Nice lady and her mother

A lady i know who owns a bar ask me if i would take a look at an electrical problem her mother was having i told her i would the lady and her mother have huge set of tits i told her i would not charge anything if her mother would go around the house with no bra just a tee shirt both these women are pretty much sluts so i knew she would do it before i finished what i was doing she ask me to come in to their den i did she was laying on the couch with no top on i knew that i was going to get big titty and some pussy to i loved sucking her tits and i was shocked that she wanted to suck my dick she was an old woman and not the best pussy but i was so turned on by her big tits that i finally got to suck i could not be her boyfriend but that was a very sexual thing that we did i still think about it

3 months ago

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    • A female friend asked me if I would mind going round to her mother's house and check a dripping tap. I agreed so arranged to go round one evening to check it out. It turned out to be a simple tap washer replacement and all was well. The mother, who was in her 60s and divorced and quite a good looker, asked me what she owed me. I of course said it was OK, only a bit of time and pennies for parts. However I stayed for a coffee which lead to a glass of wine then staying the night. Not a fantastic bounce around sex session, just good comfortable sex for both of us and for me the oldest woman by far. A few days later my female friend thanked me for doing the job and said that she had heard that all went well and that her mother had a few more odd jobs when I had the time. From the way she said it I have a feeling that her mother had told her what happened but I'm not sure.

    • Was your friend smiling when she told you? If she was then it's obvious that mother had said something. If it's OK between the three of you then go and do the other 'jobs'. The mother realizes that it's just a bit of fun and you are both getting something out of it. Daughter is also happy for her mother so win-win!

    • You could have gone for tit-fuck instead ...

    • A big set of tits is my biggest turn on, don't matter much what the rest of her looks like. i have gone out with girls that i was not proud to be with but because they had great or just great big tits i was turned on by it. i have always been like that, no regrets

    • Big tits have never been a turn on for me although I admit that they are eye catching. I've always liked small to medium ones. Women with small ones tend to apologize for them but I always tell them that they are great. The women probably think that I'm just saying that to please them but I'm not, small, pert titties are the best.

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