Family Confessions

Pregnant mom son story

I was just 10, my mom was 30, it was '70, my dad had just been on a 4 months long business vacation.
i was in my tighty whities when i was getting ready for bed, then when my mom had come to hug me good night, she'd had a surprise for me, she thought she wanted to wait a few more weeks, because my dad's vacation had just gotten started early that... [more]

Gave a BJ to my son as part of a lesson

When my son turned 13 I had 'the sex conversation' with him, being a single mother he didnt have a father figure to answer all his questions so I knew it had to be me. I also imagined that at 13 he probably already knew what sex was, I went more into the dirty stuff, things he was going to start finding out at parties, things like oral sex, anal... [more]


Have you ever had sex with a family member? Or have you wanted to?

Feeling it in my tight little swimsuit and my nylon shorts

Way back and a week after i turned 11, i had received 2 new swimsuits, actually we went swimsuit shopping, i got to try them on both, then when we got home, i couldn't wait to put the green and white striped swimsuit on. when i put on my swimsuit, my dick had gotten all hard, whenever i walked around in that swimsuit i could feel my dick throbbing... [more]

Doctor ames with my nieces and my mother started it

It was a long time ago. My family has a hut in the mountains and we spent summer there every year. Dad only stayed some weekends as he had a company and had to look after it. So it was Mom, me and somebody my mother had invited to spend the summer with us. Normally this other person was a girl of my age and the idea was to keep me company. The... [more]

Naked Mother

When I was 12 yrs old my mother got pregnant, one night she was in the bathtub and called me in to feel the baby kicking in her stomach.She held a wash cloth over her ample breasts which I'd seen many times before, but her hairy bush was fully exposed. This always puzzled me. I did feel the baby kicking on her pregnant belly and was slightly... [more]

Desires for my Mother

I cant help it I keep getting an erection for my mother I try not to but it happens, she has noticed the bulging in my pants and smiles, I want to prevent it but cant its un controllable is it really that wrong, I am an adult. Advise please

Teasing step daughter

Over the last four or five months my step daughter, who's just turned 19 has been flashing me her breasts and ocassionally when her moms not home, her pussy as she sits opposite me. She's always been a very advanced young lady and I'm sure her boyfriend at the time, took her virginity at the age of 15. Lately though even if her mom is present... [more]

Made love with mom

This happend a long time ago .. like 10 years back .. when i was 11 .. i used to stay with my mom mom got separated from my dad a long time ago .. so it was just me and her ..
She used to stay at home most of the times .. my expenses were taken by my dad .. and my mom used to write some articles for her friend about yoga and fitness .. her... [more]

Young incest

I used to sleep in my mom's bed ...after her an dad separated ...until I was 12 I always left my pecker out for my mom to see an hopes she would touch it an put it back in my such luck

My husband and daughter

I met my husband husband 4 years ago when my daughter was 15 and he was 26. She told me when she met him she thought he was "fit" and joked about how she'd comfort him if we ever split (when it comes to sex we have always been like best friends rather than mother and daughter).
When i realised a couple of years later he kept sneaking glances at... [more]

Daddy's sperm

When I was young I would find my dad's used condoms in the bathroom trash after my parents had sex. I would take them to my bedroom and I would use dad's sperm to masturbate with and just as I was having an orgasm I would swallow the rest of dad's sperm. I guess that's how I developed a taste for sperm

My kids and their wierd game...

My kids have been playing a wierd game with one another for some time, now. I have a 16-year-old son and a 14-year old daughter. I'm a single-parent, their dad and I divorced long ago. Anyway, my son is a football player (he's a quarterback, I'm so proud). But my kids have this wierd game they have been playing with one another and I've been a... [more]

My relationship with my son

I came to confess that my son and i have been in a romantic and sexual relationship for six years now. i'm not seeking validation or anything, we're well aware of the taboo and as such we've kept our relationship secret. but we're happy and fulfilled.
he was the one who actually started it. it may have to do with the fact that we never had a... [more]

My son

Hello everyone. just for the site my name is Allison, I'm a single mother I have a daughter and a 14 year old son he's been really sexually active since he started middle school, I know he's been sexually active because there's alot of toilet paper in his room and has a terrible cum smell and sometimes you can obviously hear him masturbating in... [more]

Pseudo incest

I have such guilt about from when i was 16 and getting drunk with my cousin(not blood, her mother was adopted) who was just over a year older.
I purposely made it seem like i was drunker than i was so she would loosen up, also while talking about previous hookups we both had and sliding positive comments about her and as she got drunker, and... [more]

How many moms secretly want to fuck their son?

So how many moms out there secretly want to fuck their adult sons?

Family vacation

So my family took a vacation for the first time in 10 years. I'm a 23 year old woman. With me was my brother Steven, 25, and my parents. We used to go to Florida all the time but with school and work it just hasn't happened in a while.
We got two rooms. Mainly it was because my parents even in their early 50s still like to fuck a lot. So my... [more]

My daughter wants me to take her virginity

I have a 15 year old daughter and she is the apple of my eye. My wife died when my daughter was 4 and so she only has vague memories of her mother and we have become very close. I suppose we clung to one another through those difficult days. At first she would not want me to be very far from her at all, school was a real problem as you can... [more]

Should I let my dad touch me?

My dad has always tried to touch me. It turns me on so much and I really want him to fuck me. The problem is, I'm 13. I've watched my dad watch father daughter porn and I want to suck he's cock so bad. He moans my name when he jerks off and I get super wet. Do you think I should have sex with him?

My secret

I am a 55 year old mother of three kids. My youngest is 29 so all are grown. There is nothing about our family that would stand out I think. We are the normal older couple next door. So what is the big secret? My husband is really my brother. We have been together all our lives and started out when I was 8 and him 10. We had sex for the first time... [more]

Grandma confessions

When I was 3 or 4, I used to visit my Grandma and would sleep in her bed with her...very innocent.
A few years later, when I was 11 or 12, my sister and I went to visit her. Since my sister slept in the spare bedroom, Grandma asked me if I'd like her to make up the couch. I recalled sharing a bed with her when I was younger and told her that... [more]

Drunk mom

My parents divorced when I was 13. My mother started drinking heavily after that. One night, after drinking a full bottle of vodka, she fell asleep on the couch. She was wearing a robe, which barely covered her bare breasts, which made my cock hard looking at them. I set down next to her on the couch and slowly opened the top of her robe, so I... [more]

First time sex with mom

This started when I was a young teenager in High School. My mother and Dad had recently divorced and to be honest, I was quite happy. I was living full time with my mom and out bedrooms were next door to each other. I remember many times over the years, I would hear her and dad having sex and I would masturbate listening. Like many boys, I... [more]

Best dad ever

I have the best relationship with my dad. Since 8 yrs old, I'm 19 now, my dad has taught me everything . I love his touch, being able to make him hard, cuddling with him at night and just making him happy. I appreciate him more than he would ever know. I hope more fathers take care of their daughters like my dad does me. It's the best thing ever!

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