Family Confessions

A fake cock for our daughter

We're from France and in our family we all 4 live in big harmony. We can really talk about everything. so my daughter once came to me and asked, if I would borrow her one of my dildos or a vibrator. She was 13 at that time. I thought about quickly and as I know she is not already active with someone else, I gave her the thinnest one I could find... [more]

My pre-teen niece pt. 1

One night my niece was over visiting me after school. She is 12. She always likes to wear skirts or dresses. She was super tired one day, and decided she wanted to lay on my bed. She asked if she could take a nap and I said she could. So about half an hour later, I go to check on her.
I see one of her legs fell off the bed and her ass was... [more]

Now homeless

Two weeks ago I had an argument with my girlfriend while in bed, she told me to go sleep elsewhere so I went into her daughter bed if her daughter is not back by 11pm she will be staying at her boyfriend house, being it 12.10am I assumed she was at her boyfriend house, little did I know that she had had an argument with her boyfriend and come home... [more]

Brother in law completely naked

On the 26 September 2019 my husband said it’s his brother birthday completely forgot about it, he asked me if I could get a card and delivery it.
Later in the day I delivered the card, I knocked on his door and no answer as I was about to put the card in the letter box the door opened and he was completely naked, he said hi how you doing while... [more]

I took my sister virginity

This happened in the late eighties when my sister first got a boyfriend she told me they had only touched and kissed and she was to scared to have sex with him, over a few weeks we had spoken about what it’s like will it hurt etc I told her the first if never the best experience but it’s part of life.
She still was unsure about having sex with... [more]

Peeping my big Cousin's open air bath

Once during holdays at Uncle's farmhouse, my big cousin sister aged 20 would go down their farm to their own pond from where the farm is watered from the pump house on the pond edge. She used to have a bath every day in the morning in that pond and washes her panties and other dresses. When she started to move to the pond, I followed her out of... [more]

Brother fell asleep and got hard

I’ve seen my brother cock hard, during the summer he fell asleep on the sofa in just his boxers I was on my phone and when I looked over his cock was sticking out the front hard, after a few minutes of looking I left the room in case my parents came in.

My son is active

I'm a single mom of a 17 year old boy. He gets home from school around 3 PM but I'm not usually home until 6. I know he has friends over, because he talks about them or sometimes they are even still there when I arrive. Sometimes it's his guy friends, sometimes it's girls from the neighborhood or from his school, sometimes both.
The thing is... [more]

Family and nudists fantasy

I have a huge fantasy of meeting a family that likes being nude and hanging with them. Love the idea of seeing a mom and young daughter nude togerher while me and dad sit with rock hard erections. Are their any families that would be into this. Or moms or dads that like is idea too. Hit me up id love to chat

Secretly video my wife

I secretly video my wife while she takes baths and showers. I love eatching her play with her huge tits and her pussy when she is in there. Not a day goes by that she doesnt masturbate when she is bathing or showering. I love it. I get off everytime i watch.

I watched a vid of my Daughter

I was baby sitting for my daughter and her husband , I saw a DVD on her dressing table it didn't have a title just a date, you know when you shouldn't watch something but your curious I thought if it was something private it would be locked away, there wasn't much on TV, I put in the player, it started with her fully clothed stood in her living... [more]

My Grandma touched my cock

I was in my late teens and I always had a good relationship to my grandma (from mom's side). It had become a habit between us, that we once in month went to cinema and watch some film together. The whole stuff, as she called it. We had (soft) drinks and Popcorn and when there was a break, we even had an icedream cone. Ok, lets get to the point. In... [more]

Pictures of my step-daughters

My stepdaughters are grown with children of their own. They as so pretty a little heavy but large full breasts. Double and triple D's. I have downloaded many social media pictures of them. I have also taken pictures at summer parties where they are dressed in bathing suits. My treasures are a couple of pictures I was able to sneak off one of... [more]

I don't know why my Mom does it

My Mom is 32 years old, divorced and very good looking (all I asked said that). I will be 13 the next month and I don't know, why my mom always touches my friends. I've seen her so often doing it and some of my friends even confess it to me. She does not do it in the very open but when she's sitting beside one at the table, she will put her hand... [more]

Accidently fucked my grandma

No, I'm not the kind of guy that's into old ladys or incest, but her's how I accidently fucked my grandmother.
I was visiting my granny at the old folks home last weekend. Grandma was setting on the sofa, in her room, watching her favorite daytime gameshow. She was wearing a loose fitting robe, and unbeknownst to me, had nothing on... [more]

The very first Blowjob

I have to get this off my Heart. My husband has been in hospital for some weeks already for having hurt his back. I tell this, for you to know, I've been without sex for quite some time. I think, otherwise it would not have happened like it did.
I walked into our sons room, he was 13 at that time, for bringing some clean clothes from ironing... [more]

Only my husbands cock

I'm Carla from sweden. I married at the age of 17, because I was pregnent. But I loved my husband too and he loves me. Thats so until today. we are married nearly 15 years and our son is 14. last weekend we stayed at my parents home and wa all 3 had to sleep in one room. when I woke up the next morning I saw the first hard cock, which did not... [more]

Sniffing my step moms panties

My step mom is supper hot.. blond hair, big tits, fat ass. whenever she comes home i always try to talk to here and try to see if i can see what panties shes wearing. she changes out of her work outfit right when she gets home and my favourite part of the day is going in the laundry room and getting that fresh 10 hour work panties and sniffing... [more]

Daughter's Phone Pixxxs

Feel a bit bad admitting to this, but the rush is also something else.
Anyways, my daughter has been giving me some trouble as of late, like most of us did when we were in our early teens. One of our house rules is curfew by 11. She was out too late one night and as a result, had her phone and tablet taken away. I don't check her phone... [more]

Sunday morning fun.

So there I was, one Sunday morning, lying in bed, dreading the fact that I had to get up in two hours and go to church with my family. I rolled over and grabbed my phone and checked for messages, and there was a text from my little sister, next door to me, asking me if I liked it, with an attachment. I downloaded the attachment, and it was a pic... [more]

My friend was in bed with my parents

Its years ago but I still have it in my head. Sorry for bad english, we're french. I have been just 13 when I had 3 friends (female) here for a girlsnight. It happened that my parents had an urgent call and came home unplanned late that evening. And the evening went slowly into a disaster. we started with a pizza delivery and then one of my... [more]

What do you do with a puberting son?

Hi, I'm 34 and I have a son of 13. I'm parttime working from home office, so I'm here for the kids (we have a girl of 8 too). over the last weeks our son grows more and more into puberty. What I have registered upto now:
> he leaves the door of the bath open, when he is showering or washing
> he walks from door to bath in the nude
>... [more]


My sister has a great body she looks fabulous in school uniform.I enjoy seeing her in a black leotard . sometimes she wear old style navy blue pe knickers and short navy blue gym skirt.She certainly makes me hard .I also enjoy her in school style swimsuit.She is hot she likes me to wear shorts that are white nylon with no pants underneath them... [more]

My sister locks me in a chastity cage

I’m a man and I want my sister to lock my cock in a chastity cage and hold the key. I want her to sexually tease me and make my balls full of of cum and control me and make me her sex slave. I want to get on my knees and kiss her ass and then pull her asscheeks apart and put my tongue in her asshole and taste it. She can tease me with her sheer... [more]

I took advantage of looking older

I'm a woman that has always been very precocious and sexually active. I blossomed really fast as a teen, and by the age of 14 I already looked like a woman well into her 20s. I also began to explore my sexuality at a young age, and became very hooked by it. By the age of 12 I was already sexually active. By 15, I was already taking advantage of my... [more]

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