Family Confessions

Teasing step daughter

Over the last four or five months my step daughter, who's just turned 19 has been flashing me her breasts and ocassionally when her moms not home, her pussy as she sits opposite me. She's always been a very advanced young lady and I'm sure her boyfriend at the time, took her virginity at the age of 15. Lately though even if her mom is present... [more]

Gave a BJ to my son as part of a lesson

When my son turned 13 I had 'the sex conversation' with him, being a single mother he didnt have a father figure to answer all his questions so I knew it had to be me. I also imagined that at 13 he probably already knew what sex was, I went more into the dirty stuff, things he was going to start finding out at parties, things like oral sex, anal... [more]

My kids and their wierd game...

My kids have been playing a wierd game with one another for some time, now. I have a 16-year-old son and a 14-year old daughter. I'm a single-parent, their dad and I divorced long ago. Anyway, my son is a football player (he's a quarterback, I'm so proud). But my kids have this wierd game they have been playing with one another and I've been a... [more]

My husband and daughter

I met my husband husband 4 years ago when my daughter was 15 and he was 26. She told me when she met him she thought he was "fit" and joked about how she'd comfort him if we ever split (when it comes to sex we have always been like best friends rather than mother and daughter).
When i realised a couple of years later he kept sneaking glances at... [more]

Gave oral sex to my father... sorry

Ive never said this to anybody in my life before but one night when I was 13 years old I gave oral sex to my own father. Ive always been my dad's spoiled little girl, I always wanted to be close to him and when he would come home drunk and my mother would get furious with him, I was the one who would take him to a room and make him sleep.
Well... [more]

Daddies girl

Six years ago my mom was in a auto accident and died because of it 4 days later in the hospital and I was 13 at the time and today I can remember all the turmoil dad went thru.
About a year after the funeral it was a stormy night and I got scared and I went and crawled into bed with dad he didn't wake up so I snuggled back against him and in a... [more]

Grandma confessions

When I was 3 or 4, I used to visit my Grandma and would sleep in her bed with her...very innocent.
A few years later, when I was 11 or 12, my sister and I went to visit her. Since my sister slept in the spare bedroom, Grandma asked me if I'd like her to make up the couch. I recalled sharing a bed with her when I was younger and told her that... [more]

Secret Sex With My Mother

When I was a teen I woke one night when my mother was masturbating me and giving me a blow job. It was dark in my bedroom and I just pretended to be asleep. This went on for several months, and I never let on that I knew what was going on.
One day before Christmas we had a power failure and it was getting cold upstairs where my bedroom was, but... [more]

Checking on my son

I am such a bad person...god I cannot believe it. My son was snoring away in his room, he is 19 and I am in my forties. I glanced in and he was mostly uncovered so I thought I would cover him up, I figured he wore shorts or something to bed. When I got up to him I reached down to pull the covers up and the head and half of his shaft were exposed... [more]

Family vacation

So my family took a vacation for the first time in 10 years. I'm a 23 year old woman. With me was my brother Steven, 25, and my parents. We used to go to Florida all the time but with school and work it just hasn't happened in a while.
We got two rooms. Mainly it was because my parents even in their early 50s still like to fuck a lot. So my... [more]

My sisters and my daughter

When I was seven my 17yr old sister started touching me and giving me oral sex. I also fucked her then, but I'm now 45 and I fucked her. Again last month. My sister Tammy spent the night with m and my mother.I had woke and went to get. Drink .Tammy asked me from the room if I would get hersome. When I came back she took her water and set it down... [more]


I'm the mother of a 20 year old daughter. I've been struggling with something that happened and want to confess. Struggling meaning,it was exciting,but felt guilty as well.
Last month my daughter came home and said, "mom, my friend Kim caught her mom masturbating. She walked into her room and she was like spread open on the bed using a... [more]

My relationship with my son

I came to confess that my son and i have been in a romantic and sexual relationship for six years now. i'm not seeking validation or anything, we're well aware of the taboo and as such we've kept our relationship secret. but we're happy and fulfilled.
he was the one who actually started it. it may have to do with the fact that we never had a... [more]

My sister always like to wrestle

Growing up my sister always liked to wrestle with me, she is two years older than I am so we were a pretty good match up until the teen years settled in good. My size out paced hers pretty quickly so I told her that she was just not much of a match anymore for me. She would get all fired up and try to get me good after I would tell her that one... [more]

Older sister

When I was about 14 my sister who is 9 years older than me moved back into the house when she got divorced. One night a few of her friends went out drinking with her to cheer her up and party. They came in around two in the morning and were pretty loud, my sister was smashed and my mom and them got her into her bed. About half an hour later I got... [more]

Hard on when waking up

My mom for years would come in my room every morning to wake me up for school, she would turn on the main light and pull my covers back and in a loud voice command me to get up. I was probably fifteen when she came in one morning and I never heard her or saw the light come on but I heard her scream out and woke up uncovered with a raging hard on... [more]

My wife wants me to do her sister

My wife has an younger sister who isn't very pretty and she's never had sex with a man. She feels really sorry for her and she thinks it would be good for her to get laid. She told me she wouldn't mind if I did it with her once or twice if I wanted to as long as I let her know. I'm worried about it being just once or twice and I don't know what to... [more]

I did my sister

My older sister stated playing rough with me. She was strong, she had me pinned. As I tried to get out she asked me what am I willing to do to be set free. At this point she was hurting me bad, I said I'll do anything. Good she said come with me. We went to her bedroom, she closed the door and said she wanted to see my dick. OK I said, I took it... [more]



Mother and daughter

I'm a 40 year old mother of a 19 year old girl. I have raised her to see me naked. Nothing perverted or anything. Just want her to know there is nothing wrong with being naked. For the past 7 years I have not shaved my pussy or armpits. I just find it erotic to not shave anymore.
A year ago, I was fresh out of the shower and lying on the bed... [more]

In My Room

I confess I was masturbating in my room after work. I had a adult magazine on the bed. I am naked humping my pillow . I heard a noise and turned my head to the direction of noise. The door to my room was wide open and my mother was standing five feet from me.Her mouth drops wide open with a oh my god look on her face. I kinda freak and roll off... [more]

Pleasing My Big Brother

Reading other's stories here has prompted me to share my naughty story. When I was 14, I walked in on my brother, who was 16, masturbating. I knew what it was, but had never seen it. He about jumped off the bed, telling me to get out. Since our parents were out, I told him I wanted to watch, I'd never seen it done. He said, ok, but wanted me to do... [more]

Dad Daughter

Me and my wife have split up, its just me and my daughter, they use to row frequently they never got on, she has been gone now for three months, since then my daughter started telling the most filthy jokes which were full of words like twat fuck and cunt, she is an adult so I couldent scold her it was embarrassed at first but after while her... [more]

Step fathers huge cock

My mom got married last year to a guy I couldn't stand at first. And only recently have we really communicated. The feelings I have towards Steve now are of love, lust and sexual longing. It started when I moved bedrooms, a sort of peace present from Steve, and soon afterwards I'd hear them having sex. I'd always listen intently when I knew he was... [more]

I let me daughter see my pussy

I'm 47 a mother and have a 23 year old daughter. Recently she got a glimpse of my hair sticking out of my panties. She had never seen a mature woman with hair, no less with one with as much as mine. She wouldn't stop talking about it and kept asking me if she could see me naked.
Two weeks ago, I was in a horny mood and had had a few glasses of... [more]

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