Breast Feeding

I had my son when I was 18 he is now 19 we have always openly talked about anything, the subject came up on TV babies and feeding he asked how he was fed I told him he was breast fed and I explained it was very enjoyable for the mother, he said it was a pity he couldn't remember, I said of course you were to young, I said, at the time I was wearing a low cut tee shirt without a bra, he kept looking at my breasts and down my tee shirt, which made my nipples stick out, he went on about not remembering and what a nice memory it would be to have, and it would be our secret, I thought about it, and would it be wrong it did allow him to suck on me, I said I would think about it, I scolded myself for getting sexually excited thinking about it, I keep getting wet knickers when he is around, I have very often seen bulging in his pants, I do and I don't, I know its very unusual, any mum like to tell about a similar experience,

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  • My huge breastfeeding boobs led to me cheating on my hubby.

  • Wow, such contaversey over a natural act like breastfeeding.
    I've never been married, but I do have 4 children, 3 boy,1girl. I breastfed all my children till they were around 9 or 10 years old, one of my boys till he was 13. I only stopped then, because I felt he was enjoying it a little bit too much. I breastfed them anywhere public or private. In fact when they were old enough to talk and say what they wanted, they would just come up to me pull out my boob and start suckling, no matterwhere we were.

  • You are a child molester.

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  • I bet you fucking molested your children too, you sick fucking slut.

  • It's not molesting

  • You are if your making your older children suck on your tits you sick fuck.

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  • Sometimes when I would nurse my children right after there bath while they were still only wrapped in a towel. The boys would get a little tiny hard on, when they were getting older. Especially in the mornings, we all slept nude, they would jump in bed with me and nurse. The boys got weened off me when they started grinding there dick against my hip while nursing. My daughter never did that.

  • My boyfriend is still spanked by his mum at 24 Hun so I wouldn't be concerned X - Jane

  • My mom breastfed all of us and I am the oldest, she never cared who was around she would just lift up her shirt, pull out her breast and start feeding my younger siblings. I remember thinking how big her nipples looked and how red they would be after one of them was done, one of them was a biter and I can remember seeing a bite mark or two on her and thinking damn that must hurt. She would ask me to get things for her while she was doing it, like a towel or her cream. I would back up to her and get a good look at her boob while I had a reason to be close.

  • Most women who just pull out their tits in front of anyone, do it because they want to make a political statement or want to imbares others. Women who care about feeding their child do so with discretion and no one even knows they are feeding. I hate bitches who think it's about making a political statement. Bitch your kid is not a tool.

  • I completely disagree. Breast feeding is natural and should be done anywhere.

  • Yeah only if you're a bitch who enjoys making other uncomfortable. What makes you think some bitch who wants to make a statement should have the right to make others feel uncomfortable? Be discreet about it and there's no problem.

  • Why are you uncomfortable weirdo?Do you blush when you drink cows milk,cuz it came out of tits too y'know,ya fucking idiot.

  • Oh I don't why I would be uncomfortable with some woman I didn't know pulling out her tits in front of me.... would you be uncomfortable if I pulled out my fucking dick in front of you?

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  • You said! Up there,go look!

  • Well said!

  • It's not a statement. It's just natural.

  • Natural for me to take a piss too, so you won't mind if I pull my dick out in front of you then.

  • What dick?13 year olds don't have dicks little boy.Awwww I see the problem,Mama didn't breastfeed you at all did she?That's the only reason you're shit scared of breasts.

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  • Should tried to latch on

  • Breastfeeding causes sagging tits. I don't recommend it at all. My wife never breastfed out kids and her tits are still amazingly perky at 45 years old. Our 2 daughters in their mid twenties both breastfed, and their tits look like sand filled socks. Don't breastfeed if you want to keep your nice tits.

  • My wife breast fed and has amazing boobs at 50 with the nipples still in the right place. I don't know what the difference is. Maybe just lucky genetics.

  • Or just keep breastfeeding. My husband keeps mine nice and full

  • Yeah of course if you're a selfish vain person who puts yourself before your baby.

  • There is nothing vain or selfish about feeding your child formula. Millions upon millions of babies have taken formula for decades. And don't give me that crap about the mothers antibodies, because those antibodies are only available in the mothers milk for the first 48 hours after birth. Afterward it's just normally milk that's no different than formula.
    So just because you choose to be fucking retarded and destroy your body doesn't mean everyone is. You can come down off your high horse now cunt.

  • Wow. Triggered much?

  • Bitches should cover their fucking tits. This ain't no fucking peep show. You want a feed your kid, do it with a little fucking class rather than flopping your tit out like some trailer park trash whore.

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  • We do what we want.Down with the fucking patriarchy.

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  • Not well put. You're a fucking idiot just like they are. If you're a woman, your ignorance and shelf righteous attitude does NOT make you better, it just makes you stupid with a shit body that no man can stand to look at.

  • Sexual frustration

  • Yeah go have a wank dude.You'll feel better.

  • Something about breastfeeding that does turn a mother on.When I had my first kid I never let my bf near my boobs,was a huge turn off.But we broke up before our second was born and I must've been so horny after giving birth.4 months after the birth a friend of my exs came to see me.I had just fed the baby and put her to nap.My top had a wet patch after so a began pumping milk in front of him.He asked what breastmilk tasted like so I squirted some in a cup but he joked he'd rather from the source.So I said fuck it go on then.He said really?I said yes and lifted my top right up.He latched on to my left boob and began draining it.I soon felt a huge rush of relief and arousal.He voiced his approval with a loud mmmmm.My hand wandered and I felt his hard cock.He swapped boobs and stuffed his hand down my pants rubbing my muff.I stroked his cock.I undid his belt and dropped his trousers to do some sucking of my own.He stood up so I could blow him.After he pulled my pj bottoms and pants of and got his clothes off.Shoving his big cock straight in me.It felt so good,I fucking needed cock so bad.I told him keep sucking my boobs.The release it gave with the added pleasure his cock was giving me helped bring on the hugest orgasm I had had in a very long time.

  • My mom was also young when she had me and then fourteen years later she had another baby. I was watching her on the couch one evening breast feeding and she had her shirt pulled up with the cup of her nursing bra down getting my sister to latch on.
    I started asking her the same questions and she told me she did the same thing with me. I asked her how it all worked and she explained it to me and told me to come around and look at how the baby was latched onto her breast. I was very excited about it and tried to contain myself, her breasts were so full and curvy, I loved watching them jiggle when she moved around. I asked her how the milk came out and she told me that the baby basically does all the work with suckling on it.
    I watched for quite a while and she was not even shy about it when the baby was done, she just lifted her right up to her shoulder and left her breast exposed with a very erect nipple. Droplets of milk were running down it and onto her breast as she lifted the cup back up and snapped it. I made a few more comments then went off to my room to beat off from all the excitement of seeing her breast.

  • Nothing wrong with that at all

  • There are a few adult breast feeding forums both sexual and non-sexual maybe would enlighten you to make a decision.

  • It's not wrong or unusual at all. You should do whatever you are comfortable with. I had a very loving and sexual relationship with my mother and have no regrets. It's sounds to me like your son want to be intimate with you. My advice is enjoy it

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