Breast Feeding

I had my son when I was 18 he is now 19 we have always openly talked about anything, the subject came up on TV babies and feeding he asked how he was fed I told him he was breast fed and I explained it was very enjoyable for the mother, he said it was a pity he couldn't remember, I said of course you were to young, I said, at the time I was wearing a low cut tee shirt without a bra, he kept looking at my breasts and down my tee shirt, which made my nipples stick out, he went on about not remembering and what a nice memory it would be to have, and it would be our secret, I thought about it, and would it be wrong it did allow him to suck on me, I said I would think about it, I scolded myself for getting sexually excited thinking about it, I keep getting wet knickers when he is around, I have very often seen bulging in his pants, I do and I don't, I know its very unusual, any mum like to tell about a similar experience,

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  • Breastfeeding causes sagging tits. I don't recommend it at all. My wife never breastfed out kids and her tits are still amazingly perky at 45 years old. Our 2 daughters in their mid twenties both breastfed, and their tits look like sand filled socks. Don't breastfeed if you want to keep your nice tits.

  • Yeah of course if you're a selfish vain person who puts yourself before your baby.

  • Something about breastfeeding that does turn a mother on.When I had my first kid I never let my bf near my boobs,was a huge turn off.But we broke up before our second was born and I must've been so horny after giving birth.4 months after the birth a friend of my exs came to see me.I had just fed the baby and put her to nap.My top had a wet patch after so a began pumping milk in front of him.He asked what breastmilk tasted like so I squirted some in a cup but he joked he'd rather from the source.So I said fuck it go on then.He said really?I said yes and lifted my top right up.He latched on to my left boob and began draining it.I soon felt a huge rush of relief and arousal.He voiced his approval with a loud mmmmm.My hand wandered and I felt his hard cock.He swapped boobs and stuffed his hand down my pants rubbing my muff.I stroked his cock.I undid his belt and dropped his trousers to do some sucking of my own.He stood up so I could blow him.After he pulled my pj bottoms and pants of and got his clothes off.Shoving his big cock straight in me.It felt so good,I fucking needed cock so bad.I told him keep sucking my boobs.The release it gave with the added pleasure his cock was giving me helped bring on the hugest orgasm I had had in a very long time.

  • My mom was also young when she had me and then fourteen years later she had another baby. I was watching her on the couch one evening breast feeding and she had her shirt pulled up with the cup of her nursing bra down getting my sister to latch on.
    I started asking her the same questions and she told me she did the same thing with me. I asked her how it all worked and she explained it to me and told me to come around and look at how the baby was latched onto her breast. I was very excited about it and tried to contain myself, her breasts were so full and curvy, I loved watching them jiggle when she moved around. I asked her how the milk came out and she told me that the baby basically does all the work with suckling on it.
    I watched for quite a while and she was not even shy about it when the baby was done, she just lifted her right up to her shoulder and left her breast exposed with a very erect nipple. Droplets of milk were running down it and onto her breast as she lifted the cup back up and snapped it. I made a few more comments then went off to my room to beat off from all the excitement of seeing her breast.

  • Nothing wrong with that at all

  • There are a few adult breast feeding forums both sexual and non-sexual maybe would enlighten you to make a decision.

  • It's not wrong or unusual at all. You should do whatever you are comfortable with. I had a very loving and sexual relationship with my mother and have no regrets. It's sounds to me like your son want to be intimate with you. My advice is enjoy it

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