How can any man top this...

I’m a 32yo female been single for 7 months I’m not interested in wanting another relationship so I’ve been taking care of myself!
Up until the last 7 months I haven’t had to put much effort into masturbating, having regular sex with your partner doesn’t give you the need really so I have been trying many different ways of masturbating, I’ve bought many different toys tried just about every position you can try (only so many positions and things you can try solo)!
I’ve now found the perfect toy and position, I have a big flexible toy that has a sucker on the bottom, I put this on my makeup stall in front of my full length mirror, it’s the perfect height for me so I can straddle it, I can thrust rock back and forth in my own time, I can keep going for ages it feels like I’m being fucked forever! And seeing myself in the mirror just adds to my excitement, I’ve even chatted to friends on the phone while on my toy I just can’t see how any man can top this!

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  • Keep telling yourself that. You need a man to get naughty with, jerking your pussy off is like taking the bus when your Corvette is getting serviced.
    Think of getting naked with a guy, he goes down on you, dicking your pussy like a jackhammer, then sending him home with a parting blowjob.

  • When I was a young girl I had to stand on a stool to brush my teeth in the bathroom. One day when I was brushing my teeth and standing naked on the stool, I leaned forward to turn on the water, when I bent forward my clit squished against the corner of the porcelain sink. It felt really good so I did it again on purpose, then again and again. I started grinding my clit against the corner of the sink every time I brushed my teeth before going to bed. I could get the corner of the sink halfway inside my pussy before it hurt to much, I would stretch my lips over the corner of the sink and grind my pussy back and forth until I started to shake and vibrate. I think that I stretched my hymen doing this. Because when I lost my virginity when I was 14, I never felt any pain and his penis went inside me really easy,

  • My wife masterbates in the mirror , and smells her own panties ! It is so hot !

  • Yeah just about every girl I’ve been with has shown me that women love to lick their own juices...I mean how kinky is that? 100% of the women drink their own juices and men think their good girls? Horny animals, with the you won’t tell anyone, will you ?complex.

  • Do you smell them too?

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