Family Confessions

I can't help myself when I'm around my wife aunt

I can't help myself when I'm around her. My wife's aunt is about 55 years old. She's maybe 5'6", 120 to 130 lbs. A beautiful set of breasts that drive me crazy. She's a wonderful dancer and moves so sensually. As much as I try to avoid it every time I am around her I get hard. She came over for dinner this weekend and while sitting on the... [more]

We want to marry and start a family

I know the perfect woman. I've known her for a very long time, we're both in love and sexually very, VERY hooked with each other. She's my little half sister, and god, we just can't get enough of each other.
She's my dad's daughter of his second marriage, so I didn't see much of her growing up, but we had a special chemistry from the very... [more]

Taboo fantasy

I’d love to be tied up by intruders and have them force me to lick my sisters pussy as she rides and make her cum before I do while my mom is sliding up and down on my member. If I cum before either of them the video of the incident will be shared with our friends and family.

I was never sure why

My mother started coming into my room late at night, she would pull back my covers and then slide my bottoms down. She would then start sucking on my cock until I came, most of the time there were never any words but sometimes she would tell me because I am such a good kid I deserve this tonight.
I started realizing as I got older that she did... [more]

Taboo family fantasy

I have came to realise the idea of having a incest family ?? wud be my ultimate taboo fantasy, I have memories of being abused off my mother when I was younger so it's made me very curious about sex and I've been obsessed with it since the age of 12, I've always been very kinky and now I would love to meet a likeminded women who would start a... [more]

My Lover Shows Up And Meets My Mother

I haven't heard nothing from her for weeks. Thought she probably just lost interest in me, thats ok. A pitty, but ok. And then, this mail, totally unexpected and out of the blue...there she is again, this strong, sexy, confident woman - thank you!
"Last night I was rubbing my wet cunt dreaming of something naughty, I was fantasizing about showing... [more]

Should I take it off?

I've been fucking my mother for the past month or so. She always has me wear a condom when we fuck, but I soooooo want to feel moms wet pussy on my bare cock. She had her tubes tied years ago and can't get pregnant. I have never fucked anyone but my mom, and she hasn't fucked anyone but my dad for the past twenty years, and he left her two years... [more]

My cousin

Unfortunately it doesn't happen anymore now. But for over a year my cousin and I used to have very naughty chats on snap and send nudes. We would write fantasies in which we had all kinds of sex. Both telling our fantasies or making one up in which we each wrote a part and let the other write the next and so on. She has a gorgeous body with... [more]

Danielle chapter 1

How and where to start I consider myself to be quite a normal guy in most ways married a long ish time 2 kids all was good then when my daughter Danielle reached around 12 and started to develop very quickly that's when I started to take notice.
First it was her school blouses started to strain under the pressure her ample tits were placing on... [more]

My sister is horny

Some time in the past two years my sis got divorced and she stayed at my family’s and I noticed that she was horny especially during noons and I used to sit in the living room alone and she usually come and pretend to grab something on the floor just to show me her boobs under the shirt. This is absolutely a message to me that she needs someone to... [more]

Secret cams

I am 20 and in college, still live at home and it is just me and my mom. She works and I have a part time job while off for the summer from college. I only work the weekends so my week is a little boring and for some reason I got this really bad thought one day while watching porn vids of voyeur scenes.
I bought some pretty low quality cams and... [more]

Unexpected swinger

I'm a pretty open-minded man, sexually speaking. I'm 33, and I'm more keen on the casual sex and occasional dating kind of lifestyle, I've never been on a relationship that's lasted more than a few months. This has to do with the fact that I enjoy swinging, which requieres for my partner to be into that as well.
In fact, I often attend swinger... [more]

Dad Spanking

I was spanked when I was naughty it carried on till I was 17, my dad was the chastiser at times I knew I was getting spanked for hardly anything, it mainly happened when mum was out, the routine was always the same he would pull my pants down and he put me over his knee with my bare bottom exposed and he would lecture me about my behaviour which... [more]

Our dance

I'm the son of a single mom, and she's relatively young for a son my age (I'm currenty 19, she's 45). With the exception of a couple of years back when I was a kid and she was in a serious relationship, it's always been just the two of us, so she's been very protective of me and, in time, I became very protective of her. This made for very... [more]

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