Family Confessions

Is incest becoming more acceptable?

Should we allow relatives to have sexual relationships?

In love with my step daughter

A little over twenty years ago I started dating a lovely lady Cindy 31, with two children. A boy 14 and a girl 10. We were both just coming out of a messy divorce. Her ex was very abusive and a drunk. My ex left me for her boss. I myself was 42 with two children, a daughter that was 22 and married, and a son 19 in the military.
Cindy was... [more]

Peeking Perv

Growing up our bathroom was connected to a pump house. The pump supplied water to our house. It was accessed outside thru it’s own door. But there was a 10”x10” opening between the bathroom and pump room.
When someone would get in the shower you could enter the dark pump room and spy on them.
I would go in and watch my sister and mother shower... [more]

Can you fall in love with a family member?

I'm in love with my sister. Is that wrong?

Coffee cream

My mother always puts on a pot of coffee in the morning, then takes a shower while it is brewing. I like to pour her a cup and hand it to her as soon as she gets dressed. This morning, I peeked through the bathroom door while she was showering, like I often do. I started wacking my pecker, then I went into the kitchen to finish while she got... [more]

MIL has changed

My wife has always had a lesbian relationship with her best friend since high school plus we have fantastic sex together however about two years ago her mother got divorced and came to live in our granny flat down the back, my wife after six months suggested I should have sex with her mother because she was missing it. MIL is fantastic in bed and... [more]

My Sister and Mom love humping

Our mom is a horny single slut who forced me and my sister to hump and make out in the shower as kids. My sister and I actually never really fuck, but my mom and I will lay naked in bed watching porn and slow fuck while licking each other’s faces

Sex with Sis

It started when I was 10 and my Sister was 16. We only had A/C in our living room in our house growing up, so in the evenings after school we would usually have a snack and watch tv in the living room.One day I noticed her rubbing herself through her shorts. She noticed me watching and covered herself with a throw, but I could still see her hand... [more]

Been Involved with a Sex Craving Family

About 15 yrs. ago I gotten involved with a sex craving family but didn't know I'll be doing most of my girlfriends relatives and some of her friends. My girlfriend was the cause of it. She bragged how endowed I was and knew how to satisfy a woman. So as the months and years went by my reputation spread.
The first family member I poked was... [more]

Fucked mom

First time I fucked mom I was 27 years old she was 50 it was her birthday dad had passed a couple of years ago and she hadn't had a man since.
My sister her husband me and mom went out for dinner mom all dressed up she was so beautiful a shapely brunette nice tits round ass great legs I was looking her over and thinking how it would be good to... [more]


I'm a 47 year old woman. I've been kind of the black sheep in my family because I've never been married and I've always dated younger men. I only started bringing boyfriends to my parents' house by the time I was 30, and the first one I brought was only 20. The oldest man I've ever been with was 30, but I was 40 then. I had my last boyfriend last... [more]

My female cousin

When I was 8 years old, our family was really close we would go to see my
cousins and they come to us really often. one of my female cousins she was
13-14 years old at the time I was 8, used to use me for her sexual satisfaction
( pretty much rape me) but I didn't know what's going on cause I was too
young and I couldn't tell... [more]

My first time

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom was drinking way to much. I would find her around the house drunk passed out cold sleeping and she would be half undressed or completely naked. This is the first time I've ever seen a grown up woman nude before. I wasn't even interested in girls yet but after seeing her naked body that's all I... [more]

grandmas big boobs

My 51 year old grandma had a massive stroke about four weeks ago. The doctors told our family that she will never be able to speak or walk, and will require full time help with all daily tasks. My parents brought her home to live with us, because they don't have the money to put her in a nursing home.
Last night, after my parents went to... [more]

Step daughter is so fucking hot

I've been married to my wife since her daughter was 5. She's now 18. My wife has never been afraid to be naked. She will shower and just come out of the shower either totally naked or towel wrapped around her waist. Her daughter, Stacy, has been doing the same since the was little. Now that she's 18, she is drop dead gorgeous. Bathroom is on one... [more]

Is a small bikini ok on a family holiday

I came across this site by accident and found it interesting so thought I would try asking a question here.
Is it ok to wear a small bikini on a family holiday?
I am old enough that I might be able to go on holiday with friends but I couldn't afford it so I am stuck with the family. As with all girls my age my swimwear has progressed to... [more]

Older Brother

We grew up on a strawberry farm. It was my older brother, myself and younger sister. During the summer being out of school we didn't get to go much and I had kind of become the slut of the school during winter. Where I live it doesn't really get very cold so I always went to school with no bra and if my blouse had buttons I had it unbuttoned so... [more]

Gang-Banged by Tammy's male Relatives

I knew I should of phone Tammy first to use her pool. I rang her door bell and knocked on her door several times. Then I heard voices in the backyard. I walked around the house and saw Tammy's son-in-law and her nephew, and her grandsons using the pool. "Tammy went to her new boyfriends place, put she wouldn't mind if you used the pool". Her... [more]

I can see sisters webcam

I have installed some covert software that gives me access to my sister's webcam on her laptop when it's in use. Not sure what the idea was, see if it worked? See what she was up to? Get useful info?. She hasn't used it much so far, but she did use it to sex chat with her boyfriend the other day. My first thought was "busted" I just caught you... [more]

Wife jealous of daughter

My wife caught me looking at my daughter she was about 14 just got home from school skirt hiked up huge tits in her white blouse i loved to look i got busted by my wife who wasn't very happy but to my surprise was turned on by me looking and next sex we had dressed up in our daughters school uniform luckily she is still slim with 38d tits so... [more]

Little sister

I always felt the desire to fuck my little sister Audrey, she's 3 years younger than me and has a son. But her kids dad is never around, they split up a long time ago. So I'm sure she could use some dick in her life, I been wanting to give it to her. Im 26 she's 23 and Im thinking about it all the time now. She has the most perfect tits, double... [more]

Older sister

My older sister Darci is 5 years older than me and our mother and father married met each other and married when we were younger. Prior to turning 13 I didn't really have much of a relationship with Darci as we never hung out and I was always scared of her and I was quite shy. She never really spoke to me and when she would babysit me when our... [more]

I found a pair of my panties hidden in my dad's bathroom

I live with just my dad, and our house has 4bed 3 bath so we have a bathroom each. In his bathroom there is a big cupboard where all the towels are kept. Recently when getting a towel I pondered why we had so many towels and started looking at what was in there. Right at the back I found a Tupperware box which to my surprise had a collection of... [more]

Caught my son jerking off to weird shit

I am 39 and have a 13 year old son. Good kid, good grades has some friends not really a lot to say. He's at that age though we're he's started going through puberty and some odd awkward shit has recently happened. I went to a concert with my wife and when we got back I caught him masturbating on my computer in my home office. After chiding him... [more]

Can't stand my Sister in Law, But let her have me one night.

Uptight Rich bitch of a sister in Law, Getting home after midnight and 2 lady out cold drunk on the couch from the church, I new there was a potluck dinner at my house. Got undressed and got in bed and the Bitch was next to me in a a granny panties & bra, Well we sleep nude and my wife was half dressed and out drunk. Fuck it she is going to... [more]

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