How I met my wife

I work at a really large automobile company so seeing new people happens daily, there are like four thousand people that work at the assembly plant. I had to go down to the ergonomics department one day and there sitting at a desk was an absolutely gorgeous woman, she had started about three weeks before I met her. I mean she was so gorgeous that I did not even entertain the idea of asking her out, I just knew that the fireball would be spectacular as I plummeted back down to earth hearing her line of how busy she was this weekend rejecting me.
I guess it was about two months later and I was down there again for a meeting, I had seen her in a few other meetings but we just said hi or nodded to each other, nothing much at all. I would just watch her body move and try not to stare to long into sexual harassment territory. Anyways I walked in there on a Friday afternoon and said hello to her, she answered back then asked me what my big plans were for the weekend. I told her I had a tee time at this wonderful golf course I had been wanting play again and to my utter disbelief she told me that she loved to play golf and we would have to play a round some time. I know I just stood there because it seemed like time itself stopped as I was imagining her teeing off in a short skirt with a tight sweater on, Nike swoop across her breast moving around from all the jiggling. I finally came to again standing there and she then hit me again with a full on date request, I still remember her exact words.
"I would love to go with you tomorrow if you were playing single." she said to me.
I just happened to be going single because my friend had something come up, for real, and I told her that sounds fun. She asked me what time the tee time was for and I cringed as I told her how early it was fearing that she would tell me "oh, hell no, I am not getting up that early to play with you." She did not even wince though and told me to write down the name of the course and she would meet me there.
I walked back to my desk wondering what the hell had just happened, I went from a simple hello to playing 18 holes with Miss America in like two minutes. I mean I am not kidding when I tell you she is gorgeous, the woman could still be in Playboy in a heart beat, all of my friends at one point or another have made some comment about me buying her from a mail order bride website. I think I know who started that one but I do not care at all. She is five foot seven, 115 pounds, 38 D cup, I do not know her waist size but she wears size 4 pants that wrap around her hips like a dream. Blonde hair, green eyes and skin that is perfect and I still have no idea to this day why she loves me but onto the good stuff.
She is the most sexual woman I have ever known, so we went on like six dates, she kissed me after the first golf outing by the way telling me it was fun to kick my ass at golf and she tells me as I am driving her home from a date that I need to come in for a night cap. She tells me to put on the hot water for tea but fix myself anything I want, I went straight for a shot of whiskey just to take the edge off. She tells me she is getting out of her work clothes because we had left right after work for a show and dinner, I had picked her up that morning because we had planned on going straight from work. She comes into the kitchen wearing this pink silk not quite a night gown looking thing, her breasts are totally outlined with her nipples having like three layers of impression on the fabric, it came down to about mid thigh on her. She looked at my face and told me that was the look she was hoping for from me, I just muttered out something like you are absolutely stunning. She gave me a long kiss and reached behind me to turn off the stove, she took my hand and led me to her bedroom, minutes later still in all my clothes I was kissing the back of her neck working my way right down her spine. The words of my father came ringing into my head from when he gave me his first words of advice on women, he told me to make love to every part except her vagina and she will be begging you to go there.
I spent a lot of time kissing and caressing every part of her from her toes to her lips and when I was kissing her breasts and torso she grabbed my hair and pushed my head right down between her legs, she was drenched and tasted sweeter than any dessert I have ever had, she had an orgasm in no time and another one a short time later. She loves it all, I kiss and lick every inch of her and she loves it, she really loves her anus played with as foreplay. I lick and lightly finger it listening to her moan and gasp getting wetter by the second, she loves the soles of her feet kissed and lightly bitten. She tells me to titty fuck her all the time and I love how she bends her neck and sucks me as I stroke thru her cleavage. She is a super model by day and porn star by night, she will look at me on a normal Saturday with nothing special going on and tell me to drop my pants because I need a blow job. The alarm goes off in the morning and she sometimes pulls the cover back right away and if I am erect she shouts out yes and either mounts me or sucks on it. The sight of her bouncing on me riding my cock is unbelievable, breasts just bouncing up and down in my face. I have come home from just running out to the hardware store and she has handcuffed herself behind her back and has on some outfit on usually accenting her breasts, she even had on nipple clips with little bells on them. She loves sex and has not turned down a single idea I have come with yet after five years of marriage.
I have no idea how I won the woman lottery but I just keep on going trying not to screw up on a daily basis.


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  • Dude you did score on this one. Sometimes when your not looking for it there it is right in front of you. My blue eyed blond Office manager is so far out of my league like you it never even crossed my mind anything could be. She too was the one to pick me up (I still don't get it?) We too have a great time being marriage. I've seen more than one of my friends lose there minds and more than glad to come over to Hot Tub. By the way no clothes are allowed in our Hot Tub.

  • Wait a minute. She’s 5’7”, 115 pounds, size four, and 38D?! Don’t you mean 32D? Or do you just like broad backed women?

  • Rule number one, never date at work. Your lucky that it turned out well with the enviroment in todays work place

  • Reminds me of my wife, met her at work. Knew of three other guys she had sex with, they all talked about it frequently. I figured she’d be easy and she was, asked her out and had sex, including anal, on the first date. Married her a year later.

  • "Wow" You sure hit the the jackpot your a lucky man !

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