Family Confessions

Wife's suggestion

Wife and I were watching porn together before sex. We were watching some wife fucks husband's brother video. She asked if my brother had a girlfriend yet. I told her that he didn't and that I'm pretty sure he was still a virgin. At 35. She laughed and said, "Babe. You should let me fuck him." I said, "My brother? Seriously?" She said, "Yeah. Bust... [more]

Substitute "husband"

At 34, my baby daughter and I were abandoned by my husband. Today I recognize he was basically a pig, but back then I felt completely unprotected and vulnerable when he left (fortunately I'm close to finalizing the divorce process, and making him pay for walking away and then some).
I have an older half brother from my father's side, to whom I... [more]

Family discovery

Clearing up my Nan's bungalow with my mum, after Nan's funeral, I discovered some self recorded discs and a diary of my Nan's.
The diary is specific to the disc's and relates in detail, when, where, who and what took place.
The discs which I've watched all of them, clearly show my Nan having sex with various men, all of whom are much younger... [more]

Licking moms dildo

I am a teenage male, virgin, and horny as fuck. My bedroom is next to my moms, and some nights I can hear her using a vibrator on herself, and moaning quietly. Dad left us a couple of years ago, and mom hasn't dated anyone since, so I know she must masturbate a lot, I know I masturbate listening to my mom every chance I get.
My mom is 32... [more]

Masturbated in front of my cousin

First of all I'm a male, age 37. This happened back when I was 20. My cousin got kicked out of her home because she was a troubled teenager (age 18 at the time. She's an adult now and doing much better), but I must confess I always thought she was hot. She is Italian and gorgoeus, and I kind of had a bit of a crush on her. I was far too embarrased... [more]

When i was younger.

When i was younger
It was about 20 years ago
I use to take piano lessons at my aunts house.
Mom would drop me off every Saturday morning for two hours .
My aunt was pretty enough nice figure.
She had 3 kids and so when we take lessons we would go in den alone and shut the door.
We would set on bench and go over lessons and practice... [more]

Camming With Cousins

Found out our mom's brother lives in Australia. My sister and I started chatting with our cousins on Skype and progressed to camming with them. We started to get naughty on cam. My sister is a small breasted BBW and gives the best head job. Our cousin Rob and Tina suggested we show each other's sex skills. We get nude and put on a show. My chunky... [more]


I've always been close friends with my grandma. She's a 71yo widow, and I visit her two or three times a week for dinner when I get out of school. (I'm in college.) She looks great for her age and could probably pass for 60. She has no major wrinkles, and she walks two miles daily, so she's in shape with nice legs and ass.
She is always asking... [more]

Princess whore

For most of my life, my father and I weren't exactly on friendly terms. He walked out on me and my mother when I was young, so as I grew older I resented him and even distanced myself from him for many years. A very long time later, he reached out saying he wanted to make up for things. I wasn't thriller about that, and at first I wasn't happy to... [more]

Normal to think of them that way?

I have a sister, only a couple of years younger than me. She developed early and since she was very young she's had an incredible body (even today she's a spectacular natural bombshell at 40, she turns heads wherever she goes). I don't think I'd dare to have sex with her for real, even if given the chance, but I think about her body a lot when I... [more]

True lover

I've been married for 10 years to a man that does love me and make me happy, and generally satisfies me in bed. I've never told this to anyone, but I've had one true lover since I was 15, one that doesn't just satisfy my sex needs, but makes me utterly crazy in bed. It's my older cousin, whom I lost my virginity to, and is still (and probably... [more]

Mother in law

Jenny my mother in law apparently watched me masturbating without letting me know she was there. She text me later to tell me she didn't want to disturb me, but had really enjoyed playing with herself as she saw me cumming.
This was about a month ago, and since then she's text me a few times. Each time the texts have gotten more and more filthy... [more]

I am in love with my niece.

I have this niece, her name is Ashley. She's 15 years old. Im 24. She's the daughter of my oldest sister. Sometimes when they go to some sort of party they get me to watch her for the night. I enjoy it because she's fun and full of energy whenever she comes by. Sometimes when im watching tv with her she'd come and sit on my lap. She did this since... [more]

Looking for real Boston Nudist Families

I am a 35yo white guy that always wished i grew up in a nudist family. I was hoping to talk to or maybe even meet up with any local nudist families to enjoy the lifestyle with them message me on here if your real and from the area. Also id rather chat on kik or email so put that in comment and ill message you there

Breast feeding

My 40 year old step daughter is breast feeding her 4 month old daughter I'm getting so turned on I want to be sucking on her nipples too. She getting her step dad all hard thinking about it.

Sleeping mom

One night I was out at a party with my family and we all went back I was 14 and I was really drunk and my mom and brothers were asleep so I sneaked into my moms room for under the covers and pulled down her trousers then her panties then started rubbing her pussy then I put my fingers in her and started in and out in and out then I started sucking... [more]

Family love

Because my sister and I spent many happy hours experimenting sexually. Kissing, playing with each others breasts, then moving onto touching one another's pussies and finally tonguing each other's pussies and assholes out, it didn't seem unnatural to me to find myself attracted to my father.
Or should I say his enormous thick cock.
He and mom... [more]

It’s always hotter

Let’s just say that, sexually speaking, I’ve done pretty well in life. I’m currently 34 and officially single (divorced), but throughout my life I’ve had amazing sex with all sorts of women: college girls, cougars twice my age, fitness-maniacs, vegan hippies, single moms... but nothing compares to my current, “secret” relationship.
I have an... [more]

Sharing mmmm

I'm balls deep up my fiancee's arsehole, granted at her parents home (Ours is being worked on) when Michelle my future mother in law walks in on us.
We separate but Michelle, says "Don't mind me, she looks like she was enjoying it. Mind you so would I with the size of that". My fiancee' doesn't say a word and if anything looks at me like I... [more]

Sex with my cousin

My 26 yr old female cousin moved in with me male (23) and my mom in our apt. My mom is hardley ever here, but my question is, how can I seduce or convince my cousin to have s** with me???? Im just afraid if i try anything she'll get freaked out and want to move out. Any tips?

Mom fucked as Dad is abroad.

My Dad is away abroad and I help my Mom in kitchen and all other household chores and we both are alone at home. Since the age of 18 I am fucking my Mom without her knowledge. I give her Milk with sleeping pills diluted in it before going to bed. When she is in deep sleep I fuck her and enjoys. Now I am planning to make her pregnant when my Dad... [more]

Fingered younger sister

One night I decided to sleep next to my sister. When every one were
asleep, I got up and sat near my sister 1 year younger to me about 8 and
half year old. I first took my sleeping sisters hand and kept it on by
erect small penis. Still she was asleep. Slowly I put my hands into her
small panty and slightly reached to wedge of her... [more]

Not sure why he said that

I'm 24s (m) married and went fishing with my uncle who's 56. He's a good guy, I've known him forever. While we were out on the lake he started talking about his wife, who is my aunt.
He started telling stories about my aunt being hot in bed and at first it was "too much info" and I was tempted to change the subject, but I let it go. My aunt... [more]

My hot sister

I have an older sister who is one of the hottest girls I've seen in my life. With her nice ass and pretty face I always fancied about having sex with her. Whenever my sister would leave the house I would sometimes sneak into her room and start smelling her panties and beat off. There were also times where I would beat off to pics of my sister. I... [more]

Fucking whilst been watched

I had been out with new partner Jess and once we said goodbye to the baby sitter we starting fucking on the sofa. Taking her doggie style I noticed her 8 year old daughter standing in the doorway pausing I told my partner expecting her to stop. She didn’t and said finish me off and she started taking really dirty. TBH I was taken aback but my... [more]

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