Family Confessions


Been snap chatting my 15 year old niece started chatting as you would expect I'm finding her very interesting and sexy. I'm thinking about her sexy body a lot these last few weeks.

I'm a bad son

My mother has always bee a very hard and dom woman. If we kids did not do as she wanted we got some slap on the face. that even went on as long as we put our shoes under her table. I never saw her smile. over the years I learned to hate her. We have to give half of the money we earned to her. each month. Until we married. But then we had to be... [more]

Nailed my cousin

My cousin Kristin is 38 and she and her husband have always been known to throw big parties at their place during the summer. They invited me to one, and I went solo because I'm currently separated from my wife. I'm 44.
I arrived at their place and I knew it was a big party, as I had to park on their lawn because cars were everywhere. I could... [more]

Used to peek on my mom

I used to peek in my moms room when she was changing her clothes. I loved seeing her naked. I also still spied on my sister into our 20s

Caring for my sister

I got a call but over a week ago from my sister saying she was in hospital after a fall. She managed to break both wrists in the fall and has ended up with casts that hold her hands straight. She has cuts and bruises and has a boot on her ankle but getting on. The hospital said that she would need round the care because she can't use her hands... [more]

Daughter caught

My 17 year old bbw daughter had sex on my bed yesterday while i was at work, i have a camera set up in my room for my wife and i. i could smell my daughters squirt all over my blanket. this morning at 5am, she comes in the bathroom not seeing me there jerking my meat to the camera in my room of my bbw daughter getting fucked. she walked in and... [more]

She can do it

I have a rather aggresive fetish: there's nothing I enjoy more in life than cumming directly down a woman's throat. Good thing my older half-sister can pull that off.

Sex during pregnancy?

My mom was pregnant with her second child (I'm first), when I was already 13. It was sometimes emberassing for a boy when each aunt asks if I love it that my moms belly was growing and the there was one aunt froms dad's side who each times asked me, how I like it that moms tits are growing. I know, I always blushed (I think she wanted to see that)... [more]

What am i doing wrong

I came home earlier than normal, I could hear somebody having sex upstairs
my thoughts were, my husband is shagging another woman, I crept up quietly I could see my husband fucking his best friend his legs were around his back he was really ramming it up his arsehole he was wearing condom, I left the house quietly, I was asking myself what I... [more]

My daughter

My daughter is so innocent looking but she loves getting naked in front of me, i walk in on her masturbating a lot, and i looked at her iphone history and it had daddy / daughter porn, but shes 17. i want her to give me her little tight pussy but how?

Caught my mom

My sister and I are very close. We have never had sex, but we touch each other when we are horny, and I frequently dry hump her with our underwear on. Last week, I dry humped her till I shot a big load in my undershorts. It made such a mess, and soaked through to my sisters panties, so we had to take them off and throw them in the dirty clothes... [more]

My daddy is so hot

My daddy walked in on me using my moms dildo, and moaning daddy. he watched for a few seconds but then turned around and left, but i wish he would teach me how to become a little whore. he watches daddy and daughter porn i look at his history

My cousin “windowsill”

When I was about 13 years old my parents divorced. Mom and I went to live with my Aunt and her daughter in another city. My cousin was about 16 at the time and drop dead gorgeous! She was about 5’5” Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Nice Tits, Tight Little Ass, and wore all the right the clothes that just made her fucking HOT! She knew it too. She would... [more]

Wifes mother

Always had a thing for my wifes mother she is 77 but looks and feels 60 good tits and nice firm ass. Finally got her into bed tight natural pussy and she makes plenty of noise as we fuck. I was so turned on cum for her multiple times prefer her to the wife. Cant wait to fuck her again.

Much older Sister

When I was born I was a latecomer. My mom was already 42 and Dad 50. I had a sister that was 22 but still lived at home. because my parents had a shop my sister was the one to bring me up. She was the one who gave me bath and did help me with my homework. She married and her husband moved in with us. they had a separate appartement in the upper... [more]

Dad makes me horny

My dad always wears boxers in front of me, he calls me names like bitch or cunt and it makes me wet

Fantasy on steroids

So let me start by saying my Aunt is not an attractive woman by any means. She’s always been single, and best guess maybe an occasional masturbator but that’s it. As a young guy, I got very aroused one afternoon when I stepped into a clean pair of her panties. White Hanes briefs. Nothing special. My penis was super hard very quickly. To make... [more]

How the fuck...

I hooked up with my brother for a weekend, it’s been ages since we have seen each other.
Since moving out of the parents house we have obviously both gone our separate ways, we are not the brothers that keep in touch all the time, I was passing his location and arranged to hook up.
My brother is the complete opposite of me, I like to gym 6 days... [more]


Last year I found out my stepdaughter does fetish vids for extra money. Jerk off instructions, tease, domination. After buying many of her vids I started ordering customs. Customs where she is talking to her stepdad, telling him to cum for his stepdaughter. She is amazing at it, completely into the role. I think she suspects its me, but she keeps... [more]

My son watched me fuck on camera

I heard my son telling me that he and the friends of his at school in an argument over female body parts. So I took that as an excuse to show him and video of me f****** my super hot girlfriend that I was living with. It was in the guise of sex Ed so he wouldn't "embarrass" himself of at school talking incorrectly about girls' anatomy. He said... [more]

A husband out of my own son

I would have never imagined it, but yesterday I celebrated the 7th anniversary of my marriage-like relationship with my own son. It's the kind of thing I can't even think of saying out loud or writing publicly, other than in a place like this. We know it's taboo and most people are grossed out even by the thought of it, but my son and I have just... [more]

I want my mother in law

She is so hot. She's in her 70s and still one of the hottest women I know. I want to fuck her. I want to smother myself with her big juicy tits and eat her pussy. I want to bend her over a chair and fuck her raw. I want her to ride my dick all night long. I want her to suck me off and swallow my cum.
Next time she's drunk I'm going to grab her... [more]

Only on here can I say this...

I’m female and grow up having to share a bath with my brother till I was 21 he was 25
We thought nothing of it just our way of life growing up.
I’m now 37 married with two kids he is married with no children.
What no one knows is, every occasion his wife is away for a few days I go to his house and we have a bath together, we love chatting... [more]

The Grind

Years ago I went to a big summer party at my aunt and uncle's house. There must have been twenty people there, all family. I was in my teens at the time and was hanging out with my cousins watching a movie in the living room.
My aunt Karen, who is my Dad's sister, walked in and asked if she could watch with us for a while, but there was no... [more]

If only I knew

I was having a drink with my sister, we are catching up on gossip and she asked where I’m at relationships wise.
I said no luck really, she said I’m not surprised you’ve always been into kinky weird things.
I said nothing wrong with that, she said so what you into now come on tell me, I said pissing, pissing she said what on earth do you get out... [more]

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