Family Confessions

Me and friends

Lately me and my friends have been wanking over each other mom and all my friend decided that my mom the best all because she has a history of being slut

My daughter

I think my daughter is beautiful and her body drives me crazy... I wish incest was normal. anyone else have secret family desires. especially wanna hear from women who have had sexual feelings towards their kids or family members, be honest.

Up for anything

Like the title says im up for anything. Anyone wanna chat on wickr? No limits, im into all sorts of taboos, incest. Anything goes. Putt you wickr in comments

Unplanned brother fucking

I (28f) was at a small gathering at my brother's (31m) house. His wife (31f) is majorly attractive. She did modeling for about 12 years and still looks great. She's only been married to my brother for about a year, so we didn't know each other too well, but we hit it off big time.
It was a little weird, but she started getting flirty with me... [more]

Displaying my Wife to her step sons

Wife Stats:
Age: 51
Height: 5’5’’
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Body: Athletic, firm round Butt, Tanned, Shaved from the neck down,
Measurements: Firm natural 36C 29 37
Breasts: firm with dollar sized brown areolas with eraser sized nipples.
One summer afternoon Kimberlee and I decided to go for a relaxing swim. That means the... [more]

Native Son found Mom’s Dildo

Growing up I would often hear my parents fucking, my step dad would be pounding my mom and I would be jerking my cock a mere two rooms away. I would never hear mom moan at all. They would finish. Dad would go to the bathroom etc. there was always a used condom in the trash. Step Dad was out of town and Mom was working and I would get horny and... [more]

Marrying my divorced brother's wife

My brother was a very abusive husband and a father. He used to abuse his wife and son a lot, which caused them to get separated. She is 35 years old and has a 5 years old son, my brother is 37 and I am 30.
It has been about 2 years since they got separated. During this time I supported my sister-in-law, took them in and we having been living in... [more]

Fixed up mama

Got my mother a date with a black state trooper i met. i hope he has a big black dick for her

I saw my mom doing sex with neighbor uncle

I was 11 at that time. My dad had often to go on night duty. Once I woke up at midnight I saw neighbor uncle sitting with mom. She said he was feeling headache and had come to get some pain killer. After that I closed my eyes and pretended I have gone to sleep again. After about 15 minutes, mom called me are you still awake. I did not reply. Mom... [more]

My Niece the Flirt

My niece and I have always been real close. Rumana is about 5'8" and very long legs. Wearing those short nylon running shorts and her tank top drives me wild. She's always giving me a shot up her shorts seeing her thong or tiny red panties. Now only has a B size cup which is great. One Saturday early morning she drove over to the house. She knew... [more]

Caught Them

My brother and I gotten real close family wise and sex wise. We was almost caught together having sex by our parents but luckily we thought they didn't realize what was really happening. I enjoy having him shoot onto my large nipple covered small breasts and rub his cock over my nips. It really turns me on sexually. We told our folks that we be... [more]

Mamas big tits

Has anybody besides myself ever felt of and sucked your mamas tits iwas about 15 mama was divorced my brother in the marines it was just me and my mother she would ask me to wash her back when she took a bath i would play with her tits she would also remove the small wash cloth from over her pussy and spread her legs as much as she could ... [more]

Unbelievable Of Me

This happened years ago and now I'm following my mom's doings. My son was in his late teens and he would visit his grandmother quite often. I was sort of jealous of my mother because she had breast and I had only nipples. When I was a youngster she let me rub them behind dad's back.
I accidentally heard him say to his cousin that my... [more]

How I met my wife

About a five years ago I found a homeless girl who had run away from home. She was 17 years old and I helped her out. Gave her food and a ride to the next town. When we got there I got a hotel (was traveling across the country). She didn't have anywhere to go so she stayed. She sucked my cock to repay me for my kindness. She told me she had to do... [more]

Threesome with wife and SIL

My wife and I are talking about a potential threesome. The third person may be her sister. Yes, this would be a fmf threesome. Wife's sister is 10 years younger than my wife.
My wife has not totally agreed or declined my suggestion yet. We are still contemplating. We have not talked with my SIL (her sister) yet. We will when we come to a... [more]

Sister who is really my cousin

My parents took my cousin in and raised her as one of their own starting when she was born. So to me, she is more like a sister than a cousin. She and I were pretty close growing up. We are only 2 months apart in age, so it's almost like we are twins. When we were 17, my parents got a divorce and both of them split with other people, leaving us... [more]

Sporty girl

Today I went for ice cream and as I was sitting outside on the bench, out came a father and his two sporty girls, I think they probably both play soccer and are about 16. As the one girl walked past me, I seen her pick her wedgie and the way she picked it you can tell she had a thong on. Not sure why but I keep thinking of that moment now

Caught my son Pt. 2

I left my son standing at the bathroom door, smelling and licking his moms fresh panties, spying on her showering, I never in my life thought I'd be so turned on by it! How do I take it to the next level?
I layed in bed, and about 20 minutes later my wife came up stairs in a towel. She looked at me and said, "Having fun?" I glanced at her and... [more]


Has your wife ever caught you and your dad have gay sex and how did she react

Sharing A Bedroom With My Sister

My sister is four years younger than me, and when she was born, we lived in a duplex with two bedrooms. Once my sister got old enough to sleep in a bed, I unfortunately lost half my bedroom when my parents moved her into my room to get their room back. This was a shitty arrangement and I hated it at first, then puberty and hormones kicked in, and... [more]

Caught my son

My wife and I have been married for about 15 years, we have 2 kids, my son who is 14 athletic and pretty good looking is who this is about.
The other day I walked by his room and I could see him smelling what looked to be a pair of panties, I watched him for a bit as he was really taking them in, and giving the vagina line some good licks, I... [more]


My wife and I for a bit of fun got one of them clone willy kits and she made a copy of mine as she works in the city and stays with family 4 nights a week so she had something to use if missing me but have to be careful as in same room as her 25 years old daughter well she took back when was finished, well one weekend we were chatting and asked... [more]

Mother and Daughter CB Queens...

I had an experience quite a number of years ago I'll never forget. It was back in the 70's when CB radios were popular. I was working second shift and when I'd get off work I'd ride around talking on my radio and drink a few beers. I was in my early 20's and was married and we were into swinging. But my wife was going to school and had to get up... [more]

Road head

So i started a sunday roadhead Tradition with my dad when i was 17 im now 22 perks of being the only girl.

Sister in law

So I've been married to my wife for 10 years. We have little issues. We have a normal sex life. About 4 months ago, we had her sister in law over for dinner. She's a great person. She's married and has been for 5 years. They are happy together.
So, we were all having drinks. It was my wife sue, her sister Stacy and myself. Her husband was at... [more]

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