Family Confessions

Halloween cross dressing innocent

I was dressed up in my sisters clothes when I was very young.
I was mistaken as my sister meaning another sister.
I add maybe later.
I crossed a railway line.
I got spanked for that.
now they have both surfaced.
I have not got female clothing and straps for punishment.
I am bisexual.
I want to dress up in front of either a gay queen orr... [more]

Mother in law

I was about to walk my dog one evening when my wife asked me to drop her mums debit card off as I would be passing her house.
At the time my mother in law was pretty fit and had really good legs but I no sexual attraction to her at all. I am, and always have been a voyeur and get a really big thrill from watching people in sexual situations.
My... [more]

Should I let my uncle fuck my wife?

So, my wife (38 years old) and I have been to a few familiy reunions and we always notice how an uncle of mine (not blood-related) looks at her (especially her huge tits), and usually sits close to her, even sort of leans with his hand on her shoulder. We both believe he has an interest on her because we don't see him act like that with nobody... [more]

Sex advice to mother

I was so shocked at the conversation between me and my mother! She divorced dad 2 years ago,mum is 62 and has begun to date new guys,she popped in for her usual Sunday cup of tea and chat,she tells me that she's been seeing this guy for a few weeks but there's a catch she said! Don't be cross with me dear,he 20 years younger than me,so I said mum... [more]


My mum and I were having a blazing argument last week,we went out together the night before and I was flirting with a couple of guys,nothing happened and me and mum went home in a taxi together,the following day was when it all happened,she called me a tart and loads of other things too,so I let her have it,you can talk I said and what does that... [more]

Caught my son and daughter

Ive had suspsions for a few years now, but I caught my teen S and D having sex after coming home from work 3 hrs early. The door to the room was mostly open and i saw my D riding my son. I didn't stop them, I just watched and went to my room because it turned me on. Now I'm torn


When the pandemic first started, I got excited during breakfast one morning and masturbated. I couldn't believe the excitement I felt when I sat there looking at her while I finished.
I started doing it every morning, just for the excitement of being close to her when I finished. After a week or so, before I finished, I pretended to be really... [more]


When the pandemic first started, I got excited during breakfast one morning and masturbated. I couldn't believe the excitement I felt when I sat there looking at her while I finished.
I started doing it every morning, just for the excitement of being close to her when I finished. After a week or so, before I finished, I pretended to be really... [more]

Brother fucks my virgin girlfriend

I shared my girlfriend with my brother. At the time I had just started dating her and we were both virgins. My brother had already had sex with a couple of girls and I thought that he could get in her pants quicker than me. So one night we got in my bed and my brother fucked her. She got very upset and made me take her home. A couple of days later... [more]

Mom got mad

Mom mom jacked me off once And then yelled at me for not stopping her. What was I supposed to do?

Visiting SIL

So we’re allowed to travel again because the majority are double vacced and my SIL comes to visit her brother. So they arrange a drink up at his house and we attend brining a carton of Soju and Cruisers.
I decided to walk around the corner of the house as If I need to take a piss and the SIL follows for a smoke.
I asked if she ever felt... [more]

Our daughters new profession

Our daughter amellia recently came home and told me and her mother that she'd started appearing in adult movies,its every parents worst nightmare,we both tried to talk her out of it but she was adamant this was what she was going to do,im enjoying it she says and it's only sex! Amellia is 20 years old so what could we do,after all she's an adult!... [more]

Is it wrong i want to ask my sister if we can experiment and how?

So i have a twin sister and we are fairly close we have talked to each other about our sex lives she knows i love sex and she has told me i don’t get good sex but anyway i really wanna try experimenting with her i think it would be so good but is that bad? she also sleeps in my room on the floor almost every night i’m hoping she will move to my... [more]

Daughter finds out about her father

New years eve party a few days ago,me and the wife were invited to our friends house just around the corner from us,it's ridiculously big but great for hosting parties,we hadn't planned to go out then I had a phonecall off our friends 19 year old son josh,are you coming over he said,yes OK give us 30 minutes,now why would he ring us and not his... [more]

Boo K

Boo K
I want to take younto bed and suck your
Tiny tits , lick your clit kiss your ass and rub
My cock all over your face before i fuck you so hard you piss yourself
And as you swallow my cum
Ill tell you how i used to stand at your door
While boys fucked you and jack off
Then go in your moms room and think
Of your hot lil ass as i... [more]


This happened 3 Christmas ago in 2018, but ever since when holidays come around I remember and think about it a lot.
I'm now 25 so then I was 22, and am gay. I'm from pretty upper class family, not BILLIONAIRES or anything but pretty comfortable. Well, I was in college at the time, and bf broke up with me right before Thanksgiving, which was a... [more]

Stepdaughter and mother

Friday night is me time,I work long hours all week and finish early on a Friday afternoon,I treat myself to 3 grams of the finest Colombian snow,my wife doesn't have a clue that I do it,anyway this one Friday my wife and her daughter,( my stepdaughter) decided to go out on the razz together,fucking great I thought more peace for me! They got... [more]

Wife confessed she seduced my dad when she was 19

Wife and I married young in the early 70's (she 18, me 19) in SoCal. We had a very very active sex life - as kids that age will do!
I was stationed over-seas for a year and that was very hard on both of us young lovers.....including dealing with our huge sex drives. One 'sexy' night decades later in bed, My wife shared with me that a month after... [more]

Virgin teen asian

I want my daddy to take my virginity

I heard my daddy fucking

Christmas eve I heard my daddy fucking and it made me so wet he was so loud and pounding mommy so hard I was so jealous and I was listening against the wall and playing w myself and came the same time my daddy did I can’t stop thinking about it I want daddy pounding me that hard telling me he loves me more than mommy


Hi I'm a 20 year old woman what still lives at home with her parents ,recently being bored I went through some old dvds to my surprise I found lots of guys being spanked over women's knees now I wonder if mum does it ,but what I'm thinking off is telling dad I'm going to spank him unless he wants everyone to know what he likes ,he used to spank me... [more]

Overheard sex chat

Our daughter Sally has recently turned 18,obviously we've succumbed to the fact that she's having sex but nothing could prepare me for what I heard,she was in her bedroom and called down to her mother to come up,strange I thought,I don't know what prompted me but I went upstairs a minute or two behind,mum she said have you ever had a threesome... [more]

Dirty dad

I've been married to my wife trina for 25 years nearly,we married at 21,I've had a great relationship with her father Frankie over the years,me and him went out for a drink off the cuff last month,after about 6 pints he says to me,so what's it like sleeping with that daughter of mine son? What do you mean Frankie I said,you know what's she like in... [more]

Back with mum

I've recently divorced my wife and I've had to move back home with my mother,im 51,so it really is a culture shock,mum is great for her age at 74,I hadn't had sex for Months so I decided to crack one off in my bedroom,there I was midstroke when mum walked in with a cup of tea for me! Can't you knock mum!! Sorry Jeremy I thought you were a bit old... [more]

My cousin

I've not long found out that my cousin John has been fucking one of our other cousins Emma,John is 57,Emma is 45,she's got the biggest tits you've ever seen,me and him have been working together a lot recently and he spilled the beans to me about it all! You lucky bastard I said,id love to fuck Emma! Your sister was the one for me growing up he... [more]

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