moms or family

I want to know around what age and why u got into ur mom or ur sister what did u see ? What u herd

Hearing my sister have sex

Alright, so to start out, I recently moved and have been staying with my sister while I'm finding a place. Every few nights, I hear her having sex with her boyfriend since we share a wall and I occasionally watch tv out in the living room. I get super hard and turned on by it.
When I was a teenager, my sister was just starting to become... [more]

Close Relatives

I am looking for support i am having sex with 2 very close male family members i feel guilty but cant give it up because its so taboo, and my husband. i feel like a tramp, just can not stop, at times i feel like I've been drilled all the tightness is gone

Sorry not sorry!

Sorry Shane! Let me clear some shit for you! I've been talking to ur wife years before u have seen my post that I wanted to fuck her! I've fucked my wife yelling ur wife's name for years! It was our thing! Everytime I came in my wife...I thought of urs! Each time I ate my wife out..I thought how ur wife would taste the same! Each time I called her... [more]

I became girl

I grew up with 9 sisters and only boy, no dad.
One day the girls dressed me up as a girl I was 12. Mom loved it and through out my male clothes and toys.
Next day I was sleeping in the girls room and mom said I'm Stacey not Stanley any longer.
At 13 mom took to see the doctor, he put me on female hormones, by 16 I had 36 c... [more]


When I was young I’d stay at my auntys most Saturdays she would bath me then I’d stand in the bath and she ask if I cleaned myself properly - She would tell me to pull my foreskin back and then she would clean me up and take my cock in her mouth. Went on for about 5/6 years looking back it was wrong but I loved every minute of it.

Mom still wants it.

I'm getting so fucking tired of fucking my mother. I really loved it when we first started fooling around and she taught me all about sex. The first time she let me slide my throbbing cock up her tight hot pussy was probably the best night of my entire life, and I will remember it fondly for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, after 6 years of... [more]

Teasing And Pleasing Step Daughter

My second wife was a chubby cock sucker and didn't mind me exploding in her mouth and letting it drip from her mouth onto her. She had a young daughter when we first gotten married. The daughter was cute looking. When she was going thru puberty she really began to mature. Her body turned me on and I began masturbating when my wife wasn't around... [more]

Ex father in law!

Hey asshole ur happy im leaving ur daughter and im happy im leaving ur daughter! Do me a favor u fat fuck!! Tell ur fucking daughter to go back to her shitty last name..and leave mine to my future wife! My family has always been too good for ur broken family! Ur daughter is soo stupid im keeping most of my retirement! Stupid bitch! Stupid family!... [more]

My Wife's Sister had my Daughter

My wife and I were there at her sister's wedding, and the four of us often visited, went camping, all sorts of things together, the four of us. Then one day about 3 years later they had been talking, her husband was sterile and they wanted children. So, unconventional, but I got volunteered, and after 3 months, she was knocked up.
Having sex... [more]

Again 1

I have not seen my mother in 15 years. I was taken away from her because she molested me from the time I reached puberty till I was 14. She had me when she was only 12 so she is still young. She contacted me 8 days ago and asked me we could get together and talk. As soon as I read the message I thought about what happened. She left her phone... [more]

Again 2

I finally went to see my mother. She opened up her door and I walked in. I was so excited to see her. I was shaking. She closed the door and locked up. I asked her if she lives with anyone else. She told me she was all alone. I told her that I am not going to waste time. I told her that I am dying to get her naked and I don't want to feel bad... [more]

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