I have always been very oral

I am 26 and a woman, I have always been very oral all the way from sucking my thumb well into elementary school to sucking on ice cubes today. My mother constantly worried I would end up choking on something growing up. I have always enjoyed the feeling I get from doing it, no idea why but when I was around middle school age I sucked on a penis for the first time right thru the orgasm and it gave me so much pleasure for some unknown reason. I thought about it for the rest of the day and would masturbate thinking about it.
I have no idea why but it is like foreplay for me, I get completely turned on giving a blow job and I sometimes play with myself while I am doing it. My mouth gets as wet as my vagina does, believe me I have never had a boyfriend tell me this is a problem as they watch me devour their cock and get myself off with my fingers or a vibrator.
The oral fixation has also led to some pretty risky scenes in elevators, low lit clubs and work place cubicles. I dated a guy for a while that worked in another department and he had an unusual cube space that sort of filled this strange triangular area. The cool thing about it was once he was in there no one ever walked by it so one day when he came back from a meeting I was under his desk waiting for him. When he saw me under there his face lit up and he asked me who I was hiding from, I made a fist and motioned like I was sucking a cock and he really got excited.
I have no idea to this day why it turns me on so much but it always has and I love to do it so it cannot be bad. Right?

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  • Years ago my first wife and I were in a Disco (I did say years ago) and she got this idea to suck me off in our booth, she'd been drinking Tequila Sunrises. She surprised the hell out of me but I never to turn down a blow-job. While she was under the table one of the bouncers came over and I asked if he wanted to fuck her while she blew me. It was a little awkward but he got her into position and with his lower body below the table he got his cock into her and set to pounding her. Quite a few people checked out the show and after some frantic fucking from the bouncer my wife came first, a long trembling orgasm during which I got a little carried away fucking her mouth and bounced her head off the bottom of the table a few times before shooting my wad into her mouth. After she sucked me dry she squirmed around and took the bouncer into her mouth and swallowed his load. When she came out from under the table, her panties still around her knees, she received an ovation from the crowd. Still horny, she told me to take her home and fuck her brains out. I don't know how many times she came, but I managed two more loads, one in pussy and the other in her ass. And when she finally passed out from exhaustion on the living-room floor, I too had enough and fell asleep with my head on her thigh looking at her wet, awesome cunt. lf you haven't sucked cock with an audience yet, you may want to give it a go.

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